Zid (kanchi )Episode 6

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Let’s start

Sanchi woke up and saw Kabir unconcious. She thinks how she came here. She left to her hostel. Kabir wakes up and saw sanchi missing. He gets message from sanchi that she left.

In Sdch

As usual all r at their duties. Kabir is in his cabin.

Kabir – dnt think about that she was drunk

Miss Fernandez cums

Miss Fernandez – dr kabir here is reports

Kabir – miss Fernandez did you see sanchi

Miss Fernandez looks at him.

Kabir -i mean Dr sanchi

Miss Fernandez – yes she is in children

Kabir -ok

He left

Kabir cums in children ward and didnt saw sanchi.

Kabir -did you guys saw dr sanchi

Children -she went to store room

Kabir -store room

In store room

Kabir enters and saw sanchi picking something just then lights go off. Kabir panicks.

Kabir -noooooo

Sanchi runs to him.

Sanchi – dr Kabir wat happened to u

Kabir – no no I’m sorry I will save u

Sanchi -dr Kabir

Kabir – dad mom pliz come fast look at him.

Kabir sits down teary eyed.

Kabir – pliz save him

Sanchi – kabir no one here. I think he scared of darkness.

Sanchi makes him stand. Kabir huggs her tightly.

Kabir -dnt leave me

Sanchi -never

Kabir still panicks sanchi is tensed.

Other side

Malhotra -wat how can lights go off.

Miss Fernandez -dnt knw sir

Malhotra -where is dr Kabir

Miss Fernandez -he is with sanchi in store room.

Malhotra gets shocked

Malhotra -store room

He runs

In store room

Malhotra cums and saw Kabir panicking and sanchi hugging him.

Malhotra -kabir I’m here dnt worry beta

Kabir left sanchi and hugged him.

Kabir -papa pliz save him. He will die.

Malhotra -no beta he won’t

Kabir -papa i didn’t do anything. I was little angry that y this happened. I i killed him

Malhotra and sanchi saw his nose bleeds.

Malhotra -relax beta u didn’t do anything. Just remember him.

Kabir recalls something and gets scared. Just then lights cums. Kabir stops panicking. Malhotra gets relieved.

Kabir went to his cabin with miss Fernandez.

Malhotra – kab talak aap Kabir esa rahega

Sanchi -dr Malhotra if you dnt mind wat happened to Kabir

Malhotra – nthing bas itna samjlo ki Kabir ki zindagi mein ek toofan aya aur sab kuch le chala gaya.

Sanchi -ok.

After sometime Kabir gets normal. He again finds sanchi. Kabir went to children wards. All were there except of Malhotra.

Kabir -sanchi

Sanchi came near him

Kabir -i want to ask something. Yesterday u proposed me. It was real or. I mean do you love me. Kasam kaha ke batana.

Just then pragya calls her and sanchi went.

Piya -sanchi didi we r bored . Can you pliz sing song.

Sanchi -no I can’t

Pragya -dnt lie u can

Kabir pov -I think she was didn’t mean it. How can u think she loves u.

Sanchi saw kabir .he was leaving just then he hear a voice

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse.

Kabir turns back and saw sanchi smiling at him and singing.


Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse.
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
humko pyar hai sirf tumse.

(All looking at her )


Log kehte hai pagal
Hoon main yeh bhi naa jaanu

(Sanchi gets losts in Kabir thoughts. Just then pragya pinches her )


Dil lutaya hai Maine
Ab kisi ki na maanu
Chein dekar ke maine
Bechainiya yeh li hai
Neende udalkar ke maine
Tumse wafaye ki hai

(Sanchi sees kabir pics in her phone )


Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse

( sanchi directly sees Kabir )

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko Pyar hai sirf tumse

(Kabir sings looking at sanchi )

Kuch ishaaron mein tumne
Humse jo yeh kahan hai
Ab yakin aa raha hai
Tumko bhi kuch hua hai
Kyon tumko dekte hai
Kya dil mein sohte hai
Toofan jo uth raha raha hai
Hum usko rokte hai

(Kabir shakes his hands with piya )


Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Yeh milan hai sanam ke sanam se
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse

(Sanchi )


(Kabir )

Ki kasam


Haan kasam

(Kabir )

Yeh kasam

(Sanchi )

Di kasam

(Kabir )

Li kasam

(Sanchi )

Haan kasam

Kabir -kasam

Sanchi -Kasam

Both sings

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko pyar hai sirf tumse.

Kanchi smiles at eachother when others clap for them. Malhotra smiles seeing them.

Malhotra pov -thank you god for giving sanchi for Kabir. That day Kabir lost everything except of his zid.

Scene freezes to kanchi smiling face and Malhotra tensed face

Precap : kanchi first date with their zid

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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