Zid (kanchi )Episode 5


Helo my lovely sweeties. Thank you for your comments. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.


Yeah I know i have to take rest and etc wat to do when I know this. But u guys don’t worry I have a doctor with me.He everytime scolds me.

So u guys forget about that and Just enjoy this chapter. And sorry for boring


Let’s start

Kabir takes sanchi with him and they went directly to hostel.

Kabir -oh god wat to do now if they will saw sanchi like this than she will gone. Where to take her.

Sanchi -in ur house so follow me

Kabir -i think u r right i dnt have other choice let’s go.

Sanchi -ok

She sits on the road .(she imagines car is there )

Sanchi -kabir let’s go

Kabir – ok

Kabir lifts sanchi and took her.

In Malhotra Mantion

Kanchi steatly enters Malhotra mantion and directly went to kabir room.

In Kabir room

Sanchi shouts -wowwww wat a room.

Kabir puts his finger on her lips

Kabir -shhh mum and dad is here

Sanchi -ok

Kabir went to freshen up. After sometime he cums out. And saw sanchi dancing on aao raja. Kabir gets shocked to see her like this. Just then they hear knock on door.

Kabir opens door and sanchi quickly hid behind it. Kabir saw malhotra standing.

Kabir -dad

Malhotra -wats happening here

Kabir -nthing

Malhotra – r u alright son

Kabir -yes dad

Malhotra -so y u listening this song .

Kabir – where is maa

Malhotra -she went to ur aunts house.

Kabir pov – thank God I diverted this topic.

Malhotra was leaving just then sanchi coughs and Malhotra stopped.He turns back and saw Kabir coughing (acting )

Malhotra -Kabir i need that file

Kabir -ok dad

Malhotra came inside and Kabir went to bring file. Kabir brings file and gets shocked to see sanchi was about hit Malhotra head.

Kabir -no

Sanchi hides

Malhotra -Kabir kya hua

Kabir – aapka file

Kabir gave file and Malhotra went . Kabir closes the door.

Sanchi -u lier u told ur mum is here.

Kabir -i didn’t know that mum is not here.

Sanchi cries

Kabir -kya hua

Sanchi -i want to hear songs

Kabir -no

Sanchi -ok so u sing for me

Kabir – me

Sanchi -yes sing or else I shout

Kabir -no dnt shout I’ll sing

Kabir looks at sanchi

Song tu hi shab hai (from Ganster )

Tu hi meri shab hai
Subah hai
Tu hi din hai mera
Tu hi mera rab hai
Jahaan hai
Tu hi meri duniya
Tu Waqt mere liye
Main hoon tera lambha
Kaise rahega bhala hoke mujhse judaa
Ho ho ooo

Ankhon se padhke tujhe
Dil pe maine likha
Tu ban gaye mere jeene ke ek waja

Sanchi smiling and Kabir staring lovingly

Teri hasi teri adaa
Aaron se hai bhikul judaa

Ankhen teri shabnami
Chera tera aaina
Tu hai udasi bhari koi
Haseen dastaan

Tu hi meri shab hai
Subah hai
Tu hi din hai mera
Tu hi mera rab hai Jahaan hai
Tu hi meri duniya
Tu Waqt mere liye
Main hoon tera lambha
Kaise rahega bhala hoke mujhse judaa
Ho ho ooo

Sanchi slept and Kabir went downstairs.Malhotra cums to Kabir.

Malhotra -Kabir I’m going to hospital it’s emengency.

Kabir -ok dad.

Malhotra went. Kabir went in the kitchen.

In kitchen

Kabir was drinking water just then someone hits him. He turns back and saw sanchi with radio and cums dancing

Song plays

Hey Daddy mummy hain nahi gar pe
Pichehle kamre mein gus ke
Kuch karenge chup ke.
Mil zara

Kabir cums in hall and sit on sofa. Sanchi follows him and sits on top of him.

Hey denge English filmein
Honge jab love scene jinme
Armaan jaga le dil mein
Mil zara.

Kabir pushes sanchi and stand up just then sanchi puts her hands on his shoulders.

Aye naa pabandi
Kar batein tu gandi
Curtain sharam ka ab tu de hataa
Chipkenge aise ke chingam hon Jaise
Jappi se teri aayenga maza

Kabir went to his room and again sanchi follows him.

Daddy mummy. .. daddy mummy
Daddy mummy hain nahi gar pe
Pichehle kamre mein gus ke
Kuch karenge chup ke
Mil zara

Sanchi lying on bed Kabir was going just then sanchi pulls him. Kabir on top of sanchi. And he looks at her scared.

Pyar kar le, shikar kar le
Are bina ticket saari limit Paar kar le
Ho goor goor ke dekne laga
Ye Nain heat body wali sekhne laga.

Kabir moves apart.

(Kabir sings )

Tere jalwe hain mujhpe bhari
Phir bhi loon zimedari
Tere jalwe hai mujhpe bhari
Phir Bhi loon zimedari


Daddy mummy hain nahi gar pe
Pichehle kamre mein gus ke
Kuch karenge chup ke
Mil zara

Koi bhi Mujkho excuse na Dena
Batti bujha de par tu mera fuse na Lena
Hai tujhse kami sab ishq ki baatein
Din busy hai tere liye free hain sab ratein


Tu hai beautiful naari
Lagti hai tu chingari
Tu hai beautiful naari
Lagti hai Tu chingari.
Jal jaaun main, baahon se teri lipat ke.

Daddy mummy. ..daddy mummy
Daddy mummy hain nahi gar pe
Pichehle kamre mein gus ke
Kuch karenge chup ke
Mil zara.

Kabir brings some water and throws on her face.

Kabir -mil gaye

Sanchi -kabir i I

Kabir -wat

Sanchi -i love u

Kabir – r u alright

Just then sanchi puts her lips on his lips. And they share a passinate kiss.

After sometime they move apart This time Kabir was in shock. He fainted as well as sanchi.

(Kabir due to shock and sanchi due to side effects of alchohol. )

Precap : ????

Sorry for boring episode. Frankly I don’t know wat i wrote.

Bye take care


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