Zid (kanchi) Episode 4

Hi guys iam Ashnita . Thank you for ur lovely comments. Thanks for ur concern. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

As u know I got discharged for Diwali. After Diwali I again will be admitted and my operation.

I just dnt want to think about that I just want to enjoy these days with you guys kya pata kal ho na ho.

So forget about that and enjoy this party time.


Let’s start

Kabir cums near sanchi.

Kabir -ur punishment is

Sanchi -wat

Kabir – let me think

Sanchi -ok

Kabir – punishment udar raha

Sanchi pov – oh god I don’t know how he will punish me.

In Hostel

Sanchi and prasha was sleeping just then they hear knock. Sanchi goes to open door and gets shocked to see Kabir standing.

Sanchi – dr Kabir wat r u doing here it’s night.

Kabir – i want u

Sanchi -wat

Kabir -i need u right now .Today was my friends birthday and

Sanchi -and u forgot

Kabir -yes I totally forgot it. When I knew I called him and made a silly reason.

Sanchi -wat reason

Kabir -that I was with my gf. Who is beautiful and ziddi like me.

Sanchi -so y r u telling me this.

Kabir -becz he didn’t believe me and told me to bring ur gf to his birthday party.

Sanchi -so

Kabir – everyone knows that Kabir Malhotra is ziddi boy. He changes every girl in seconds. Don’t look at me like that I’m not a playboy. Every girl is behind me and I dnt look at them. So my friend knows that and he challenged me to bring ur type girl.

Sanchi -kabir it’s late so u go

Kabir – sanchi go and get ready

Sanchi -y

Kabir -becz u r going with me. In short u r my gf.

Pragya -Abe sanchi tum jao Kabir ke sath

Isha -haa sanchi u go with sanchi.

Sanchi -y u want to take me

Kabir -becz u r my type ,u r not beautiful but u r ziddi like me so go and change

Sanchi -first say it nicely

Kabir -Miss ziddi can u pliz cum with me

Sanchi -ok I’ll go and change u wait

Kabir went out. After sometime Sanchi cums wearing a purple dress. Kabir gets memorized seeing her.

In club

Kanchi entered in as couples holding hand in hand. Looking eachother. Spotlight goes on them all opens their mouth to see them.

Abhay ( birthday boy )

Abhay -wow wat a pair. Kabir was right they made for each other.

He cums to them.

Kabir -Abhay

They hugged eachother and sanchi looks at them lovingly specially Kabir.

They all dances. Kabir gets a call from savitri he went out leaving sanchi alone.

Girls r jealous of sanchi. They come near her and challenged her.

Sanchi -no I don’t drink

Girls -Kabir told us that u r ziddi. U can’t drink. U r such a loser. We dnt how Kabir fell for u.

Sanchi gets angry

Sanchi -ok challenge accepted

They drink one at other. Kabir cums and gets shocked to see sanchi drunk.

He scolds everyone .abhay too cums

Abhay -wat happened Kabir

Kabir -they made sanchi drink

Abhay – sanchi is not small girl. She herself drink it

Kabir -i know sanchi very well. She doesn’t drink .She is ziddi if someone challenged her she will fulfilled it as we can see. Next time abhay if you want me to come dnt call them. (Pointing towards girls )

Kabir holds sanchi hands and take her.

Precap : sanchi in Malhotra Mantion.
Sanchi propose Kabir. And more masti

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff i enjoyed a lot and precap was interesting……….post next one soon……..

  2. RuCh23

    Awesome Ashu ??? precap’s interesting ???

  3. Khamoshi

    Happy diwali ashnita i advance.. best wishes for ur health. All the best for ooeration and coming to episode..enjoyed it totally..

  4. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic mind blowing j

  5. Riyarocks

    awwww……..kabir’s soooooooo caring………eagerly waiting for the nxt episode………luv u a lot sweetyyyyyyyyy………..

  6. So amazig…. Was waiting for it….. Update soon

  7. Amazing…

  8. Fntstic epsd.. Update soon

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi itna senti karne ki jarurat nahi h mujhe m rone lag jaungi samjhi or ye kya kal ho na ho jyada emotional film dekhna chod do.. Warna m tumhe nahi chodne wali.. Samjhi.. Tum to 100 saal se bhi jyada jine wali meri mummy ka dialogue abhi to tumhe apne nati potiyon ko bhi dekhna h..hehe.. So don’t say it again.. Lovv u tc nd do complete rest

  10. Palak.Sharma

    Hope You Get Well Soon!! But loved this ff!! Kabir is so caring even tho he tries to be rude. Hope you can update soon

  11. Jessicca

    Awww.. This was so cute… Outstanding… Loved the part when Kabir convinced her to come with him for the party… And Sanchi drunk???.. Lol… Precap seems interesting… Can’t wait… Update soon… Love uh❤

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