Zid (kanchi) Episode 3

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with ziddi episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really means a lot.

Iam glad that you guys liked Malhotra character.

Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.

Let’s start

Anand calls savitri and tells about sanchi. Savitri gets happy.

In the room

Kanchi glaring at eachother.

Kabir -ok guys I’m Kabir Malhotra.

Sanchi -so wat to do

Kabir glared at her.

Kabir -I’m ur senior Dr Kabir Malhotra

Sanchi bites her tongue. Kabir smirks towards her.

Sanchi -Pragya I didn’t know that he is our senior. U know he is very ziddi boy

Pragya -like u

Sanchi -obviously my zid is better than his.

Kabir -ok enough now I got ur mark sheet

He checks everyone marks just then his eyes went to sanchi mark sheet .He looks at her. Sanchi saw him and she knew Kabir was seeing her marksheet.

Kabir -sanchi mishra

Sanchi stands up.

Kabir – so u r sanchi

Sanchi pov -as if he doesn’t know my name

Kabir -offcourse I dnt know ur name.we haven’t met before.

Sanchi -i was thinking in my mind how do you know that.

Kabir -Miss sanchi u can sit

Sanchi -Mr ziddi

Kabir -Miss ziddi

Time passes they all went to attend their patients.

In the night

Kanchi thinks of eachother. Kabir thinks I have to teach a lesson and sanchi thinks the same. They sleep remincing each other.

In the morning

Kabir as usuall in gym. Vicky and sanchi came.

Girls -Kabir wat type girl u will marry.

Kabir – a beautiful angel. Ziddi like me. We should have same taste and etc etc

Vicky -my sanchi is like this

Kabir coughs as well as sanchi.

Kabir -Vicky I’m talking about my dream girl not ur sister. She doesn’t have a standard.

Sanchi – Mr ziddi firstly u dnt have standard.

Girls -sanchi he is Kabir we think he is right u dnt have standard.

Sanchi picks water and throws on Kabir face.he gets angry

Kabir -i dnt have standard. So tell me which type i belong

Sanchi – mad and mawali

Kabir -r u sure

Sanchi -yes

Kabir cums near sanchi pulls her close and kissed her infront of everyone. Sanchi gets double shock.Kabir pushes sanchi and wipes his lips.

Sanchi was about to slap him when Kabir holds her hands.

Kabir -u told my standand so I showed u.Hisap barabar. Bye miss ziddi and make sure dnt be late.

Kabir left sanchi in shocked. She touches her lips just then Vicky huggs her.

Vicky -sanchi kabir is good person. Dnt mind. He has done many favours on us.

Sanchi -wat

Vicky -u r here because of him. Kabir always took responsibility for ur studies and expenses

Sanchi -but all money u were giving me

Vicky -no I didn’t have enough money for paying ur fees. I was resigning .Kabir asked me wat is the reason. I told him that I dnt have expenses to send to u. He told me that he will take responsibility. I know he is ziddi. But his Heart is pure.

Sanchi -i didn’t knew that I’m sorry bhaiya

She saw her watch she gets shocked

Sanchi -bhaiya I’m late bye I have to rush.

Sanchi qucikly went to hostel and freshen up and went to hospital.

In sdch

Kabir came and saw sanchi missing. Just then sanchi entered. Kabir goes near to her. Sanchi closes her eyes. He bends down and picked up something and smirks towards her.

Sanchi – I’m sorry sir

Kabir -sanchi mishra u r late ur punishment I will tell u after sometime.

Sanchi goes and gets sited. Both remincing their first kiss and smiles.

Screen freezes on their smily face.

Precap : Sanchi punishment
And Sanchi in Kabir’s room in Malhotra Mantion

I hope u guys like it
Bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Palak.Sharma

    ???????? ASHNITA you are amazing!!! Way better than me idk how im your inspiration… anyway back to the episode seeti maar episode… quick and small scenes with a huge impact ? love you!!! Hats off to you

  2. awesome

  3. Faadu episode dear…..u just nailed it…awesome…..precap is more interesting…..do update soon….eager to read…..lots of love to u sweetie.

  4. Anonymousaa

    Wow such a jhakaas episode. What a daring act yaar. Mind blowing. Eagerly waiting to know more about their nok jhoks and how they come closer.Luv uh more than a lot

  5. Khamoshi

    Wonderful episode dear.. but a sudden kiss and that too without angry reaction..and brother doing nothing to kabir just bcoz of the favour..it’s really not easily acceptable..but when it’s about Kanchi..everything is just perfect for me..
    Sorry if i hurted you dear..i don’t wanted to do this but..dil main aaya to kehna behtar laga. sorry again.
    I loved the chemistry u created between them..lots of love to u

    1. Niyaaa

      Hey mitu sorry dear yahan commnt kar rahi hun actually mere phn me kuch problem aa rahi h to PM nahi kar paa rahi or naa hi anu se direct baat kar paa rahi hun..tumse puchna h ki anu se baat hui h tumhari kaisi h wo ab tabiyat kaisi h agar ho to kahna hum usse bahut miss kar rahe h apna khyal rakhe or jaldi se thik ho jaye….. Nd tum kab apna ff ka nxt chap. Post karne wali ho.. M kab se suspense m baithi hun ki sanchi k sath kya hoga post nxt one gud ni8 tc

      1. Khamoshi

        It’s ok Niyaa Sis..tum mujhe kahi bhi msg kar sakhti ho ? and anu se baat hui abhi kuch der pehle hi.. kal use discharge kar denge..recovery ho rahi hai..she is better now.
        And sorry for making u all await..maine aaj dopahar ko hi apna article submit kar diya tha..par ab tak publish nahi hua..jaldi ho jayega shayad. I am happy to see ur excitement dear..main to likhna hi chhod dene wali thi.mbut vrushti ke kehne pe continue kar rahi hu.
        hope u all like it..

  6. Actually in teaser i dont like the plot but after reading episodes loved it dear??????
    Nd ur ???

  7. Priyanshipp

    Super se uper episode dear. Luv u loads. ?

  8. RuCh23

    ??? totally fab Ashu!!! You’re simply amazing ???

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi amaz epi nd mitu ki baat me point h m bhi yahi soch rahi thi i mean favour thik h lekin behen ko kiss kiya wo bhi bhai k samne ye kuch jyada nahi ho gaya.. Sorry don’t mind me actually jo mujhe laga wo maine kaha….sorry again.. Nd rest of other part of epi is fadoo ekdum chotta packet bada dhamaka.. Post nxt tc lovv u lots of kises for u

  10. Trisha139

    Hey what a dhamakedar episode it is I can’t tell u yr !! Schii

  11. Moonlight25

    It was a superb epi dear …just loved it…you are amazing…hats off to you

  12. Riyarocks

    even I agree with Mitali & Niyaa……tumhare sis ko koi aake kiss kare & u not doing anything just bcz of a favor….not done…….sorry if I hurt u dear, dil mein aaya so maine boldia……anyways………I’m really enjoying kanchi’s tashanbaazi…..& even curious ki what’s sanchi’s punishment………haha………..luv u loads sweetieee………

  13. Mindblowing episode…. Amazing….. Loved it very much

  14. Dhruti

    ashnita you are too good and amazing!!!! this was soo awesome……… mind blowing……….chap buster ff i love it……………….update next one soon………………..

  15. So so beautiful and amazing episode

  16. Niyaaa

    Hey whr r u ashi hey sweety kya hua naraj ho kya hamse actually hum tumhe hurt karein aisa koi irada yaa motive nahi tha jo dil me aaya saahi laga hamne bata diya or wase bhi dost wahi hote h jo dil ki baat khol ko samne rakh de bina kisi hesitation ke h naa… Kahan ho tum dear sorry agar humne tumhe galti se bhi galti karke dukh diya dono kaan pakad kar apni sis samajh kar maaf kar dena.. Agar nxt post karogi to sochungi tumne maaf kar diya… Ashi we lovv u so much sweety tumhe hurt karne ka hum sapne me bhi nahi soch skte hamari suspense queen.. Bye gud ni8 lots of kisses nd luv u loads.. Tc

  17. Jessicca

    Outstanding… Brilliant… Amazing… Superb

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