Zid (kanchi ) Episode 2


Hi guys iam Ashnita back with boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really really really means a lot. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Episode starts

In Malhotra Mantion

Malhotra -savitri ur ziddi son came or not

Kabir -I’m home dad

savitri -Kabir go and freshen up

Kabir -ok mom

Kabir went to his room. After sometime her cums out.

Savitri – Kabir cum have ur break fast

Kabir -ok mom

Kabir went and sat besides Malhotra.

Malhotra -Kabir how was your day

Kabir remincing sanchi. He gets up.

Kabir – mom dad I’m going to hospital.

He left

Malhotra -savitri did you saw his zid

Savitri – i dnt wat i ate when he was about to born. Kitna ziddi hai.

In sdch

Sanchi cums with his prasha.

Sanchi -i didn’t know that I will cum here

Sanchi going inside. Other side kabir cums talking on phone.

They didn’t saw each other. Sanchi and prasha went to lift. Lift opens they entered. Kabir was inside still talking on phone. Still they didn’t saw eachother.

Pragya -sanchi let’s take selfie

Sanchi -not now Pragya

Pragya -pliz

Sanchi -i told u no means no

Pragya -kitni ziddi ho tum

Pragya pushes sanchi on Kabir. His phone fells down.

Kabir -wat the

Both looks at shocked and glared at each other.

Both -u

Kabir -pick up my phone

Sanchi picks it up and gave to Kabir.

Kabir pretending to talking on phone

Kabir – people r so sameless. When I told I don’t want to see their face then u they came here following me.

Sanchi to Isha – Isha I’m not interested to see ur face

Isha -wat did I do

Kabir – oh so wat r u doing here

Sanchi – it’s none of ur business.

Kabir – u r ziddi but I’m more ziddi then u.

Sanchi – let’s see

Isha -sanchi I’m going

Pragya -wait im cuming also.

Lift opens prasha went and kanchi left.

Kabir pulls sanchi closer.

Sanchi -leave me

Kabir – we dnt have love or hate relation we have only one relation.

Sanchi -zid Ka

Kabir pushes her.

Kabir – r u fevicol glue .

Sanchi -wat

Kabir – nthing

Just then lifts stops. Kanchi shout together.

Kabir -dnt shout and dnt be scared miss ziddi I’m here

Sanchi saw Kabir shivering

Sanchi pov – wat a joke he himself scared of lifts and telling me that he is here

Sanchi – u dnt be scared I’m here for u

Kabir saw her squzeeing her fingers.

Kabir pov -OMG she is scared of lifts and telling me that dnt worry.

Lifts starts shaking. Kanchi shouts again and stopped seeing each other.

Kabir – r u ok

Sanchi pov -no I’m not ok. How to tell him that I’m scared of lifts. He will tease me.

Kabir -Miss ziddi

Sanchi – no I’m fit and fine and u

Kabir pov -how to tell her iam ziddi but I have only one defect that is im scared of lifts. If see will knw then I will loose my image.

Sanchi -Helo Mr. Ziddi

Kabir -yes miss ziddi

Sanchi -r u good

Kabir -offcourse wat will happen to me

They gave fake smiles.

Again lifts starts shaking and shaking.

Kanchi hugged eachother tightly and fells down

Bg plays

Tode se hum tode tum ishq mein kho gaye

Lift men came and opened and all gets shocked to see sanchi on top of kabir. Both closing their eyes.

Pragya -sanchi

Kanchi opens their eyes and saw each other. They move apart.

Sanchi went near lift man

Sanchi -where were u .u dnt know sir kitna dar gaye te

Lift man – sorry ma’am

Sanchi went and Kabir came to him.

Kabir – repair this fast u dnt know woh ladki kitni dar gyi thi. Thank God I was there. Warna use heart attack ho jata.

Lift man -sorry sir. Next time it won’t be happen.

Kabir -better be

Kabir went.

All interns gathered in room. Kabir and sanchi entered same time. They bumped eachother. Kabir holds her. They have a romantic eye lock.

Sanchi -leave me

Kabir -ok

Kabir leaves sanchi and she fell down.

Sanchi -y did you leave me

Kabir – u said

Sanchi -i hate u

Kabir -no no i love u

Sanchi looks at him

Kabir -as if I say like that. Miss ziddi I hate u too. But I dnt want to keep any relation with u.

Sanchi -mee too

They went opposite side.

Malhotra saw them.

Malhotra – bagwan ne meri sun li. Both r ziddi. Rab ne bani di Jodi.

Scene freezes to kanchi ziddi face

Precap : sanchi cums late and Kabir smirks towards her.

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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