Zid (kanchi ) Episode 1


Hi guys iam Ashnita. I hope u guys remembered me. Thank you for ur lovely comments it really really really means a lot.

Guys many of u asked where I get all ideas. So answer r many but most important is ur comments. I mean Ur comments r my boosters. My ideas just cum up looking at ur comments. Dnt know how but it’s true. I’m just 18 yrs old and I’m also surprised to see ur lovely comments and I asked myself where do get ideas. Frankly I just take my frustration on this. And u guys loved it. Every time I amuzed seeing ur comments .
So Do comments.ok enough of my bak bak or u guys will kill me .


Let’s start

A huge and bunglow is shown.

A beautiful lady cums to a room and gets shocked to see person missing from his bed.

She gets worried. Just then she gets tapped from her shoulder. She turns around and saw a man with no hair wearing specks.

Man -where is ur ziddi beta

Lady- hoga kaha his favorite place

Both -Gym

Savitri -I dnt know wat will happen to him

Anand – nthing will happen but I’m scared for him as he is ziddi.

Let’s go to gym to Meet our beloved hero.

ASHNITA ‘S GYM (I didn’t get perfect name so write this )

Many girls cheering same name.

Two boys playing chess game. One player is tensed and other is over confident.

Confident player -check and mate

Player – not fair

Other player slapped him.

His hair is messy, his eyes r passionate. He is so handsome.

Vicky dnt u have eyes can’t u see I’m handsome than u. Boy replied

Vicky – ok Kabir i lost my punishment.

So handsome munda is Kabir.

Kabir – only 50 push ups

Vicky -no Kabir 50 is so much.

Kabir -ok did you saw that small dumbbells. 10 go now

Vicky – ok Kabir this is so small I can

Kabir -all the best

Vicky goes and picks dumbbell .he somehow picked it drop it.

Kabir -wat happened loser

Vicky -it’s too heavy I can’t

Kabir -i told u before dnt play with me but u wanted to show ur zid. Better luck next time.

Back to malhotra mantion

Savitri – i dnt know when he will find a girl for him

Anand – kabir is ziddi boy so girl should be ziddi too.

Savitri – dnt know when she will cum to Kabir life.

Anand – she will cum

Back to Gym

Kabir -girls who is the winner

Girls -u Kabir

Kabir -thank you

Vicky – kabir u win and i lose

Kabir – zid sirf Kabir ko ata hai.

Just then he heard a girls voice

Voice – who said look at me hero u don’t know my zid.

Kabir turned back and saw girl with curly hair simple ear ring .

Kabir -who r u

Vicky – sanchi wat r u doing here

Kabir -sanchi

Vicky -my sister

Kabir – so sanchi saw me ur zid.

Sanchi -let’s play

Kabir -offcourse

They play again chess game and sanchi won. Kabir gets shocked also everyone.

Kabir -how u do that

Sanchi -coman sense

Kabir – so wat i have to do

Sanchi – did you saw that big dumbell 50

Kabir -ok my highness

Kabir acting to falling down. Sanchi holds him. They have a cute eye lock.

Kabir then lifts dumbbell and does 100 times. Sanchi gets shocked to see him. All clapps for him.

Kabir cums near sanchi and pull her close.

Sanchi -leave me

Kabir – i didn’t know that we have same taste

Sanchi -same taste

Kabir -i mean zid

Sanchi -yes

Kabir -dnt show ur face again I hate people who glared at me and u r from them.

Sanchi -i hate u too

Kabir -remember dnt show you face again

Sanchi -u too

They leave opposite side.

Precap : sanchi first day at sdch .
Kanchi second meeting and glaring at each other.

So this much I’m tired now
Bye take care
Keep smiling


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    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much alia

  1. Priyanshipp

    Amazing episode dear. Luv u so much

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much priyanshipp. Love you loads

  2. So so awesome

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much anu

  3. Amazing Ashi……u just rocked again my thriller queen…do update soon….lots of love to u.

    1. NeonNinga

      Aww thank you so so much niyati. Love you loads.

  4. Yaashi23

    Loved it. Ziddi sanchi and ziddi kabir..

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much yaashi

  5. Riyarocks

    haye Ashu…..kya tashan hai donon mein!!!!!!!!!too good yaar………..I enjoyed this bohut zyada & I love u dherrrrrr saara……….hehe……

    1. NeonNinga

      Awwww thank you so so so much riya. Iam glad that you loved it. Love you loads

  6. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi to hamare commnt tumhare ideas ki vajah ohh to sara credit hamein jana chahiye dekha m kitne achche ideas deti hun… Hehehe..sorry kuch jyada hawa me udd gayi..btw kanchi first meeting is outstanding loved their tadibazzi post nxt one dear till then tc lots of lovv nd kisses for u

    1. NeonNinga

      Yeah niyaa credit goes to u guys. No need to say sorry. It’s gud tum hawa mein udd gyi. Wait for me I’m cuming there too. Hehe. Thank you so so much and love you loads

  7. Anonymousaa

    This was so hilarious.
    Both of them are enough ziddi.Both showed it in their own way.
    Haha second meeting and glare!!!!???
    Plz post next epi asap.

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much sweetie.

  8. Sajnana900

    Spr dpr hit ashu luved it
    And thier tashan awww it ll b more intersting

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      Awww Thank you so so much sanjana.

  9. Dhruti

    superb ashu……….mind blowing………….update next one soon……..

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      Thank you so so much druti

  10. Aafiya


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      Thank you so so much Aafiya

  11. Palak.Sharma

    Oh god!! The tashan between Kanchi. This was just how they introduce the main leads in a show. Fabulous love you Ashnita

  12. Amazing…. Loved it

  13. Riyarocks

    Ashu….I’m giving this comment on behalf of Anu…Awesome dear… Darwazatod episode… U r amazing dear… Fabulous writing…

  14. RuCh23

    Another rocking epi ???

  15. Abhilasha

    Wowww so tashan-e-ishq starts ….superbb

  16. Jessicca

    You nailed it…. Outstanding. … Brilliant… loved it ❤

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