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Hi everyone i hope u all remember me i am Sarika Shah….so here i am with Zehnaseeb(My Fate) season 2….let me tell u all one thing i cant promise tht i’ll b regular…..hey i must tell u i missed u all…i really really hope tht u give support me ..thank u all love u….hey one more question did anyone missed me??????…well i missed u all………
Enough of blah blah lets start…so its just a promo ok
A room is shown smone is working in the laptop..his face is not shown..a young girl comes there..we cant see her face also..
Girl: Papa look at me i am looking like mumma..haina?
Man: what r u doing in my room?
Girl: papa woh main..aapko..
Man: Swara….
The man’s face is shown its Sanskar Ramprasad Maheshwari.
He is having a very serious look on his face.
Swara comes running to his room…
Swara is wearing a saree…
Swara: haan Sanskar what happened…and sees the girl..
Swara: Anamika u here?…
Laksh also comes there….
Laksh: Sanskar wat happened?
Laksh sees the girl.
Laksh: Anamika tum…wat r u wearing?
The girl is shown..she is wearing a saree lyk Ragini..she is having a photo of Ragini wearing the same saree….
Sanskar:Anamika Sanskar Maheshwari….i have already told u and nw i am repeating it ….ur mom is dead for us …u don’t need to make her alive..got it..now leave ..
Anamika: Papa…
Swara: chalo tum..
Swara forcefully takes her..
Laksh looks on..But Sanskar didn’t and continue his work…
Swara drags her to her room..
The girl’s face is shown ..she is looking lyk Ragini..but she is not Ragini..she is RagSan’s only daughter…Anamika..Anamika Sanskar Maheshwari…..
Anamika: massi..aap sab mumma se itni nafarat kyun karthi hain…crying…
Swara: becoz she snatched everything frm us…my happiness my life ..and my son….everything…
Swara gets teary eyed and goes…
Anamika: kya yeh meri galathi hain k ii look lyk mumma…but y is everyone upset with her..i’ll find it out…i knw my mumma cant b bad…..
Where is Ragini?..is she dead?…y is Sanskar and Maheshwaris hating Ragini?…..what have Ragini done to Swara’s son?…..Why did Ragini left her daughter with Sanskar?….Where is the Rathores?……
U’ll find the answers to all this questions soon..so hw is it?…should i drop it here or continue….pls do comment …

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. Nitu1992

    Superb.. missed ur ff… waiting fr next update..

    1. thanks Nitu di?

  2. SPP

    Awesome Interesting
    Continue it dear
    Waiting for the first one……

    1. Thanx yaar ill update fast?

  3. i’m waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Thanx girija?

  4. superb I am so happy u comeback but ragsan are separated very sad waiting for next part

    1. hey ..even i am happy to see u all…Ragsan will b one..?

  5. Pls continue and update regularly.. waiting for nxt episode

    1. Thanx King ill try to b regular?

  6. welcome back dear, excellent promo

    1. lovely i missed u dear..Thank u soo much?

  7. is this countdown of season 1?

    1. sry khusubu i didnt get u?

  8. Megha123

    I’m very much excited for it .plz continue itit.

    1. Thank u soo much Megha?

  9. Hi sarika i missed you alot.it is interesting dear

    1. i missed u too ammy ?

  10. Nice promo.
    Plx update.the episodes very soon..
    I miss u ur ff nd u too..
    I Think ragini.is alive nd something btwn ragsan

  11. Nice.. Waiting for next episode…

  12. Yippieee u r back…..yeah its good nd its continuation of season 1 ryt??!!

  13. Awesome dear you are back with a bang

  14. Wow u r back.. I really missed you and ur ff…interesting intro

  15. Nami

    Awesome. Welcome back dear

  16. So much suspense awsome

  17. Wow i am very happy to see u back with my fav zehnaseeb.and i missed u a lot.update the first episode soon.can’t wait.season 2 is very exciting.the promo was superb

  18. oh u back…i miss this ff n you too but again same journey with season 2…exited for the story

  19. Nusz Khan

    Oh my god :oooo You’re finally back… Man I missed you so much Hun!!!! My girl is finally back with my favorite Fan-Fiction!!! I love you so much aha, can’t wait for it xx. Also started a new Fan-Fiction of Ragsan here are the links…

    Link for episode 1:

    Link for episode 2:

    Love you xx..


  20. Lila

    Woh ho… ur back…can’t wait…I think it’s an misunderstanding between Ragsan… one question… is this linked to Season one… I mean did it continue from that or this is totally different? ???

  21. Wlcm back missed???awsm promo….. Where is ragini???? U hv stopped nazdeekiyan or else????

  22. Pooja26

    yay!!!!!!!! my sis is back………
    plz continue dear…….. 😉 😉

  23. Sitaram

    ohhhhhhh first itself soo much mysteries

  24. Hi sarika …..missed u alot and nice promo

  25. hlooo i hope u r hpy with me…mmmm nice one

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