Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Season 2 Episode 1

Hlo everyone thanx for ur awesome comments really….guys i missed u all a lot…so here is the 1st episode..hope u like it do comment ur opinions….love u all
AP: Sanskar beta pls hv fud and go.
Sanskar: no badi maa, whatever happened in the morning don’t want to hv anything.
Sujatha: kya hua chora?…kya fir se?
AP: Swara…
Swara: ji maa
Sujatha: Kya hain Swara yeh?
Laksh: Jaane do aap log..chachi, maa Ammu was just bhai a surprise.
Sanskar: Lkash tell her not to repeat what she did today.
RP: But Sanskar what is her fault?…dont forget she is ur daughter.
Sanskar: i don’t care.
Sanskar goes out.
Laksh: Swara where is he?
Swara: he will come ..Laksh…ill sent him to office.

Laksh leaves.
DP: APji nashta lekar aao.
AP: ji
Sujatha: Swara nashtha lagao..where is he?
RP: udha nahi ab tak?
Swara: no chacha ji ..he will come nw.
A young man comes he hugs Sujatha from back ti8ly.
Sujatha: oh ho…leave me badmash..
AP pulls his ear.
Swara: ithna bada ho gaya par phir bhi itna shayathan hain.
Young man: Gud mrning dadi chotta dadu…and my pyaari chotti dadi.
Swara: Sparsh cotti dadi ko chodo..
The boy is reveled as Sparsh.
(Sparsh Laksh Maheshwari: played by Ashwini Kaul)
Swara severs breakfast to all.
AP: Sparsh beta tk this fud to Ammu’s room.
Sparsh: ok dadi.
Sparsh goes to Ammu’s room.
DP comes out.
Sparsh: dadu fud.
DP: ok u can do down.
DP get into Ammu’s room and close the door.
Spars hoes down.
Sujatha: Sparsh comes lets hv fud.
Sparsh: ji chotti dadi
In Anamika(Ammu)’s room
DP: Ammu chalo lets hv fud.
Ammu: no bade dadu.
Ammu is looking sad.
DP: what happen? Did anyone scold u?
Ammu: no..no one..
DP notices Ragini’s saree on the bed.
DP: Ammu this is Ragini ‘s saree ri8.
Ammu’s face lit up.
Ammu: haan dadu u still remember?
DP:hw cn i ever forget. She was more lyk my daughter.
Ammu: bade dadu, why does anyone hates me? What h vi done to them?
DP hugs Ammu.
DP:no bacha..
Ammu: den is it mumma?
DP: no beta its not Ragini also. Its just a misunderstanding..nw come lets hv fud..
The screen splits in 2 one side shows Ammu and DP having breakfast smiling and chatting.
On the other side it shows AP RP Sujatha Swara and Sparsh having fud without making any sound
DP comes ut with empty plates.
AP comes and collects it frm DP
RP: bhaisa did Ammu had fud?
DP: no body hv to wry abt my Ammu I am there for her.
DP goes downstairs and stand in front of 2 photos it has garlands on them.
DP: I miss u both ..why did u leave us?..Hve u seen Sanskar’s state?..he is no more the old Sanskar…have u seen his attitude 2wards our Ammu?….Have u seen Sparsh..how lonely he is without him…
Tears come from DP’s eyes…..

Precap: what happen to Shrawan and Ragini?

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