Zehnaseeb– Ye Kaisa Naseeb (CH–3)





Scene starts with completion of Swara & Sanskaar’s engagement. All are talking. Aditya, Ragini, DP & Adarsh were talking abt business. Laksh was looking at Ragini. Literally he was grinning at her like he will eat her up. Uttara notices it. She goes to him.
Uttara- Bhai…. dont do like this… if dad sees this then… she laughs.
Laksh- Uttara ki bacchi.. but she runs away..
Just then DP calls him. Laksh goes to him.
DP says that Laksh will be handeling the joint project from there side. While Ragini says that she will be incharge of this project from Suryavanshi groups. Just then Aditya’s phone rings & he goes to talk. While DP & Adarsh goes to other guests. Only Ragini & Laksh were left there.
Laksh- Hii

Ragini smiles and says hii to him. She talks abt the joint project between Suryavanshi & Maheshwaris, but Laksh was lost in her beauty.
Ragini- Mr. Maheshwari are u listening…
Laksh- Beautiful……
Ragini- What??
Laksh comes to his senses.
Laksh- Yep, i am listening.
On the other side–
Aditya who have finished his talk was coming just then Uttara collides with him, she was abt to fall when Aditya holds her by waists. Uttara is lost in him. They share a eye-lock. Realising the surroundings they come in there senses. Aditya makes Uttara straight.
Aditya- Are u okay.
Uttara – Yes, i am fine. She leaves frm there.
Aditya to goes. He goes to Ragini, who was talking to Laksh.
Aditya- Ragu, shld we leave for home.
Ragini- Yes Bhai…… lets go…
They go to DP & tells him that they are leaving.
DP- Okay, it was nice meeting u both & shakes his hands with Aditya & Ragini.
Just they were abt to leave, Shekher comes to them & says that they are also leaving.
DP- But Shekher ji, how will u all go.
Shekher- We will go in taxi…

Dp- But at this time taxi, ur car is also not free (actually it was used for there relatives)
Aditya- What happened uncle any problem?
DP tells him.
Ragini- Its okay uncle, we will drop them as it will come on our way.
Shekher- No betta, no need…. we will go…
Aditya- Its okay uncle….. we dont have any problem…
Ragini- Yes uncle…..
After pressurisation frm Aditya & Ragini, Gadodia’s agree. They leave. While going Swara & Sanskaar says bye through there eyes. Gadodia’s leave. They sit in the car. Aditya on driving seat & Ragini beside him. Shekher tells him his address. As they were driving, Ragini’s phone rings. Its Janki’s call. She picks it up.
Ragini- Yes Mom, we will be in within few minutes. Dont worry. After talking she cuts the call.
Dadi- Was it your Mother’s call.
Ragini- Yes, actually Mom wanted to know till when will we reach home.
Dadi- What’s ur Mom name?
Ragini- Ja…….. just then they arrive at baadi.

Gadodia’s get down. They thanks them. Ragini & Aditya too smiles & leaves.
Shekher thinks- “Why am i feeling like i know these two?”
He refutes his thoughts & enters the baadi………….

So how is the chapter……………………..

Credit to: ck1234

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