Zehnaseeb– Ye Kaisa Naseeb (CH–2)


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Scene starts with Gadodia’s arriving at the MM. Annapurna, Sujata & Pari welcomes them.
They make Swara sit.
Sujata- Uttara go & see whether ur brother is still ready or not.
Uttara goes to Sanskaar’s room.
Uttara- Bhai, everyone is calling u. Bhabhi & her family have arrived.
They go downstairs. Sanskaar gets mesmerized seeing Swara.
Laksh- Bhai, close ur mouth otherwise mosquito will enter.
Adarsh & Laksh chuckles. Sanskaar comes out of his imagination, hearing there chuckle.
Sanskaar- Lucky……. Dont worry someday your time will also come.. then see.
They take Sanskaar near sofa and make him seat with Swara.
Sujata- Pandit ji what is the subh-muharat for engagement.
Pandit says that there is still 15 minutes to go.
DP- Adarsh, Laksh have all our business asociates arrived & what abt Suryavanshi’s?
Adarsh- Yes dad, almost all have come , except Suryavanshi’s.
Scene in Suryavanshi Mansion–
Adi- Ragu are you ready, we have to go.
Ragini- Yes bhai & she comes.
Aditya- Wow today my sister is looking like princess.
Ragini- And someone is looking handsome too.
They both smile.

Adi- Okay, lets go.
They tell Janki that they are leaving & leaves. After sometime they reached MM. They enters.
In MM–
As they enters Adarsh sees them. He points it to DP & they both welcome them.
DP- Welcome Mr Aditya Suryavanshi & Miss Ragini Suryavanshi. He forwards his hands for handsake. But Aditya & Ragini bend down to take his blessings. DP is happy seeing there manner. He blesses them.
Aditya- DP uncle u are our business partner in office and outside it u are elder to us.
Ragini- And Mom always says that we shld take blessings from elders.
DP get impressed by them.
DP- By the way ur mom did not came?
Adi- Actually uncle, mom was not feeling well so…
DP- Arrey, its okay…. BTW come..
DP takes them towards his family members. He intros them to everyone. Ragini & Aditya takes there blessings. Laksh was mesmerized seeing Ragini. He got out of his thoughts.
DP intros them to Gadodia’s too. As Ragini & Aditya bend down to take blessings of Shekher they feel something wierd. Shekher to feels it but ignores.
This Music plays in the background–
Yeh kaisa naseeb dekho….
Apne hi apno se mill rahe hai paraye bann karr..
Kaisa yeh Naseeb Dekho, Naseeb ka yeh khel dekho….
Inka Zehnaseeb dekho…..
(Guys these lines are mine, i tried to make it, tell me how is it)
They takes Gadodia’s blessings too.
Pandit ji says that engagement time has started. They start the rituals. First Swara makes Sanskaar wear the ring & then Sanskaar does the same. All claps…….

Scene ends at the happy faces………

So how is the chapter………………………..

Credit to: ck1234

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