Did Zee’s Kaleerein win your interest?

Zee’s Kaleerein is a simple yet thoughtful story, revolving around two individuals Meera and Vivaan. Meera believes in her individuality. She doesn’t want anyone to compel and instil any change in her, just for the sake of marriage. Meera has a different mindset than the rest. The show is about the necessity of perfecting a girl in order to get a perfect groom for her. Meera believes that marriage is a journey of two people, who perfect each other by their opinions and support.

Meera doesn’t want to portray her identity and mannerisms as per her prospective groom’s checklist. Meera is from a small town in Punjab. She lives with her family. She is a free-spirited girl. She wants to marry someone who values her true side. On the other hand, Vivaan is an NRI who has some set expectations from his life partner. He wants certain qualities to match certainly. Vivaan’s character is intriguing and has many shades. Meera’s role is played by debutante Aditi Sharma, while Kumkum Bhavga’s actor Arjit Taneja plays the male protagonist Vivaan. Did Zee’s Kaleerein win your interest? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Like it very much..DON’T SCREW IT UP ZEE TV.

    1. Riti

      Cathy, I love the concept of this show. I just don’t want Zee TV to make this show like the rest of the serials. It needs to be different.

      1. Lets hope they don’t go the way of Piya Albela…they so totally ruined that show.

  2. YamiYami

    It’s the best. I have been hooked to the show since it started.

  3. Riana

    Lovely show…
    Lovely couples too…

  4. Yes of course.It portrays a growing problem in our society.Brides are expected to be perfect irrespective of the character of the groom.A girl is expected to behave as her family want her to behave.She is given no choice except to marry the boy of her parents choice.Only in some household’s girls are seen as human beings or else in many rural areas girls are expected to be a perfect housewife,do all the household activities from a young age ,cook nicely even Chinese and Italian along with Indian food,learn all the things and be multi-talented and many more.

    1. Hi Sonakshi..i was about to write my comment but you said precisely what I would have and you are so correct. Why must women have to be so perfect for a prospective husband, why can’t they just be themselves huh… I love Meera’s character, she spunky and has the sharpest tongue so far on all telly heroines, to my knowledge.

  5. Believe it or not, in the west here it’s a plus for all Indian women to cook and clean house as well. The older folks says to the males that if you marry a woman who can’t cook and take care of the house, don’t complain after marriage, take it and stay quiet. Though it’s not like how marriage scouting is done in India, it still boils down to the same thing. I became a bride through this system years back and now that my daughter is of marriageable age, she’s resisting this practice being brought upon by my own mother and I’m supporting my daughter 100%..i don’t want the same for her…

    1. Your a good Mom Naz, a potential husband should go through the same scrutiny as the wife, My mother told me that i should make sure that a potential mate should be content in his life, meaning does he have a job a home and can he support a wife and children and most of all how he treats his parents, i always followed that advice, my Mother was a smart woman.

    2. Hi! Naz.You are doing a good job by supporting your daughter.You are a good mom, very few are like you .

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