Zaya, Raglak, Swasan. (Epi 1)

Hello guys i am new here plz compromise with me. I am a big fan of beintehaa and swaragini. So let start. And guys do comment.

Episode start with.
A girl seeing. She is wearing a lehenga. Purple lehenga. With lot of jewellery. Her back is facing. She take a turn and its shown that its Aliya. Suddenly someone come in.
Its swaragini. Swara is wearing golfen lehenga. And Ragini is wearing blue lehenga.
Aliya. Swaragini.
Swara. Yes di.
Aliya. Where mom dad.
A Voice come..
Voice. We are here.
Aliya. Maa papa.
She goes and hug them.
Aliya. I will miss u all.
Swaragini. We will also.
Shekar. Dont worry se are always there for u.
Sumi. Yes beta. When where u need us call us.
Aliya nod.
Swara. She have a husband. Why will she call us.
Aliya. Swara.
Swara. Sorry di.
Ragini. Ok di lets go down everyone is waiting for u aka bride. And mostly zain.
Aliya in mind. It just a compromise we did
Too make our family happy.
They all take her down. Marriage rituals are done. And its her bidaai. Everyone was senti and cry alot. And then they leave.
Swaragini wave bye to sanlak and zaya.
They all goes in.
Ragini. I will miss di.
Swara. Even me.
Sumi. Ok now go and sleep.
Swaragini. Ok.
They all goes to sleep.

In maheswari mansion.
They all did aliya grah pravesh. And after some ritual. They send zaya to room.

In room.(ZAYA).
Aliya was sitting on bed and think he dont like me what the need to sit here. She goes in bath and wear her night dress and goes to sleep. And after sometime zain come in. He is drunk.
He sees aliya and say. You.
He then goes to her and wake her up.
Zain. Stand up.
Aliya. What is this. Are u drunk..
Zain. So.
Aliya. So.
He come close to her.
Aliya. Dont come near me zain..
Zain come more close and was about to kiss her when she push him and slap him. He was shocked. And then come to her senses. He say sorry.
Aliya. No problem.
Zain. Its only a compromise.
Aliya. I now.
Zain. U better.
Aliya. Good night.
She sleeps.
Zain. Kumbkaran. She is still like the old aliya.
He also sleeps.

Precap. Dont now.

Guys do comment. Plz and give your opinion

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  1. interseting and nice…waiting for ep 2

  2. Did she love any other

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  4. When Will u post the next episode I am waiting eagerly

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