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In Mumbai
@ XYZ Resort

“Why you brought me here?” Gauri questions Om.

“I know i told you, that dad needs you but not dad infact we need to talk to eachother.” Om replied while settling Gauri chair

“You lied to me ” Gauri said.

“Indeed ” Om smiled.

“But why?” And when you too start lying? Omkara ji. Gauri asked him rudely.

“Yup , i lied to you Gauri. !!”

But for your betterment , for Rajput’s betterment. Om cupped her hand tries to make her understand.

“Omkara ji !! Please i told you before just shut this topic” Gauri took her hand back from his hold and was about to leave when om grasp her hand in rage.

“Listen to me Gauri” om orders her to settle down.

“What you want from me?” Gauri asked.

Om compose himself next to Gauri and took her hands in between his

Gauri hum bache baade ho kar kyun itney khudgharz ho jaate?. Hum kyun un ankho nazarandaz karney lagte hai,
jino ne humein yeh duniya dekhi?

( why we became selfish, when we kids are grown up Gauri? Why we start ignoring those eyes who made us to gaze this world?)

Kyun baade ho kar hum har cheeze aur zindagi ke har pehlu ko sirf apna nazariya dene lag jaate hai?

( why we being to give life only our perceptive after we got aged)

Kya panch foot ke hone ke baad? Humare liya humare maa aur baap ka nazariya chhota ho jaata hai, Ke hum un ko galat aur khud ko sahi samjhne beith jaate hai.

( what with height of five foot? Perceptive of our parents gets small, that we start thinking them wrong while taking ourself right?)

Gauri “Omkara ji !! Please stop……( om interruptes)

“Gauri i’m not done” Om said and continues

Mein maanta ho ke us din RM mein jo kuch bhi hua. Woh bohat galat hua.

( i know whatever happened in RM on that day it was wrong)

Maa ney Anika bhabhi ko jo kaha woh theek nahe tha. Aur na Anika bhabhi jo hum sab ke sath kiya woh to bilkul theek nahe kiya.

( whatever mother said to Anika sister-in-law that was not right. And then what sister in law did with all of us that’s absolutely wrong)

“Par yeh mera aur tumhara point of view hai “

( but it’s mine and yours pov)

Lakin agar hum Maa aur Bhabhi ka point of view dekhe to woh dono galat ho he nahi sakti.

( but if we peeking mother and sister in law pov we can’t say they are wrong)

Aur bhabhi aur baadi behan to maa saman hoti hai to kya….

( And SIL and elder sister are like mother na)

“Kabhi Maa bhi galat hui hai?” Gauri !!

(has mother ever being wrong?)

“Gauri with watery eyes glances Om and nods negatively”

To phir kyun tum aur Bhavya Maa ko galat samajh kar un se door chali ayi? Jab Maa ko tum dono ki sab se zayada zaroorat hai.

( then why you and bhavya took mother wrong and went away from her? When she need you both the most)

Gauri tum apni chhodro , Bhavya ko kabhi tumne dekha hai.

( forget about yourself, what about Bhavya. Have you seen her?

Maa ke aa jaane ke baad , woh phir se apna bachpan jeene lagi thi. Itni mature larki jo Rudra ko immature kehti thi… woh Maa aur baadi behano ke pass hone se us may khud immaturity aa gayi.

( after mother came back, she start living her childhood again. The one who use to call Rudra immature after seeing her mother and elder sisters around her, she from mature girl became immature )

Om smiled reminiscing Bhavya childish acts

Woh Anika bhabhi ki goad mein beith kar gili gili kissi karna, Shivaay se ladna, Maa se Rudra ki complain karna…. Maa dekho yeh Rudra humein tang kar raha hai…… woh Dev uncle se roj koi new demand karna, jese koi panch saal ka bacha apne papa se office jaane se phele kehta hai ke aaj us ke liya woh jab ghar wapis aye to icecream ley kar aye aur bhi shaam ko papa ke lauth ney ka wait karna ke abhi jab papa aye gay to un ke hath may meri icecream ho gayi.

( while sitting in SIL lap doing kisses, fighting with Shivaay….. like kids complaining her mother about Rudra that mother look he’s teasing me.

Like kids demanding Dev uncle and after that waiting for his arrival that whether he brought what she demand same like kid of five years wait for his father)

Bhavya bhi usi bache ki tarah hai.

Par ab phir se Bhavya woh Bhavya ban gayi hai jise may aaj se ek saal phele milta hai.

( bhavya is same like that kid. But today she again became that Bhavya to whom i met year back)

Gauri please Rajput Mansion chalo. Tum sab ko ek dosare ke sath ki bohat zaroorat hai

( please Gauri come lets go to RM. You all need eachother )

Gauri wipes her tears ” No, Omkara ji i won’t go to RM. If Bhavya wants she can but sorry i won’t and it’s my final decision.

Aur kis ghar ki baat ap kar rahy ha? Woh ghar jo panj months pheley do heeso mein baath chuka hai. Five

( About which house u are talking about? That house which got divided into two parts five months ago. )

Woh ghar jaaha ghar ka Bujurg apne ghar ko chhod kar yeha Mumbai ke orphange mein , us jaaga zindagi jee raha hai……. jaha un ka Noor ek baarse phele jee raha tha.

( that house where the elderly instead of living in her own house, living here in Mumbai Orphanage were her Noor lived once ago)

Aur woh ghar jaha Noor yeh sab kuch be noor kar diya? Aur khud sab se dur ho kar pata nahe duniya ke kisi kaoney mein raak ho rahe hai aur yeh us ke ghum mein sooraj bhi doob raha hai.

( And that house where Noor herself did darkness? And don’t no where she herself burning inwhich part of the world, and here sun drowning in her grief)

Om cupped Gauri face and gently wipes her tears with thumb

Mein jaanta hoon ke meri chariya apni Anika di ko kitna miss kar rahe hai aur gusa bhi hai.

( i know my bird missing her sister and angry as well)

Par Gauri zara socho Anika bhabhi ney jab , jab humara sath chhodra hai to us ke peeche ek bohat baadi wajah hoti hai aur woh wajah jisi ka dil nahe todna chati……. bhabhi to khud toot jaati hai par kisi ko todna bhabhi ki fitrat mein shamil nahe.

( but just think Gauri whenever SIL left us alone. She had some reason behind it a big one. And that reason never wanted to break anyone heart. SIL break down herself but breaking someone it’s not her nature)

Kuch shamil hai to sirf pyaar dena kuch chheena nahe. Agar chheena hai to sirf bhabhi se.

( thing that’s in her nature is just to spread love not to snatch. If snatched then it’s from SIL)

Gauri eyes got popped she recollect Anika’s past and curse herself for again taking her di wrong…… she hugs Om tightly and cried ” i’m sorry omkara ji , i’m sorry…….

Being Anika di sister i couldn’t get that whatever she did again there’s gonna be some reason.

Rajput’s Ind

“What the hell you all are doing?” Dev shouted on employees.

I’m i paying for these sleepy head. Huh? Answer me damn it… what you all are doing ?

It’s a third tender that slipped out from us. Whyyyyy?

Manager grasp some courage and replied ” Sir, i’m sorry but those companies that were associated with Rajput’s and happily willing to do business with us.” It was just because of ASR and know when she’s not around, not only Mithal’s but many others too back off . They only want ASR…….( couple of voices cut him)

Not only business world but we also need to know ” Where’s ASR Mr Rajput?” Reporters ran towards Dev.

Tell us Mr Rajput were is ASR or say were “threat for business world ? ” one reporter asked

Reporters kept on questioning :

Since five mouths no one knows where’s ASR…… couple of tenders are being snatched from Rajput’s ind just bcoz ASR is not here,……… world wants to know Mr Rajput were’s Rajput’s heir and Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi wife?

According to our sources both Rajput’s and Oberoi’s are looking for her. “Is that true ?” Answer are question Mr Rajput why you are salient?

“Who let them in” Dev shouted…. security throw them out right knowwwww.

“We will not go out today not before getting are answers ” female reporter marches ahead.

Dev glare her ” Dev Singh Rajput don’t need to answer got it.”

Dev gave all reporters final glare and walked away from them…. when a reporter statement numbed him.

Mr Rajput ap apne business ko bachey ke liya duniya se jhoot bol rahe hai ke ASR zinda hai…..

” kahi ARS maar to nahe gayi?”

Dev shockingly turned his face” Hey !!!you bastarad……. before Dev could do something that reporter who spoke dirty got deadly punched on his face

Today i’ll numb you here on the spot guy kept on punching the reporter were the rest of the reporters kept on recording and clicking the shot.

Teri himat kesy hui? meri bhabhi ke baare may yeh sab kehnaye kiya hai? Bol tu hai kon , do kori ke reporter.

( how dare you ? To say like that for my sister- in-law? Who are you, cheap reporter)

He kept on beating him red and blue when Dev stopped him

“Leave him Rudra” Dev ordered.

Yes it’s non other than our Rudy boy who marked that reporter blue.

Rudra clutches reporter collar and throw him out of Rajput’s Ind. He kicked reporter on his bum and shouted

” Hey!!! Listen you me my bhabhi Anika Singh Rajput life of Rajput’s and Oberoi’s is alive” As we all are alive.

But soon you will be dead the moment my bhabhi and ASR came to know that you raised your voice infront of Dev uncle . She will cut your tongue. Rudra again kicked him , till then do as much bak bak you can.

Security shook all reporters and closed the main gate.

Rudra stood next to Dev” don’t take these dogs serious when Rudra tiger is there he cupped Dev hand and approaches towards cabin.

While giving kiddish smile to Dev , Rudra said

“Anu ke baba to khud solution hai to phir, boblem kya”

( when Anu’s baba himself a solution then what’s problem)

“Dev eyes got watery to hear that” Anu

Rudra wiped Dev tears and gently peck his check” Your Anu and my bhabhi will save where ever she’s Dev uncle. Please you don’t cry it’s only my department to cry…… Rudra cries and gazed Dev with puppy face.😢

Dev hugs him tightly” Rudra !!!”

And all yours department is to make his duffer, dumb and what ever name you like to call me is just to cheer as this cry baby fears why you all are in tears.

Anika bhabhi mil jaye gayi. Aur is baar woh mujhe nahe balke mein unko gusa karo ga ke woh kyun humasha hum sab ko chhod kar chali jati hai.

( this time not Anika SIL but i’ll scold her. That why she always leave us)

Kya woh nahe jaanti ” ke unke chale jaane se hum sab ki zindagi rukh jati hai?”

( don’t she knows ” after her , here are life gets stopped)

Definitely this time you will scold your bhabhi and i’ll also scold Anu ” that why she left her baby brother alone?” See in your absences he got two , two pimples on his face”. Dev said.

Rudra dramatically ” Naheeee” He broke the hug and caress his face looking for mirror… “where is mirror ?” He kept on running in whole cabin shouting for mirror when Dev hold him and shows him mirror and smiled widely

Rudra hopped like kids ” hurrah!! There’s no pimple on my fa…… he got shocked to find smiling he gets embarrassed and started looking here and there except Dev

Dev stepped ahead ” your are not cry baby , you are smile baby. He said while pecking Rudra forehead.

So don’t cry, smile baby as father don’t like his kids in tears. Now go and freshen up.

@ Rajput’s Mansion

Shivika room

“Shivaay have your dinner” Aarohi said while setting plates on table.

“Shivaay was lost in his on painful thoughts that he became deaf ear. ”

” Aarohi place her hand on his shoulder who’s sitting on .”

Before Aarohi could further added something when she felt strong grip around her waist

“Never talk about death Maa” Shivaay tighten his grip over Aarohi waist and with sobs pleading Aarohi like kids.

I promise you Maa before ten days your Anu will be infront of you.

But please don’t hurt yourself like this. He breaks the hug and holds Aarohi bandaged hand and kiss her hand.

Anika did the same like this and you don’t know how badly it used to pricking me. Please Maa hurt me but not yourself.

Aarohi wipes Shivaay tears and make him have his dinner by her own hands.

Shivaay holds Aarohi hand and stopped Aarohi for fedding him more ” don’t do this with Maa if i’ll to got habitual of this.”

” Then Anika will do murder of me”

“Aarohi chuckles ”

Shivaay cup Aarohi hand ” Are you Ok Maa” He asked worriedly

Aarohi eyes got moist she wanted to speak something but only she could “hmm”

“Maa can i sleep in your lap” Shivaay requested Aarohi.

Aarohi smiled and adjusted Shivaay head in her lap. She softly pecked his forehead and sign him to close his eyes.

Shivaay like obedient child closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist…..

Mein sab theek kar do ga Maa. Yeh Shivaay ka waada hai ap se aur us se baar kar khud se.

( i’ll make everything perfect mother. It’s my promise to both of us)

Aarohi with one hand wipes her tears and with other kept on ruffling Shivaay hairs…. she shut her eyes mummering Anu

Shivaay pov

Mein Anika ko dhund kar raho ga. Yeh raita us ney phail hai na ab woh he usay simate gayi. Bus ek baar yeh Anika mujh mil jaye.

( i’ll find Anika at any cost now. She cooked this blunder now she will make it fine. Just once i caught her)

Few days later

For last five months Shivaay looking for his love, his life but every pebble that he turned was just left unturned. His loyal man ” Khanna ” too stood behind him and kept on peeking for Anika.

It had been couple of countries Shivaay along with Khanna searched for Anika but all he came back to Princess of Jhodpur ( Aarohi ) empty handed.

But finally she gave Shivaay a final dead call , call of ” Ten days” but Shivaay now left with last two days, the last words that came out from her mouth…. they gave Shivaay Singh Oberoi ” goosebumps”

Shivaay all messy running of streets questioning people about Anika.

Song plays

Pyar wafa hai, pyar sada hai
Pyar wafa hai, pyar sada hai
Pyar dua hai, pyar Khuda hai
Pyar yehi hai dekh deewane
Pyar yahan kise aisa mila hai

who knew it? Or what this man himself knew that his density that once used to resolve around “NKK ideology” today his density had brought him were only his whole life is, was and will only resolve around a girl, that girl who broke his ego not with any artificial weapon but simply with her natural God gifted ” beautiful orbs ” he met them once and dead on them …… he don’t know how much deals he losted in these mouths but Anika’s Shivaay gave shit to all.

The worth that matters to this man who’s not any more business tycoon ” The Tough and Agnorant Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

He’s a lover only lover” Anika’s Billu ji” who’s running on Pune streets like crazy for his life.

The real and pure worth of his life that he earned by surrendering himself to “Anika”

He hurriedly ran towards otherside of road when his topples on road.

Kaante bichhe hain raahon mein
Aur manzil nahi koi
Tanhaiyon mein pyar ki shamil nahi koi
Jugnoo ki roshni bhi kahin aati nazar nahi

Khanna shouted ” Shivaayy sirr………. he ran behind him and helps him.

Shivaay pushes him away ” i’m fine Khanna”….. he.shouted

Toofan hi toofan hai saahil nahi koi
Itna andhera raahon mein yaara
Kiska bane ab kaun sahara
Itna andhera raahon mein yaara
Kiska bane ab kaun sahara

If in today’s history his rivals would have seen him like this they would have placed penny in his hand.

But what they know? Not his hand but his eyes and his soul are in need of. He don’t need any penny in his hand but his hands losted his hands lines in which “Anika’s” name was written.

He wants Anika’s hand in his hands that made him strong when her soft fingers gets intertwining with his hard one…. making him strong ever he was.

Words of Aarohi and flashes of Anika drowning him down and down with every hour passes on.

Ab na koi suraj hai, na koi savera hai

Ab na koi suraj hai, na koi savera hai
Ab na koi suraj hai, na koi savera hai
Chandni bhi roothi hai, door tak andhera hai
Chandni bhi roothi hai, door tak andhera hai

Khanna called him from behind , requesting his boss to have some water but Shivaay kept on refusing.

Shivaay orders Khanna to get back to RM as Maa ( Aarohi) security was Shivaay first priority.

“Khanna nodded

Shivaay pov

Kaha ho Anika?” Kyun mujhe itna tadpa rahe ho?

Gham ke siwa jahan mein bata insan ko kya mila
Toone banayi kyon yahan chahat mere Khuda
Paani ke bulbulon ki tarah tooti hain hasratein

Janti ho na tumhare Shivaay duniya ka har dard jee sakta hai.

Aati nahi kahin se bhi uski koi sada
Kaisi hai chahat, kaisi mohabbat
Kaisi hai uljhan, kaisi hai hasrat
Kaisi hai chahat, kaisi mohabbat
Kaisi hai uljhan, kaisi hasrat

Par tumhari judaai ka dard mujhe jeene nahe deta.

Hasraton ki palkon pe chahaton ka mela hai
Hasraton ki palkon pe chahaton ka mela hai
Hasraton ki palkon pe chahaton ka mela hai
Dard to hazaron hain, aadmi akela hai
Dard to hazaron hain, aadmi akela hai

He closed his eyes tightly when something strike his brain. He immediately open his eyes and smiled victoursly….

Pyar wafa hai, pyar sada hai
Pyar dua hai, pyar Khuda hai
Pyar yehi hai dekh deewane
Pyar yahan kise aisa mila hai

He happily geared up and drove out.

@ Dargah

Shivaay happily gazes the dargah.

Chahaton ki duniya mein dekh aisa hota hai
Chahaton ki duniya mein dekh aisa hota hai
Ek pal jo hansta hai baar baar rota hai
Ek pal jo hansta hai baar baar rota hai

Anika it’s the same dargah na ? Where you came?

“Remember!!” Jaan

Here walking on that ambers you got your heartbeat back.

Today i’ll to walk on them and will get you back to all.

Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana

He smiled widely and ties handkerchief around his head and enters dargah.

Sooli pe bhi chadhna padta hai
Sar ko bhi kataana padta hai
Sar ko bhi kataana padta hai
Kuchh bhi ho mohabbat mein lekin

Shivaay throws his shoes away and kept on taking Anika’s name start walking on them. Tears rolling down from his eyes only Anika face flashes infront of him.

Yeh karz chukana padta hai
Yeh karz chukana padta hai
Is raaz-e-mohabbat ko lekin
Koi bhi nahi samjha ab tak
Khud apne hi hathon se apni
Hasti ko mitana padta hai

Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana
Yeh deewana deewana


In New Zealand

Girl shown running on treadmill. Kept on increasing it’s pace. The greyish belt of it treadmill was getting stained with red spots

After running on treadmill of last tewnty minutes without giving any damn to her sweaty body, she holds skipping rope and start hopping

Just within few minutes the drop of sweats were kissing the ground same as rain drops. Mixing with the blood that was patching on the floor more prominently with every hop she landed on the floor.

She kept on doing exercises when she heard a voice directly approaching her. She quickly bend down.

“Hello Miss Ruthless ” A manly voice said.

“Bye Mr Beast” Girl replied

“Not bye but time to say welcome” Boy said while passing formula 1 toy car towards her.

Girl grasped toy car from him and smile” Mr Beast deal or……. ( Boy cuts)

“You know me Miss Ruthless” whether it’s any business deal or way of living all it’s just Race”

That’s my way of living and doing business if you wanna get connected with me than accept my deal as life is a Race….. He smiled and cup her shoulder.

“Girl glances him from corner of eye”


Who’s this Shanya? Why people call her Ruthless in town? And why the whole crowd here hooting Hey Shanya?


Who’s face you guys want me to give to Mr Beast? Just write if two come up with the same then i’ll give that but if none that i’ll decide myself…… As Miss Ruthless face is decided but i want you people to decide man face.

Thankyou so much frndz for your support i was not expecting this much not from u but from myself.

But you made me believe more on me thankyou keep reading and keep supporting.

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