Zaroori Tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 17

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Same Night
@living area

Anu just listen to me Aarohi was running behind Anika after listening that she will complaint Maa about all. When Devi ji stopped her.

Aarohi beta” Devi ji stopped her”

Maa ji you are awake? Are you fine? ” Aarohi asked with concern”

Yes, beta i’m fine i was just thristy. But you and Anika? I saw Anika crying” Devi ji asked”

Aarohi told everything to Devi ji.

“Tell me onething? Why you are angry on Anika this much, why her single mistake and you scold her so much why?” Devi ji asked

Because I want her to smile ,her chrip. I want her to behave well with you all” She replied”

No, Aarohi no you are not angry because you want khirkitod Anika but you are angry because you are not getting your Anu.

Tumhein gusa is liya nahe ata ke woh khana theek se nahe khati balke tumhein gusa is liya atta hai ke woh tumhare hatho se khana kyun nahe khati.

(You are not angry because she’s not eating properly , but you are angry because why she’s not eating from your hands)

Tumhein gusa is baat ka nahe hai ke woh tum se dur kyun beithi hai balke tumhein is baat ka us par gusa hai ke us ney Bhavya ko tumhare kareeb kyun aaney diya. Kyun woh Gayu ko tumse dur nahe kar rahe.

( you are not angry because she’s sitting far from you, but you are angry that why she let Bhavya near you.

Why she’s not doing anything to keep Gayu away from you)

Kyun woh yeh nahe keha rahe ke Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe.kyun usney Aloo puri khaani kya us ki taraf dekhna he chore diya.

( why she’s not saying that mother and Aloo puri are just of hers not anyone else. Why she just not left eating but left glancing Aloo puri)

Woh thappad jo tum ney aaj usey maara woh is liya nahe maara ke tumhein us par gusa tha ke woh apna khayal nahe rakh rahi balke tum ney woh thappad is liya maara…

( today you didn’t slapped her because she’s not taking care of her health but you slapped her… )

Ke jab Gayu aur Shivomru tumhein Maa aur tum par apna haq jata rahy hai par woh jo dur beithi hai jisi ney kabhi tumhare kareeb apne saye ko bhi na aney diya…

( that when Gayu and Shivomru are calling you mother and showing their right on you, then why that person who’s sitting far from you, who even didn’t let her shadow to get close to you.. )

Aaj woh un sab ko tumhare kareeb dekh kar muskara rahe hai aur jab bhi tumhein pukaar rahe hai toh Maa nahe balke
” Rajkumar ji” keha rahe hai.

( today she’s smiling seeing them all near you and whenever she’s calling you she’s saying “Princess”)

Tumhein gusa hai ke tumhein tumhari Anu nahe mil rahe.

( you are angry because you are not getting your Anu)

Aarohi bends her head and cries

Beta have you focused on Anika words? ” Devi ji asked”

Yes,Maa ji Anu said she will complain Maa about all specially me ” Aarohi replied ”

Who Maa? Devi ji asked making Anika sit on couch”

Maa ji what are you asking i’m not understanding? ” Aarohi replied”

Yes, you are not understanding anything Princess” Devi ji spoke”

Maa ji please don’t call me Princess ” Aarohi requests”

I’m not calling you Princess but your Anu has started calling you Princess Aarohi beta. That’s what i’m trying to make you understand that think…

kyun aaj tumhare us ke pass hone ke bawajhood, us masoom ney kaha ke woh apni Maa se sab ki shikaayat karey gayi?

( why today being near of her, that innocent said she will complaint her mother about us)

Maa to us ke samey he hai, phir kyun Anu ko apni Maa nahe dekhi rahe Aarohi beta? Kyun woh Maa ko Maa nahe balke Rajkumari ji keh rahe hai?

( Her mother is in infront of her, then why she can’t see her mother Aarohi daughter?

Why she’s not calling mother as mother but calling her Princess?)

Aaj kyun Anika ko tum mein sirf Rajkumari nazar aa rahe hai Maa nahe?

( Why today Anika is seeing Princess in you not Anu’s Mother)

Aaj us ki taraf kadam bhare se phele khud se yeh sawal karna….. ke Aarohi apni Princess aur Doll ke liya kya hai aur Anika ke liya kya hai?

( Today when you will step towards her before that just asked yourself…. that what’s Aarohi for her Princess and Doll and what she’s for Anika?)

Aur mein “apni Anu” is liya nahe kaha kyun ke……

( And i didn’t called Anika ” Your Anu” because…….)

Apna usey kaha jata hai jo kareeb ho pass to sabhi hote hai

Aur phir kareeb wohi hota hai jo apna hota

Aarohi beta socho kya zaroori tha……

(Aarohi think what was important)

Maa ki mamta yeh is Rajkumari ka abhimaan

( Mother’s love or pride of this Princess)

Aarohi throws her head in Devi ji lap and cries………..

Anika needs your touch on her head still you won’t give that warmth in you what you gave her in your womb.

Anu won’t get calm still you don’t make her feel, not understand that you are her mother.

The day she lost you, Anu got restlest but today Anu’s Maa has to find her Anu to calm her, give peace to her restless thoughts that became nightmare of her dreams.

That are not letting her to close her eyes for seconds. Go Anu’s maa wrap your Anu in your arms and help her to come out of that fear that’s not letting her to come close to you. ” Devi ji said ruffling her hairs”

@ Shivika room

Anika like crazy was looking for remote but she was not getting it and in all this crazness she messed whole room and herself too…

Due to continously crying, her eyes got popped and cheeks and nose turn red and lips were getting dry.

Aarohi enters the room and gets shocked to find whole room messed. But find it empty…..

Where Anu is gone? She checked restroom and closet but find it empty and made her worried.She ran towards pool side but there was no sign of Anu here too.

She was about to step away from pool when she heard the splashing sound. She turned her face and got numbed seeing Anika all drenched

“Anuuuuu !!!!! ”

Song plays

Naa nabz, naa hi saansein
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi
Tere bina hai jeena
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi

“No Anu but remote” Anika said glaring Aarohi

“Anu come out of pool and what you were doing inside the pool? ” Aarohi asked

“Why should i tell you what i’m doing inside pool? And no big wala no i won’t come out of pool still you don’t give remote back to me” Anika said”

Anu which remote ? and come here to me you will get cold” Aarohi pleads”

Don’t call me Anu ok.. only Anu maa can call me Anu” Anika scold Aarohi”

Aur ab zayad baatein na kare mujhse aur…..Wapis karey abhi ke abhi ” Anika demands extending her hand

Kya? Aarohi asked

“Meri Maa aur kya. Ap ne meri maa chura le hai na.” Anika extend her hand

Aarohi gets numb to hear Anika demand

Naa ashq naa hi aahein
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi

Ok, i’ll give remote and maa to you but before that you have to come out of pool ” Aarohi spoke”

Sachi !!! Anika asked coming close to edge wiping her tears

Muchi !! Aarohi replied extending her hand towards Anika

Tere bina hai marna
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi

Anika pushes Aarohi hand away and hops out of pool

Ab dey remote wapis na mujh maa se ap ki aur sab ki shikaayat karni hai” Anika said”

( now give remote back to me i’ve to complaint mother about you and all)

Tere bina main kyun
Tere bina main kya
Har pehar dar-ba-dar
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi

Kya shikaayat karni hai, humein batao ” Aarohi asked marching towards her”

( what you have to complaint, tell me)

Ap ko kyun batein? Anu sirf apni maa ko batein gayi.” Anika replied”

( why should i tell you? Anu will only tell her mother)

“I’m your maa Anu” Aarohi cries

No you are not my maa… now return the remote. i’ve to tell maa ” Anika commands”

Which remote? And maa will come by remote? ” Aarohi asked shockingly”

hmm… my maa will come and then i’ll tell her everything about you all , specially you. ” Anika said weeping”

Aarohi adores her innocent ” Anu you don’t need to create any illusion of me know to talk to me. Look i’m infront of you. Please come here you will get cold.

Nahe ap meri maa nahe ho.” Anika cries”

( no you are not my mother)

Ghamzada si vaadiyan
Hai de rahi salamiyaan
Tujhe yaad karke
Tujhe yaad karke

Ok, you want this remote i’ll give you but tell me why i’m not your maa ” Aarohi tricks”

Nahe hai ap meri Maa ……Anu ki Maa Anu see itna sara pyaar aur kissy karti hai. Par ap mujhe asey balti bhaar bhaar ke marti aur danthi hai.

( no you are not my mother.. Anu’s mum loves her this much but you beats me this much)

Hai zubaan pe aa rahi
Teri sabhi kahaaniyan

Anu ki maa Anu ko se kehti hai… Anu maa ki jaan Aloo puri kha lo par ap kehti ho Anu tum maar khao gayi humse

( Anu’s mum says… Anu my like eat Aloo puri but you says i’ll beat you!

Tujhe yaad karke
Tujhe yaad karke

“Aarohi pull Anika in hug and appologise sorry Anu sorry”

Anika breaks the hug and snatch remote from Aarohi and immediately press the button runs towards bed side….

Anika cheers happily seeing Aarohi illusion near her bed and runs towards it.

Aarohi got rooted seeing whole room changed her interior… and her own illusion with whom Anika was talking.

( important refer to this 👉 to clear your confusion)

Anika kisses Aarohi illusion she was about to hug her when Aarohi ran towards her.

Aarohi passes throught her illusion and traces her finger on Anika face. Anika close her eyes feeling Aarohi touch. She hugs Aarohi tightly and cries……

Maa, Maa Anu ki Maa aa gayi.” Anika cries hugging her tightly”

( mum, mum Anu’s mum came)

Aarohi peck Anika forehead… stop crying my life, my Anu i’m here. ” She said caressing her hairs.

Anika breaks the hug and cup Aarohi face… you are Anu Maa no Princess na? Anika asked sobbing

Hmm… i’m Anu’s Maa no Princess ” Aarohi replied wiping Anika tears”

Anu you will get cold, go and change.. i’m waiting for you” She said”

Anika happily ran inside closet and within few minutes come out.

Maa!! Anika in sweet tone calls Aarohi

Aarohi cries and hugs Anika tightly. Tell your Maa Anu what complaints you have. Aarohi said placing Anika on bed

Anika wraps her arms and legs around Aarohi waist and neck and cries….

Maa!! Rajkumari ji bohat gandi hai… Anu ko bohat maarti hai subha bhi dekho maa, Rajkumari ji ney ap ki Anu ko kitna jor se mara dekho Anu ko kitna dar ho rahe hai.

Tere bina main kyun
Tere bina main kya
Har pehar dar-ba-dar
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi

( mum!! Princess is really bad.. she beats me a lot.. see in morning too she slapped me. See mother Princess slapped me so hard that it’s still paining)

Aur apni bhari bhari ankho se mujhe bohat sara darati hai.

( And with her big big eyes she scares me!

She daily shouts on me and scolds me very badly. She tightly clutches my arms.. see they are paining.

What else she did with you?Aarohi asked kissing her cheek and arms

Anika sobs ” Not only she Maa but Shivaay too”

What Shivaay did with my Anu? Aarohi asked cupping her face

Maa mein roj Shivaay asey ears padke ke sorry bolo ( Anika hold her ears and cries) par woh ketey hai….. Shut up don’t talk to me, just stay way from me and don’t call me Shivaay.
” Anika complaints”

( i daily say sorry to Shivaay holding my ears like this but he says… shutup…….)

No, Anu don’t cry you know Maa can’t see you in tears ” Aarohi said making Anika leave her ears”

Maa, you tell if i’ll shut my mouth then how i’ll say sorry” Anika said”

Why Shivaay is angry with you? ” Aarohi asked”

I know Maa it was my mistake but i’m not wrong whatever i did was for Gayu and Rajku……..” Anika eyes got widen

Haan!!! Ap to wohi hai….. why I touched you? Anika said getting away from Aarohi

No, Anu no ” Aarohi said pulling Anika close to her

Don’t touch me my hands are dirty, they are blooded ” Anika said ”

Aarohi took Anika in lap and hugs her tightly ” Shhhh” Anu sab chup ” Aarohi said rubbing her back ”

Don’t touch me… i’m curse” Anika pleads wiggling in Aarohi arms”

Aarohi calms her by tracing her fingers on Anika face…she took Anika hands and gently peck them.

Nor my Anu hands are dirty, nor blooded and nor you are curse. ” Aarohi explained”

No just be…… Aarohi cuts

Aarohi made Anika lies on bed and warps her arms around her…. if you are curse then Maa is also curse?

Anika nods negatively

Nahe ” Aarohi asked ruffling her hairs”

“Nahe ap to Anu ke bhagwan ho!! ” Anika replied innocently

Shaam-o-subah, yeh sadiyaan
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi
Tere bina yeh duniya
Kuch nahi, kuch nahi..


( no you are my god)

Then how can my Anu can be curse? Anu to humare Ansh hai na aur Aarohi ka Ansh abhishaap nahe hai Anu..

And if you again called yourself curse than you are not calling yourself curse but you are calling me your maa curse.

“Hmmm” she hummed gazing Aarohi.

“My Anu” She pecked Anika forehead and commands her to close her eyes

Anika nods negatively

Aarohi smiles and likes kids holds Anika in arms and sings

Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori…

I’m not kid ” Anika said”

Aarohi brushes her nose with hers but for me you are my baby. And i know my Anu can’t sleep without listening lullaby. Now close your eyes and listen…..

Chandaniya chhup jaana re
Chhan bhar ko luk jaana re
Nindiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye
hmm mm…

Anika rest her head on Aarohi chest and with one hand holds Aarohi hand and with other cup Aarohi cheek.

Aarohi place her pallu on Anika eyes and sing reminiscing her childhood.

Nindiya aankhon mein aaye
bitiyaa meri so jaaye
Leke god mein sulaao
Gaao raat bhar sunaao
Main lori lori
Ho main lori lori

Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori

Gardhaniyaan chhun chhun baje
Palkan mein sapna saje
Dheeme-dheeme haule-haule
Pawan basanti dole
hmm hmm…
Dheeme dheeme haule haule
Pawan basanti dole
Leke god mein sulaao
Gaaon raat bhar sunaao
Main lori lori
Oh oh ho main lori lori

Meri Muniya Rani bane
Mehlon ka Raja miley
Dekhe khushiyon ke mele
Dard kabhi na jhele
Oh ho..
Dekhe khushiyon ke mele
Dard kabhi na jhele
Leke god mein sulaao
Gaao raat bhar sunaao
Main lori lori
hmm hmm main lori lori

Soon Anika close her eyes and after months sleep peacefully hugging and holding her Maa close her.

Aarohi too close her eyes and promise herself to be her Anu’s Maa. No matter how long it will take Anika to forget everything and she become her Anu again for what she’s carved for years….

Lori lori lori……

After five days

Anika was sleeping with huge smile on her face when someone enters in her room and laughs seeing her sleeping like this..

Mouth slightly opened and both legs and arms were on Aarohi.

So finally kumbkarna is back ” someone said”

Shhh” Aarohi said ”

Hmmm…. gajar ka halwa ” Anika mutters in deep slumber”

Aarohi was about to foward her cheek when that person stopped her

No, today no more gajar ka halwa she’s sleeping since five days today she has to wake up…

Aarohi pleads ” No”

The person denies and evilly smirked and without any warning splash whole bucket on Anika

Anika wake up with jolt and shouts….. baadh aa gayi baadh aa gayi…… Bhaago bhaago

“Baadh nahe mein aa gayi” person said giggling

Anika gazes the owner of voice and said ” You”



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  1. Hi nati
    A very very happy and prosperous diwali to you and your family.
    Khidkithod update loved whole track.
    Bye keep smiling and have a safe diwali

  2. Hello Nati how are you doing dear.. a very big sorry for not commenting on last two updates but i read them all are super duper.

    And today’s epi my tears betrayal me i was crying reading thoroughly the whole epi……..

    Devi ji said correct Aarohi anger ower power her love that couldn’t see her Anu pain.

    Then Anu and Anu’s Maa each and every word touched my heart. Both are carving for eachother that’s what we call ture love ” a daughter nd mother relation” today Aarohi touch and warmth truly give peace to restless Anu.

    Our sleeping beauty opps our kumbkaran sleeping since last five years Omg but she need that sleep any yes no sleep is much peaceful them mother lap.

    Very good dear you portray their character beyond the limits dear thank u so much for giving us such a nice fiction.

    And who’s this person who woke our kumbkaran she was looking so cute while sleeping but i’m sure who ever it will be Anu di won’t leave them.

    God bless u.with more nd happy diwali keep.smiling and writing.

    And i’ll pray u quickly get the new fone and update the next soon.

  3. Dream16

    Hello Nati good morning i’m Diya or say fan of yours i know it won’t leave good impress on you and many more but i can’t hide myself more from you and thought to get register.

    You are my biggest inspiration the day i read you thoughts i mean your fiction.

    You don’t know but you made me close to my mother. Now i just want my mother happiness in this world nothing else i always took her for granted but now i i’ll make sure everything became for granted for me except my mother.

    I was salient till yet but you forced me to open my mouth.

    Thank you Nati for making me realise the importance of mother in my life.

    The whole plot was beyond my marks.

    And the reference part 6 ufff i’m stil crying how bad Anu wanted her maa.

    Last diwali she slept with Aarohi illusion and this diwali she slept in Aarohi embrace like baby in womb. Beautiful Nati.

    Happy Diwali…….

    Always stay happy and from your thoughts i can image that i don’t know what relation you share with the rest but i can image that……


  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear… Happy Diwali to you… The embrace of mother and daughter is so much pain full and emotional… I am overwhelmed.. Love you dear

  5. ItsmePrabha

    beautiful epi Nati..loved it to the core..and i am now curious to know who is that insaan jisne meri anudi ki neend ka tie tie phiss kar diya..Post the next ASAP..till then take care..

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