Zaroori tha| I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 16

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Everything was going perfect not perfect but khirkitod. I was so happy that today they will get what just belong to them only them.

This conference was not just held for company betterment but the main purpose of this conference was to appoint new COO, CFO and CEO.

Yes, CEO too though there was no need of this as i know i’ll be again elected which i don’t want to. Somewhere i managed and held competition between me and baba or say i did it purposely because baba was too not aware what i did.

Finally after COO and CFO were called. My new secretary Jenny hoot CEO name

A very warm welcome to all and many congrats to all board members who won today. As you all present here knew the purpose when this Board meeting was held but let me make it sound once again.

It’s important for Rajput empire and future of all. So after you all received your title their comes the next CEO of Rajput industry and it’s Gauri Singh ” Jenny announce”

Gauri, Baba and Chanda who were sitting beside me their eyes got popped with shock but i smiled widely but who knows the next moment my eyes will popped and they will smile widely hearing someone voice. When it cut Jenny

“Just hold on Miss Jenny ” A deadly voice cuts approaching in

phail gaya raita !! I mumbled rooting from CEO seat same the rest did.

May i ask you without my signature how titles can be pasted? “Aarohi asked glaring and approaching long to Anika”

What you mean? ” one asked”

I think for taking such decisions all board of directors presence and signature matters ” She repiled pulling CEO chair and composing herself on it.

“Dev smiled ”

I gave baba confused look that how Rajkumari ji can be board of director. Well she can be but why i’m not knocked about it. I was just knocking my head that how? When Rajkumari ji statement and gesrure shocked me…..

Not Mrs Rajput but ASR ” Aarohi corrects eyeing me. My legs jiggles more with every minute was running

Two , two ARS under same roof ” Chanda said shockingly”

I gave deadly look to Chanda but look as i knew that she mean but look at her courage too she royally ignored me and begin enjoying my chop by ASR.

All laughed loudly

Then i must say it’s gonna be really tough to handle two ,two ASR ” members said”

Yeah it will be…..
The next CEO of Rajput industry is ASR ” Aarohi delcare tearing papers”

“Which ASR is CEO?” Gauri said teasingly

I excused myself and ran inside the lift and to my next shock Shivaay was staring me.

@ Elevator

Shivaay press the emergence button and stopped the lift in the mid.

I thought i was wrong, i shouldn’t have did what i did and said yesterday to you. Somewhere my heart was pushing me to accept your apologies and was telling me yes she’s your Anika but i……. Anika cuts.

Shivaay it’s all…..

“Stop your nonsense ” Shivaay shouts pushing Anika against wall.

Don’t give justification to me and why you are explain me huh? Who you are to me?

Justification for giving your honesty no not actually honesty but of your ” Mahaanta” prove? ” He futher added clutching her”

You are hu…He cuts

Now it’s hurting you? He spoke squeezing her shoulders tightly….. and what your acts, don’t they hurt us. Definitely they don’t hurt you that’s why you everytime look for new acts to hurt us same you need a new dare ” You Ruthless” He screamed pressing lift button

Kabhi kabhi alfazoon ko nahi, ehsaasoon ko samajhney ki zaroorat hoti, par ap ko dekh kar yun lagata hai ke ap mein woh ehsaa maar chukha hai.

Ruh to ap ki pehle se he maari hui thi. Aaj ap ka zameer bhi murda ho gaya.

Anika gazes him hurful eyes and cries.

Days were passing and everyone themself started maintaining distances from Anika that what she wanted herself.

Everyone made their on gang and begin enjoying life to fullest without bothering about Anika. And on the other side seeing them happy and enjoying Anika cheers more seeing them smiling.

She was very happy for all specially for Gayu who were getting well pampered by Dev and Aarohi. Specially Bhavya their doll by Aarohi but now instead of being jealous or getting insecure about Aarohi she just loved their bound and moments they spend close.

All were enjoying their sunday lunch when Bhavya request Aarohi

“Maa today we are going for movie” Bhavya request

Are requesting or ordering me ” Aarohi fakely frowns

“Bhavya pouts”

All chuckles except Anika

Anika with one hand was eating and with other she was scrolling her phone and all this was getting noticed all specially Aarohi who was eyeing her but Shivaay and Dev stopped her.

Anika di are you coming with us? Gauri asked

Where? Anika asked without gazing her

“For sunday movie show?” She cleared

“No, i can’t you go and enjoy. I would i’ve been but tomorrow Spanish clients are coming so i need to perpare. ” She excused

Baba if you………. Anika gets shocked

“This is house not office. ” Aarohi shouts throwing Anika phone in rage

All get shocked

“What’s the problem with you huh? ” She asked pulling Anika up from seat.

“Nothing Rajkumari ji ” Anika replied in low tone without meeting her gaze

Aarohi slaps Anika and approaches away

@ Shivika room

“Are you going somewhere? “Anika asked Shivaay wiping her tears

“Hmm i’m going Delhi” Shivaay replied coldly setting his hairs

“Can i join you?” She asked hesitantly coming close to him

I’m going for business meeting not for trip and if i would be, still then i won’t took you long with me. Understood” He spoke sternly glaring her through mirror”

I daily apologies then why, you are showing me tadi ?” Anika asked grasping his collar”

Song plays

Nazdeek Hai Dil ke, Phir kyun lage milke
Jaise ho milon door ho
Jazbat hai anjaana, Mushkil hai samjhana
Apna hai ya hai ghair woh

Just shut up!! I didn’t asked for your so called apologies. And for what you are apologising? “He shouts freeing his collar from her hold. ”

Anika gazes him with puppy face and wet eyes.

Ishq mai adhura sa, rooh mai hai poora sa…
Dard hai saari umr bhar ka…

Shivaay heart wrench seeing her crying but he stood rock infront of her. Stop crying as your tear won’t affect me did you get that.

Spoiled my whole mood. He called khanna and shouts him to cancel his meeting. That’s what you want na see i’m also not going..

Shivaay hit his phone on wall.

O jaaanaa…

@ Night

I grasped my very own car my, my monster yellow mustang and slowly drive near gate. But to my suprise i found it lock. Not just locked but couple of security gaurds were stopping my way, standing in a row.

For a minute i frown them to make them scare with it but i don’t know from where these men got courage that instead of obeying me they all were showing me their face that were enjoying there day for caging me for the first time.

I open the car door and stood infront of them like rock. For couple of minutes i was calmly commanding them but they all got deaf ear.

Ufff they all are making me go hursh with them. I was feeling suffocated not with the surrounding but from my own self. And to grap a relief from my own sins it was needed to just go away for hours and curse myself more for hurting them.

But these men, took all my calmness and made me change my tone. And finally when i did so, they finally open their mouth all together.

Ma’am sorry we can’t open the gate ” security apologies”

Why you can’t open the gate?
” Anika said furiously”

I was about to break their mouth but Rajkumari ji voice shut my mouth.

Because i instructed them. ” Aarohi said signing security to leave”

Anika glare security who smiled at her helplessness.

Why you were arguing with them? Aarohi asked sternly

I…i was no..t ar..guing with them. I just told them to open the gate ” I justified myself stammering without facing Aarohi.

“Stop lying Anu” Aarohi said swirling Anika face towards her

I’ve myself heard whatever you were saying and in which tone you were? Didn’t i told you that i don’t want anger in you?

And why you are awake at this time? Aarohi questioned glaring her watch and then Anika.

It’s getting one… She said clutching Anika wrist

“I was not feeling sleepy” I replied scarcely

Why?? Aarohi shouts

Anika eyes got watery with her sternly tone and shout. She just looked at her for once with tears…..

“Mein ap sab ka Maa ko bataun ge

( I’m gonna complain mother about you all)

She said crying with hiccups and runs from there

“Huh? Kon Maa? ” Aarohi mumbled.



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  1. Fairy205

    Brilliant episode as always di……. baby ASR ki mama ASR chop kar de. Mum is always mum khirkitod Anika. But who’s the real CEO 🤔 ASR🤣🤣🤣 . Two two ASR under one roof it’s gonna be blast.

    Shivika both scenes were superb. SSO is back with all his tadi all thanks to Anika who wanted it back and now his tadi is making Anika’s curry poor Anu both mama and hubby scolding her.

    Rajkumari ji again slapped and shouted on Anu. Now Anu gonna complaint her maa? What

    Yeh maa kon hai? But that end line was really touch ” Anika sab ka maa ko bataey gayi” it’s reminds me of my childhood and everyone else who after getting scold from dad and elders runs to their mama nd complains Aww so cute Anu.

    Keep writing and keep smiling☺

    1. Nati

      Thank you faru for your comment and i’m feeling nice to read ur comment after long☺. U too keeping simling nd take care

  2. ItsmePrabha

    loved this chappy do ASR ko sambhalna mushkil hi nahi na munkin hai..hehehe..ab lag raha hai ki billu kuch zyaada hi kar raha hai..i know joh bhi kar raha hai justified hai..par meri dil meri anudi ke liye soch rahi hai..precap nahi diya..intriguing..will be waiting for th enext..till then take care..

    1. Nati

      Thank you Prabha for ur support dear nd yup u r right do do ASR ko koi handle nahe kar sakta specially the junior one. And billu ji is in his tadi form. Nd don’t feel bad for Anu di soon bagad billa ki chop hone wali hai.

      You too take care and keep smiling soon i’ll update the next

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. Do do Asr precap is exciting

  4. Hi nati
    As usual awesome update loved every word every sentence of the episode.
    Keep writing as story is getting interesting.
    Please update soon i cant wait as precap seems much interesting
    Bye keep smiling and take care

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