Zaroori Tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too sequel| shot 1

Guys it’s a gift for those who wanted season 3 of I’ll snatch you from sky too. I know many will curse me but i can’t break little hearts who requested me. That’s why when i came back to home Linu told me about Lee and her friends request and she too consulted couple of friends of us after getting green signal from them. I decided to write season 3 otherwise Linu would have ended previously but then i took hold from her and in few hours changed the whole plot. 

So please who are bored for this story from them it’s has ended but for many it’s still on. 
 Are routes been parted mouths ago” A manly voice rebukes with hatred while gazing the line parting sky into two parts of same earth.
“Routes can be parted not hearts. ” A girly voice replied with calm tone. 
“Yeah!! But heartbeat can” He taunts. 
“Till when, you will blame me?” She asked him with heavy thoart. 
“Still my last breath. That i hope end soon” He rebukes. 

“Dev” Aarohi shouted.

“Princess!! Don’t need to shout” I think you are forgotten infront of whom you are standing, ” Dev Singh Rajput” 

“Correction!!”  Not Dev but “Devil Singh Rajput.” Aarohi said with smiley lips and water eyes. 

“Whatever” Dev glare her for seconds and then marches out”  

Pair of eyes who was hearing  all the scenario from far was cries saliently. Eyes glued on floor that’s divided into two parts. 
 In few mouths everything turned upside down. Here under same roof i’ve seen people carving for love but today one living with guilt and other one stabing on the same wound again and again. 

Walls are build around the house to protect home but this fall failed to protect this heaven.  

“The great wall Shivaay Singh Oberoi”  Shivaay taunts himself. 

@ Oberoi Mansion
Mummy ji !! I think we should convince Gauri and Bhavya to visit Rajput Mansion ”  jhanvi addresses to Dadi ji”
Dadi” puttar they won’t agree.”
Pinky” But mummy ji we have to try.  Aarohi bharjai ji got very alone” 
“That’s what she deserved ” A stern voice added from corner.
Dadi ji” Gauri puttar” 
“Yes mummy ji!!” And there’s no need show mercy on Princess. Gauri said more rudely.
“What you will answer Anika?” 
The day she came to know that her sisters had left her maa alone then what justification you will give her. ” Jhanvi question Gauri” 
The one who left everyone alone and ran away. I don’t think so we need to give explanation to her as well. ” Bhavya replied from staircase” 
If Anika di love was so pure for her Maa and Shivaay bhaiya then, “why always she ran away from them?” Bhavya futher added while stepping down..
” what happened to you both in these few mouths ha?” Pinky questioned them. 
 ” Nothing!!” Gayu in union
“Where you are going Gauri puttar” Dadi asked.
Gauri smiled and replied” i’ve going Oberoi ind dadi ji”
Jhanvi ” why any problem?”
“Yes mummy ji !!” As you know that now i’m legal adviser to OI so they need me.  Omkara ji told 
me he’s coming in few minutes to pick me.   
Bhavya” all the very best di” 
Gauri peck Bhavya head” thank you Bhavya” 
@ Orphanage

“Maa please get back to your house” Dev pleaded 
“Which house?” That lost here light once again. Devi ji cried. 
“I’m looking for your light” Trust me Maa i’ll will your Anika back to you. Dev said with hope. 
“But still it’s dark na” i won’t get back to that house just left with nothing in it except dust. Devi said while wiping her tears
“Maa atleast for Rajput’s reputation change your decision”  He kneel down and cup Devi ji knee….. What will people say that Devi Singh Rajput living here in “Orphanage” 
Devi ji jerk him away and stood near window ” should i think about Rajput’s or yours reputation ?” 
Where were you and your so called Reputation ? 

When Anika, heir of Rajput empire spend her life under same Orphanage. Then people didn’t questioned you where was she. 
“I told you before Vanhi blackmailed me and i was helpless” Dev shouted” 
“Then now Devi Singh Rajput became helpless.” 
I won’t leave this place where Anika lived. “Door that way she pointed towards door and asked Dev to leave”
Dev started approaching out with disappointment when Devi ji called him from back a smile carpeted on his face. He turned his face towards Devi ji ” ji Maa” 
Still the rays of my Noor won’t fell on Rajput’s empire i Devi Singh Rajput won’t enter RM. 
And still you don’t find my noor don’t show me your face ” Devi ji ordered him”  
The smile that carpeted on Dev face died with the second when Devi ji ordered him. He simply nodded and bid bye to Devi ji. 
@ RM

Shivaay requesting Aarohi” Maa please stop playing know”. See your hand bleeding. Please…….

Aarohi kept on beating the wall” where’s Anu?”
“We are looking for her” Shivaay replied with heavy throat.
Aarohi stopped hitting and glare Shivaay” That what i’m hearing for last five mouths” She retorted on Shivaay.
Shivaay” Maa you know your Anu. How stubborn she’s” And more than that she’s “Chantomai” Please give me…….
Aarohi forcefully unbolded the door lock and rebuked” just last ten days more Shivaay!!”
Proof me that once ago you were SSO. If she’s khirkitod then you are also Tadibaaz. 
Aarohi throws racket on floor and marched away from Shivaay. But she stopped in the mid
Because of your carelessness she ran away. I know Shivaay it was all my sin but nor you would have slept like lazy nor we all have to see this day again. 

All are carving for Anu!!” 

And i know how much Shivaay carving for his love his Anika…..

Ishq ke safar mein humsafar na ho 

Toh zindagi adhuri lagti hai 

Zab zindagi he sath na ho to 

Tab saans bhi bhaari lagti hai 

Find her Shivaay i’ve losted alot now i don’t  even won’t to lost my son too. 
Find Anu in ten days if i didn’t saw her infront of me then Aarohi oath on her kids…  
Hamari chita ho agni dene ka samay ho jaye ga.
Shivaay gazed Aarohi shockingly ” Maa” 
“Not Maa but Anu/ Anika” Aarohi said and left Shivaay alone. 
“Shivaay shouted Anika’s name so loudly that whole basement echoed with Anika’s name.” 
Song plays

Zindagi aa gayi thi kadam thaamne
Kahaan tumhe dhoondu main saware
Ho gaye hain ye do nain baware
Ho kahan tumhe dhoondun main saware
Ho gaye hai yeh do nain baware, baware…

Baware naina huve re baware
O morey saaware
Naina huve baaware…

Saanson mein teri saansein hain ghuli
Jeene ki meri wajah bani
Saanson mein teri saansein hain ghuli
Jeene ki meri wajah bani
Jeene ki wajah bani…

Dekhta hoon jidhar
Tu hi hai saamne
Kahan tumhe dhoondun main sanware (saware)
Ho gaye hai ye do nain baware (baware)

Haathon mein tere haathon ko lekar
Tay hongi sabhi raahein meri
Haathon mein tere haathon ko lekar
Tay hongi sabhi raahein meri
Tay hongi raahein meri

Manzile khud se hi aayegi thaamne
Kahan tumhe dhoondu main sanware
Ho gaye hain yeh do nain baware
Kahaan tumhe dhoondu main saanware
Ho gaye hain yeh do nain baware, baware!

Kahaan tumhe dhoondu main saware
Ho gaye hain ye do nain baware, baware!

Shivaay kisses his ring and cried i’ll find you my love. 

That’s my way of living and doing business if you wanna get connected with me than accept my deal as life is a Race. 
I’ll update the next one on after seeing your response if you want it or not. 
Whether you want me to continue or not. 
  1. dear nati…
    you don’t even know how happy I am with it…
    I love it.
    but feeling sad that you again separated shivay from annika.
    hope you will bring them together quickly. paar iss baar mai sirf un dono k beech love dekh na chati hun. last two sequels ki tara dard nehi dekh na chati.
    so annika left everybody again.
    mai chati hun iss baar shivay naraj rahe annika se aur annika spank cute si gestures se usse manai.
    I am eagerly waiting for your next part. n hoping that this time you will update it daily not like before bohot dino baad.

    1. Nati

      Thank u Sharmin for your comment i’m so happy that you like this track. And it won’t be that much painful.

      Sharmin i’ve a request dear i know u are really interested in this ff but dear please cooperate i’m doing Ms Economics and it’s not easy for me to update regularly and the time u r mentioning when i used to update regularly then those were days……. i was 24 hours free but know i’m not free please dear cooperate.

      I’ll try to update ASAP but you too so some patients😊

  2. Banita

    I m sooo happy to see this sequal of this ff… But plzzz dont separate Shivika for long…
    Waiting 4 nxt..

    1. Nati

      Thank u bunny…. actually i was not in the mood to write it’s sequel i told Linu weeks ago to end this ff ASAP but when i came back home Linu told me about Lee and her friend request. And finally i’ve to grant wish of innocent souls but it won’t be a dragging one.

  3. ItsmePrabha

    interesting start..Looking forward to it..Take care..

    1. Nati

      Hey Prabha how you doing girl? Thanks for your support dear and thanks for helping Linu in my absence and i’m so happy that you like the plot though i was bit scared about it but know when u guys are with me i’ll definitely try my best to give you good plot.

      U too take care

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. I am super excited and happy..

  5. Excellent start

  6. Lee

    💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 i’m dancing di i can’t believe you did it. You are great di i love youuuuuuu. Now coming to epi it’s as usual beautiful but di “why Devohi got parted?” And what happened to anika? Update the next ASAP.

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