zara bachke rehna… (part 1 chapter 1)

naina gosh fresher girl enters college flaunting her beauty…. while rahul’s bestie suresh explains how gorgeous she is and how all campus is glued to her….

naina reaches the steps of college and asks a random girl where the admission office is… and every guys shows her direction but points hands in different directions bcoz they are dissolved in her mesmerising beauty….

naina doesn’t notice those just listens to that random girl’s directions and walks to office….

meanwhile in class… bell rings…

NOW…students…. today our topic is about how to read a girl’s mind….. so just know few basics of postures and facial expressions of a girl and to easily read what she thinks or feels inside her.. okay students so lets begin.. — teacher meenakshi

psst..its quite interesting topic right ?? .. *eyes shines* – suresh

naah not much…just think how can we always predict what a girl thinks??? I have heard before its too hard to predict what a girl thinks for real.. – rahul

ughh such a mood breaker!!!! ur such a nerdyyy try to concentrate on this subject and learn much *–* – suresh

rahul yawns…

suddenly there is a fresh breeze on the corridor of the college… a fragrance that makes our faces turn to make curious what is it…..

as naina walks through corridor every students faces turned automatically towards her as if its the magnet…. jaw dropped… her shining smooth hair moves around calmly slowly ….teachers gets irritated and shouts at students to concentrate in class but no use at all…. no one listens … just focus on naina… she enters the class opposite to rahul’s class…. as we can clearly see through the window glass..

bell rings….

hey rahul… *schoked* look at that*… see that you wont believe ur eyes!!!!! – suresh

Thanks for reading…. stay tuned for further updates 🙂

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  1. wow!…beautiful…keep going!!….

    1. Imran

      thanks dia..keep reading and support 🙂

  2. ha ha …. I liked the comedy of suresh….waiting for the next update

    1. Imran

      thank you priya O:)

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