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ZAIN IMAM… …Nam toh suna hogaaaaa


HEY guzzz I am Liya , Big fan of zain imam …..i was getting bored soo thought of writing smthg abt yuvi

As we all know yuvi is turning +ve and we also heard abt a leap in TEI where we will witness separation of twnj …being honest I am not a twnj fan…..but I also don’t want twiraj now……and twiraj is not going to happen.

You guyzz feel I am writing smthg nonsense and wasting your time then I am really sorry…..
My main objective to write this is that I was sad by the recent …..not so reent but recent is okk..recent post of zain making TEI viewers realize that he is doing his job …he was really upset by the words of people against him……..

Guyzz plzz put yourself in his POV and think………He took up this show with lots of hope and dreams…..and suddenly everything changed upside down …..instead of Hero he became the villain.he should have feel cheated ……but he did’nt give up with its talent he bagged the award for best villain ………soooo TEI gottaa hottiee as villain

Its not our job to know wheather the Hero become villaian ,we expect entertainement from these shows……..we watch them for that right …….I know why many people hate yuvi becozz you’re a twnj fan and you love them a lott and yuvi is the main problem in twnj’s path . I should say not only that with its brilliant acting zain made you hate yuvi……not “ Zain”

Actually I wrote this a long time ago but made little changes .I was not much sure how you guyzz will took this . I mean everyone has their own POV plzz try to read it in minee……..sorrry if I had done mistakes …..plzz give your suggestions to improve…….

Credit to: Liya

  1. Liya I completely agree wid ur each and every word and whatever u wrote is 100% true. Though I’m big big fan of Kunj and Twinj but still I’m equally the fan of Zain Imam’s acting ; what a acting ; his expression his enough to attract any one towards him . He is the first ever vilain whom we viewers r loving ; he has acquired a different place in our heart.
    And I too believe bashing a person just for his reel life is not acceptable ; whatever he is doing is just bcoz of d role assigned to him nd he is executing it in full fledged manner. Even we also don’t want him to leave d show in any case.

  2. the first thing i saw this serial in begining but then left it because i don’t like the serials in which girls loved some one else but after marriage she moved on and left the boy who loved her ruined his life and left him in a situation that he sings IK AISI LRKI THI JISSE MAIN PYAAR KRTA THA US K LIE JEETE THA US K LIE MRTA THA IK AISI LRKI THI JISSE MAIN PYAAR KRTA THA IK AISI LRKI HAI JISSE MAIN PYAAR KRTA HON

    1. Same here dudeee ………i also stopped watching after the swap of leads ,now reading written updates and watches when there is gud secenes of zain …… you are right twinkle loved yuvi blindly instead of leaving him and moving on she should have tried to change himm……….but this all is in the hannds of writers……….thankss for commentingg ….and nice song selection

      1. same here also …. i am a big fan of zain aftr kyy abhimanyu … oh god he was supr cute in abhimanyu nd wen he died i felt bad … nd i was happy wen tei startd bt i stopped seeing it wen de changd him to -ve . me nd ma cousin fi8 wen she says anything bad abt zain bcoz she is a twinj fan . bt i am none i am zain fan nd proud to be………

      2. i doesn’t selects the songs it clicks to my mind and it’s the nature of writers that when they make merry any couple they fall them in love in their’s story no one is so much in love to fight with his or her destiny/marriage to fulfill their first love or accept the destiny and make a promise that he/she will stick to his/her first love and after doing his or her very essential jobs he/she will live alone only to prove his/her love

  3. Hai Liya,
    I am also a fan of Zain Imam.I am sure that no one will hate him if they his performance in Kaisi yeh yaariaan.I loved his role of abhimanyu in kyy paired against Charlie chauhan.
    And we should comment his talent for such a negative role.It is to get into a positive role and get appreciation.But,for a negative role….it need something really talent.The hateness towards his by viewers are the riward of his outstanding performance.
    Personally i love him in kyy..

    1. Hifiii …….i love zain a lot …….he was a such a cutieee piee in KYY

      1. You are right….he is such a handsome….i am also not seeing tei….

  4. Liya actually i love the zain imam . But i love twinj also . And i want to appreciate his work . Lets what tei writers have surprises for us

    1. yepp he is too gud in actingg…. i wish we could see somthing different and intresting after the leap except other sas bahu serialss and soo sad about the fact that leela is going to die…i don’t know wheather its trueee wish its not …………thankyouu for supportingg…….

      1. Liya don’t be sad bcoz Leela is not going to die it was a rumor it was not tei track but it was jamai raja one.Check out the new promo being aired u will get to know the reason of leap.

  5. Well said liya, I completely agree with u .I am a sidmin fan but I equally like zain and I really appreciate what u said. We must understand and watch tei for entertainment not for hating our Yuvraj.

    1. Thankss shreya…… we all are very much attached to these serials, sometime we forget that its a fantasyy ……….. keep on loving TEI and twnjuv


    1. Thanks again ooshi akhbar nice and cool name……………….you words means a lottttt to mee .
      People should realize that zain’s character is not like yuvi ……he is such a cool dude and is very hardworking

  7. Thankyouu sayeedaaaaa…….you are right TEI is incomplete without Yuviii

  8. I agree.. Zain Imam has been doing a great work. There is no reason why we should hate Zain Imam. Yes, ofcourse all twinj lovers hate YUVRAJ LUTHRA cuz he has been creating endless problmes in the couple’s life but, that is what a villain is supposed to do. You cannot expect daily soaps without any drama. And, if you’re a fan of a daily soap you’ll surely hate the villain but not the actor/actress playing the role. The reason we all hate yuvi is cuz of Zain Imam’s amazing acting skills. So, I find it stupid to hate Zain Imam. Being a twinj lover I hate Yuvi but I love Zain Imam.

    1. Thankyou Ria for understandinggggg………

  9. I totally agree with u.. liya… coz truly 2 say m a secret fan of zain…

    1. your sooo sweet alizaaa…..

  10. yes u are right
    like it

    1. Thankyouu fionaa………

  11. hi liya i completely agreee with u.i love zain very much.he is such cute guy. and also he is a good a villain also i like him very much. and his expressions are mind blowing.i never ever seen such a cute vilain….

    1. Hai mithraa……thanks for supporting its nice to know that thera are many zain fanss

  12. i agree to u liya no doubt zain is d most hottest cutest villian till today in d tv industry…..we hate uv as a villian bt we love zain as an actor he is perfect in his acting widout him twinj wud b impossible….he potrays his character vry well as we sw in his villian avatar n nw in postv role….bt i dnt thnk he is betrayed by the cvs cz they made him villian cz wen a serial strts its always decided dat who vl b villian n who hero….bt nywys m happy nw his character is postv….actually its mr difficult to play d villan charactr cz dey r nt lyk villan in der real lyf infact they get injured sevral tyms in der stunts bt zain has played his charactr vry perfctly n we love his acting alot….finally i wl say liya ur piece of writing is awsm….

    1. Thanksss sayeedaa for this good newss…….leela is a super mom .i have only seen motherly love in our eyessss…….she is soo cute

    2. Thankyou soo much loveleen……….your dp is nice

  13. well said…

    1. Thankss harnaa…..

  14. Hey Liya sweetheart point of correction we don’t hate Zain it’s yuvi that we hate he was a really horrible person but as for Zain he is and will always be mindlowing and a fabulous actor

    1. Thats what i meant yaarr…..zain through his acting made us hate yuvi not zain………..Thankyouu so muchh for commenting salmaa

  15. Though i don’t love yuvi, I love zain and i completely agree with you Liya

    1. Thankyouuuuuuu dear……..

  16. hey liya, i completely agree with u, even i was a twiraj fan then twinj, bt i luved both uv and zain imam, i thnk he is the 1st villian who is soooooooooooooo cute…… i am vvvvvvvvv happy that now he has been turned into a +ve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hai yashuuuuu……mee tooooooo a twiraj fan .currently enjoying twiraj in zai’s twiraj ff

  17. U r correct.he is a beautiful acting.he is also a hardworker. I love him.

    Guyz..did anyone see the new promo,it shows that someone gave twinkle drugs on the day of marriage n kunj find twiraj on the bed in intimate position,sleeping.

    Its shocking na…

    1. always shocking things take place in these dramas

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