Z meets A-04 (KRPKAB)

Dev meets his new luvable Child..

Dev increase the volume of TV..Tom n Jerry plays..
Dev (see Sona):”mm.I think He is Varna..”
N smile…
Dev,Swahili n Varna see Sona n smiles..

Sona:”So,U met him already”..
Dev holds Varna n Swahili’s hands n make them sit..
Swahili sit on Dev’s laps..
Varna sit on Sofa n see Swahili n Dev..
Dev too see Varna Bt didn’t make him know..
Sona turns n see Dev from Kitchen..
Dev signs her to call Swahili..
Swahili runs towards Sona..

Dev holds Varna n lift him to laps..
Varna see Dev n smile..

Swahili wear Pink Cloth on her head..n runs towards CookKit..
Taking Bread,She show tat to Sona..
Sona smile..
Swahili Strts Filling Jam in it..
N run..

Swahili:”Teddie!!Eat”(see Varna)..
Swahili make him eat..
Dev smiles by seeing..

Dev stands n said”Now we r going to draw before eating..”
Dev walks with children to his room..

Dev opens the room n Take charts..
N give crayons to childrens..
N see what they draw..
Swahili draw a house ..
Varna draw many houses..
Dev see both..
Varna stop n see Dev..
Dev:”Y U Stop?!!Continue”
Varna draw again..
Dev see..

Varna’s Art..
..A Road..on the centre..On both sides,
Many houses..
Swahili’s Art..
A House..River on one side..A Tree..

Dev’s Eyes strike sharply on Varna’s Art..
In it..
A Road on the centre..
A long Hair Guy with a Rubix cube on surface..

Dev(mind):How is this possible?How Varna draw my dream without knowing??

Varna(see Dev) n draw again..
Dev stands n goes to kitchen..

In wall,
Squirrel Doll with a small Bag..
In it,
Many spoons n Snacks..
Sona:”Haikoo (Dev’s Nick name)..Go with Varna out n spend some time with him”
Dev smiles n kiss on Sona’s forehead..
While Dev lips touch Sona’s forehead,
“AirtelTune” by ARR on bg Strts..

Sona:”Take his dress from ur shelf”..

Dev nods his head..n leave..

The childrens draw their pics..
Dev opens the shelf..
N see the dress..
Varna’s dress is lying upon Dev’s dress..

Dev smiles n make Varna wear..
Varna run towards Kitchen..

He show his dress to Sona..
Sona surprise by seeing n kiss him on cheeks..

Dev Strts his RoyalEnfield..for going Shop with Varna..

Both r travelling..
N reach the Shopping Mall..
Varna walks with Dev..
The helper in the Shop welcomes them..
Dev brought Varna to gift centre….

Varna show Teddies to Dev..
The Teddies r arranged in order n they r in wooden shelf..
Dev lifts Varna..Varna is sitting in Dev’s shoulders..
Varna touch a Teddy..
A Bullet crossed by going near Varna’s face very fastly..
Dev realised Something Danger is coming..
N Strts running..
A Teddie strts falling below.. (Varna was trying to take Tat while the bullet comes)
Its Eye is broken..Varna opens his hand..In It The Eye of Teddie is seen..

The Teddie falls below..
On the Shop’s wall,
Buddha’s hand in a pic is seen..
(Teddie falls below by crossing the pic)..

Varna closed his Eyes..
“AirtelTune” on bg..

Dev runs fastly towards the Shop’s entrance..
Varna (mind):”Definitely,I know U ll come to see me”..
Dev (mind):”Who is trying to kill my child?”..
Dev exit the entrance before the shooter comes..
Varna throws a crayon towards the shooter without seeing back..
The crayon goes high..

-To be Continued..

Hope U like tis Frndzz..Tanqq for reading n kindly write ur thoughts after Readingg..
Tanqq..Take care Frndzz..mm..Ya..I know it’s too little complicated..I tried to write a simple long one..from tiz time too..Surely I ‘ll be on next Tommmmm with a simple long Epi..Sorry for that..

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