Z meets A-03 (KRPKAB)

Hi Frndzz!!
Swahili introduce a precious gift to Dev,a new little Child..
(Dev’s dream going with his sleeping eyes)
1:08 of “SunSaathiya”(ABCD2) on bg..
Yaara is sleeping by lying on Dev’s 8pack stomach which is TShirt covered..

(Dev’s dream)
Looks like an Igloo..Swahili is sitting on its top..N shouts “Papa..Where is my gift?” With twinkle of Eyes..
Dev smiles n unhide something from his back..
A little Boy(Varna) on his back strts playing a flute(2:04 to 2:31 of “Punnagaiye” from “24” on bg) ..Toy Bunny face is attached in it by a pink rope..

Swahili’s face goes smiley while seeing Sona..She twinkles her Eyes..
Sona smiles..
Her hands r holding a Gift Box..
(“Nagardhina thom” of “SaajanAayoRe”-OKJaanu on bg)
Swahili jumps down..Nano Ice bars jumps up from the ground..

In Running mode,
Swahili goes near Sona..
Sona show The Gift Box.. With a smile n see Swahili..
“See ur little bro’s gift to U”
Swahili fastly opens the Box..
In it,
A CottonType GirlDoll is seen with a little BabyTedDoll..
BabyTedDoll’s right hand fingers touch on CottonTedDoll’s cheek..GirlDoll’s Expression seems like “She is travelling in infinitive happiness”..
The Dolls’ looks like Ted is mesmerized by Girl..

Swahili eyes goes big..
Her lips:”!!!!”
She made her surprize by her fingers touch in Ted’s cheek
Varna smiles n comes near Dev..
“U like it”?
Varna laughs..
Dev see Swahili n Varna’s smile..

Dev’s lips smiles..
Sona:”Dev!!GetUp”(Next Day comes)
(“HawaHawa”(strt) from “RockStar on bg)
Dev goes opposite side in sleep+dream mode..

(In front hall),
The childrens hear Sona’s shout..
Varna decrease TV’s volume..
In mute,Tom follows..Jerry runs in front of him..
He Strts walking towards room..Swahili follows him..

Sona see childrens..
“Ur Teddie makes me angry”…n throws Swahili’s Teddy doll towards him..
Dev didn’t respond..
Swahili climbs on bed n punch Dev..
Dev slowly open his eyes n see her..Again closed with saying”Today Sunday”..

Varna whistles like a Cuckoo..
Dev slowly awakes..
N rub his Eyes..
Dev see in front..
Sona,Varna on front..Swahili on bed..
On back,Wallclock’s Cuckoo sounds n the time shows “10.00”
Dev see the Cuckoo n said “Good Morning Cuckoo”..
Sona n Swahili see Varna with a surprise..
Dev sees that..
Dev:”What is going on?”
Sona holds Varna’s hand n kiss..n said “Truly..U r Dev’s Jerry”..
Swahili:”How U make Papa awake by a Whistle”..
Dev:”What??”(sees Varna)
“Truly U r Dev’s Jerry” on bg..

Dev slowly stands n goes to Front hall..
N sit on Sofa..
“Who decrease the volume?”..
He increase tat..
Varna see Sona..
Sona see Swahili n Varna n said on Air”Swahi..Go to papa..n introduce Varna”..

Swahili:”K Mamma”..
Goes near Dev..
Swahili:”Papa..Tell Who’s this?”
Dev see Sona..Sona see Dev n smile..
Dev holds Varna’s hands..
Dev:”Mm..I think He is Varna”
Dev n Varna see Sona…

-To be Continued..
On next,
Varna is sitting on Dev’s shoulders n Dev runs with him…
Tanqq..Hope U like tis..Tanqq for Readingg..kindlly write ur thoughts after Readingg.,
Tanqq..Take care Frndzz..

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  1. Nikkita0194

    Hi bro
    I am Commenting for first time
    But had read out its all 3 parts
    But if u don’t mind kuch kahu
    Aj tak kuch bhi nhi samjha
    And bus aisa lagta hai ki Alice in the wonder land read kr rhi hu
    Itna complicated kaise likh lete ho
    Sry and I did not want to dissapoint u
    Bhaiya continue writing but in an understanding manner

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Nikkita for Commenting!!mm..I had little bit of Knowledge in understanding Hindi..Bt I understood what U said.. Ya Sure!!I ‘ll write in understanding manner!!Tanqq for Saying!!

    2. HarSHaN

      I ‘ll give a precise art for this Epi in my wall Tom.Kindly see that..

  2. don't try to know me

    Best comment award goes to

  3. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ayushi!!

  4. Heshine

    Anna this was amazing..! Pls do post soon…! And try to give a long epi too..!

    1. HarSHaN

      Hi Sissy!!How r U??Tanqqq!!!Sure!!I ‘ll make tat long n asap!!

  5. Aamu

    Hey..i read dis for d first tymm…
    As i joined krpkab page just just….i was reading twinj
    N frankly i dint understand …
    N btw any1 could not understand from btwn….but den also dis part impressed me…i just loved it….
    Really amazing….
    Sorry i could read from start..i m busy nowadays…
    But it was awesome….

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Aamu!!!!mm..Ss.From Btwn the stories r lightly catchable..Bt..Tanqq..Tats K!!Don’t miss the next ones!!

      1. Aamu

        Sure…i will read it…jz post sooon….

    2. HarSHaN

      Sure!!The next one ‘ll be on Tom..
      Single Shot :Varna is trying to hold Teddy..He catches its eye..Dev runs with Him..So,the Teddy falls below..without one eye..Varna with its one eye..(CameraShot)The Teddy falls..On the One Side,Buddha’s hand is seen..I give the little one of the next here.. It ‘ll be on Soon!!

      1. Aamu

        Oh thanx for dis..!☺☺

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