Hey guyz its me sanjana nd im back again with a wonderful epi of love story hope you guyz like it and i am really happy by the comments of you guyz thank you so much for you support and love and without any further delay lets start the epi

Kartik is going to rehearsal hall and on the way he dashes with Nair sir
Nair sir : kartikkk
Kartik (in mind) :nair sir.. kartik now you are gone no one can save you today
Nair sir: you are so careless person and what can i expect from you. You are totally useless
Kartil : sir i am sorry i did not see you
Nair sir : obviously how will you see me you were busy in your phone
Kartik : sir i am really sorry you can punish me later i have to go some where i am already late
Nair sir : so what do you think that i am a free person?? I have more work then you
Kartik : sir i did not wanted to say that you are misunderstanding me
Nair sir : stop it i know what you wanted to say very well
Nair sir gives kartik lecture for another 15 minutes he stands there helplessly listening to nair sir without any option
Nair sir : now go and next time be careful
Kartik : ok sir and sorry sir
Kartik rushes to rehearsal hall

Location : Rehearsal hall
Kartik rushes to the rehearsal hall survi is already waiting for him
Survi : 30 minutes
Kartik : what???
Survi : Mr. Punctual you are exactly 30 min late
Kartik : excuse me i was coming on time but on the way nair sir..
Kartik ( in mind ) : kartik what are you doing if you will tell her that nair sir was shouting at you she will get another chance to tease you
Survi : hello..where are you lost. Nair sir what??
Kartik : nothing nair sir gave me a important work that is why i got late
Survi : nair sir gave important work to you
Kartik : so..what is your problem
Survi : nothing but as far as i know nair sir does not like you then how can he give you important work
Kartik : just leave this topic as if we are late and you are wasting more time lets start the practice now
Survi : i am wasting time you were late i was on time
Kartik : ok fine i was late so now can we start the practice ( irritated)
Kartik : so we are performing on song naachenge saari raat
Survi : no we should dance on classical song it will be nice
Kartik : bollywood is best ok
Survi : no classical is best listen to me
Kartik : bollywood is best we are going to dance on a bollywood song and that is final
Survi : ok then you perform alone only i am going then
Kartik holds survi’s dupatta from back and pulls her close to her
Survi : what are you doing leave me
Kartik : shh..
Kartik plays dil se re song and takes survi’s hand and place it on his shoulder and holds survi’s waist tightly hardly any space between them kartik and survi dance on the song both of them lost in each others eyes sharing some romantic moments with each other. Song stops and they come to their senses and break the eyelock kartik leaves survi from his arms. Kartik speaks breaking the awkward silence between them

Kartik : actually we should not perform on bollywood party song or any classical song what about a slow romantic song??
Survi : hmm.. Its a nice idea
Kartik : ok so final that we are going to perform on a romantic song so lets sit and select the song
Survi and kartik sit next to each other and start searching for song in laptop
Kartik : zehnaseeb
Survi : no..not that good
Survi: what about raabta song
Kartik : no its very common song
Survi and kartik are searching for the song both at a same time
Kartik & survi : jaise mera tu
Both laugh
Survi : so this song is final
Kartik : ya this is a nice song
Survi looks at watch 7:30 pm
Survi : omg.. Its too late i have to leave
Kartik : ok we will start the practice from tommorrow after college here only
Survi : survi fine i will leave now bye
Kartik : survi
Survi : what???
Kartik : as we are a team now for this performance
Survi : i know that kartik so
Kartik : so i was thinking that…
Survi : what were you thinking kartik
Kartik : can we be friends forgetting all are previous fights with each other
Survi : friends???
Kartik : so yes or no ??
Survi :yes sure so friends ( survi extends her hand )
Kartik and survi shake hands smiling at each other
Kartik : friends
Kartik : survi actually for practice we need to be in contact with each other
Survi : yup
Kartik : can i have your number so it will be easy for me to communicate with you
Survi : number..
Kartik : you have phone na???
Survi : obviously i have phone its 2016
Kartik : then why are you thinking so much give me your number
Survi : 981….
Kartik : ok got it even you will need my number
Survi : huhh..
Kartik : wait i will give you a call then you save my number ok
Survi : okay
Kartik gives survi a call and she saves his number
Survi : i should leave now its too late
Kartik : survi so as now you are my friend i can drop you home
Survi : no i will go
Kartik : i can drop you home don’t worry after all i am your friend now
Survi : no you don’t worry i will go
Kartik : so you still angry with me for our previous fights
Survi : its nothing like that its just that i don’t want to trouble you
Kartik : see..if you treat me as a friend then plz let me allow to drop you home otherwise i will think that you are still angry on me
Survi : so you are not going to listen
Kartik : no
Survi : ok fine then lets go
Kartik and survi leave the rehearsal hall to go home

Location : Lift
Kartik and survi are in the lift suddenly the lift start shaking and lights turning on and off survi gets damn scared and hugs kartik tightly lifts suddenly stops and lights are off there is fully darkness in the lift.
Kartik : survi are you okay
Survi : no i am not i am damn scared of darkness plz do something
Kartik : don’t worry lift will start in few minutes
Survi : hope so
Suddenly lights come. Survi notices that she is holding kartik tightly she moves away from kartik as lift starts again
Kartik : now you are fine scary cat
Survi : ya..wait i am not a scary cat
Kartik : oh really you should have seen yourself in that lift you were so scared
Survi : i am just scared of darkness nothing else ok
Kartik and survi are walk towards kartik’s car in the parking of college
Kartik : so you are not scared of anything just darkness
Survi : yes
Kartik : sure
Survi : 100% sure
Kartik : okay
Kartik suddenly shouts loudly chipkali( lizard ). Survi gets scared and shouts too. And kartik starts laughing loudly

Kartik : sorry sorry i was just joking
Survi : kartik you are so bad i don’t want to talk to you
Kartik : hey sorry you told that you are not scared of anything so i thought i should test you
Survi : i was not scared i was shocked why you shouted so loudly
Kartik : stop lying you scary cat look and your face you are still scared
Survi : no i am not you suddenly shouted that is why i got shocked
Kartik : ya i know that scary cat now sit in the car otherwise really lizard will come and you will again shout loudly
Survi : oh shut up now
Kartik drops survi near her house. Both are standing near kartik’s car
Survi : bye and thanks for droping me till my house
Kartik : no need to say thanks after all we are friends now
Survi : bye see you tommorrow
Kartik : survi
Survi : yes
Kartik : you are so bad survi i dropped you till your house and you are not asking me for a coffee also
Survi : i am so sorry come home i will make coffee for you and papa will also be happy to meet you
Kartik : hey i was just joking don’t take it seriously
Survi : my house is near only you can have a cup of coffee and i really make a nice coffee
Kartik : oh really
Survi : yup
Kartik : actually not now i have to go its damn late next time pakka for a coffee at your place
Survi : ok then
Kartik : so meri coffee udhar rahi tumpe
Survi : okay next time pakka now bye
Kartik : bye
Kartik leaves survi also goes to her house

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik comes home everyone is waiting for him for dinner
Lata : kartik where were you??
Kartik : mom was practicing for art festival in college
Tai : wow this year also your performance is going to be best beta
Kartik : thanks tai
Lata : but kartik i called raghu and pyare they were not with you
Kartik : mom i was practicing with other friends not them
Lata : okay
Tai : you go and get fresh then we all will have dinner together
Kartik : okay i will just come in 10 min
Lata : i will call your dad and bindu also
Kartik : ok mom
Kartik comes back and sits for dinner
Bindu : kartik how is your practice going on
Kartik : nice di
Shyam : what practice kartik??
Lata : he is taking part in art festival like every year
Shyam : how many times should i tell you kartik that concentrate on your studies and forget all this guitar dancing and all
Kartik : i love all this dad
Shyam : you have to join our family buisness only this guitar and all is just waste of time you cannot have career in this
Tai : let it be shyam he is still small
Shyam : plz don’t interfere in middle tai and he is not that small now he has to uderstand his responsibility
Kartik : dad i have told you that i am not interested in your buisness and i want to be a singer in future
Shyam : how much will you earn when you will become a singer nothing in today’s world
Kartik : may i not earn more dad but atleast i will be happy and satisfied with my work
Kartik leaves and goes to his room
Lata : what was the need to shout at him
Shyam : he needs to know his responsibilities because of your love he is behaving like this
Shyam goes to his room too and others look at each other tensely.
Kartik sit in his room playing guitar thinking about his dad and how he behaves with him.

Precap : kartik and survi tells their friends about their friendship

Next episode will be posted on sunday 24th july 2016

Credit to: Sanjana

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    2. Yes i only write love never ends ff karvian but love awaiting souls is ff by kartik and survi fans

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