Hey guyz i am sanjana and im back with my next epi of love story i am so sorry that i was not able to post my ff on tuesday as i was really busy with my clg work im sorry and without any further delay lets start with the epi

Location : Xavier’s college

Kartik is in the canteen chatting with pyare and kartik about yesterday’s party
Kartik : guyz yesterday’s party was awesome na enjoyed alot
Raghu : yes obvio the party was awesome
Pyare : raghu but the party was special for kartik as he was busy flirting with someone special
Kartik : ( irritated) stop it guyz and stop teasing me i told you na nothing like that is between me and survi
Raghu : but kartik we did not mention survi’s name. Then how did you thought that we were talking about survi (smiling)
Kartik : actually..woh
Just then bindu enters
Bindu : hey guyz
Kartik (in mind) : thank god bindu di came
Raghu and pyare : hey bindu
Pyare : when did you come from goa ??
Bindu : yesterday night enjoyed alot man
Kartik : that is cool. We missed you yaar
Bindu : i missed you too guyz. Any ways i have to go for the lectures see you later bie
Raghu : even we should go for our lectures
Kartik : yo man let’s go

Kartik, pyare and raghu enter the classroom survi is already in the classroom. Pyare and raghu sit but kartik does not get any place to sit as he sees seat beside survi is empty without any option he has to sit there. Pyare and raghu smile looking at him. Kartik gives him angry looks. He sees survi busy writing something
Kartik : hey survi
Survi : hey kartik
Kartik : how are you
Survi : i am fine what will happen to me
Kartik : yesterday’s party was good na??
Survi : yup it was awesome
Kartik : hmm..so what are you writing??
Survi : just some notes nothing much
Just then Mathur mam enters she is a lecturer and also class teacher of kartik and survi’s class
Mathur mam : good morning class
Everyone : good morning mam
Mathur mam : i have a really good news for you guyz as you all know every year we have a arts festival and this year also we are going to have it so anyone interested plz contact me
Kartik ( in mind ) : wow art festival i will definetly participate
Survi (in mind) : i will definetly participate in this festival
Mathur mam start with her lecture about literature and tells about it. Soon bell rings and mam goes. Everyone comes out of the class

Location : corridor
Kartik : man i am going to participate in the art festival like every year
Pyare : thats good this year also you will rock
Kartik : hey let me go and register my name
Raghu : ok go fast and come and meet us in canteen
Kartik : ok guyz bie

Survi : shanti hema i am going to participate in this art festival
Hema : wow survi but you have to register your name to mathur mam
Shanti : yes survi go fast and register your name
Survi : yup i am so excited guyz
Shanti : i am also damn excited for you now don’t waste time and go fast
Survi : okay i will meet you in canteen
Hema : ya that is a good idea as i am damn hungry
Survi : now bie have to go

Survi is going to mathur mam and kartik also as they were about to enter mathur mam’s room they both dash with eachother
Survi: ouch…
Kartik : oh i am sry
Survi : no its ok it was my fault to
Kartik : you go first
Survi : no you go first
Kartik : its ok really
Survi : arey i told you na you can go
Kartik : wait..in this you go first we both will stand here only whole life its better we go together that will be better
Survi : that’s a good idea lets go

Survi and kartik enter mathur mam’s cabin.
Mathur mam : yes
Survi : actually mam i want to register my name for dance
Mathur mam : that’s good. And what about you kartik i am happy that this year also you are going to participate in art festival
Kartik : thank you mam. Like every year i will participate in dance and at the end i will sing a song
Mathur mam : that is good. Wait a second you both are participating in dance separately then why don’t you guyz perform together?
Survi kartik get shocked
Kartik : mam actually..
Mathur mam : (interrupts them ) this is good you both perform together in art festival wait i will register your name for couple dance
Survi : but mam actually
Mathur mam: i don’t want to here anything you both are performing together that is it you both look so good together and your performance will also be mind blowing i know it. I will make dance room available for you guyz for practice
Kartik : but mam i have never performed with anyone before like couple dance and all and you know it
Survi : yes mam me too
Mathur mam : its always the first time now no more excuses and go and start preparing for your performance the program is going to be next monday you guyz have only 7 days left go fast

Kartik and survi leave mathur mam’s cabin
Survi : so we have to perform together
Kartik : we don’t have any other option left anyways are you free after college
Survi (suspicious) : why are asking me this??
Kartik : arey stupid we have to practice na for our performance that is why i am asking
Survi : oops..i am sorry
Kartik : so after college you come in rehearsal room
Survi : fine then
Kartik : ok bie
Survi : bie
Survi starts going towards kartik kartik follows her to the canteen
Survi : why are you following me now
Kartik : what ?? Why should i follow you??
Survi : stop making excuses now you are following me
Kartik : excuse me madam canteen does not belong to you even others can go there
Survi : so you are also going to canteen
Kartik : no no i am going to dubai
Survi : dubai??
Kartik : arey stupid this way goes to canteen na so obviously i am going there only
Survi : sorry sorry
Kartik : god knows how i am going to tolerate you for 7 days more
Survi : haww..you are going to tolerate me plz i have to tolerate you.
Kartik : now stop copying me you copy cat
Survi : i am not copy cat ok
Kartik : you are a copy cat ?
Survi and kartik are busy in their nok jhok just then raghu and shanti come there and see them fighting
Raghu : what are doing man ??
Kartik : arey this copy cat is copying me
Survi : i told you na that i am not a copy cat
Shanti : survi stop fighting and lets go
Kartik : ya go now and be on time for rehearsals
Survi : look who is talking who is always late. I will be on time but you will be late for sure you Mr. Late latif
Kartik : you are challenging me
Survi : yes i am challenging you what will you do??
Kartik : you just wait and watch i will be on time and you will see it
Raghu : lets go bro
Survi : we will see it
Shanti : survi stop it and lets go everyone is seeing
Kartik : 4 pm rehearsal hall lets see who comes first
Survi : we will see
Shanti and raghu take survi and kartik from there. So that they can stop fighting. They go in canteen

Location : canteen
Survi and shanti go and sit on their table hema is already sitting there waiting for them. Kartik, raghu and pyare sit away from survi to avoid a fight.
Pyare : what happened guyz ??
Kartik : nothing man leave it a long story
Raghu : come on kartik tells us we are your friends
Kartik narrates them the whole story about their performance all. Here survi also tells shanti and hema about what happened in mathur mam’s cabin
Hema : so you and kartik are going to perform together wow i am so happy
Survi : but i am not i cannot tolerate that person for 7 minutes how will i tolerate him for next 7 days
Shanti : survi but you don’t have any option
Survi : i know ( making a sad face )
Hema : but i am damn happy survi and kartik’s performance will set the stage on fire you both make a wonderful couple
Survi : will you shut up hema and now lets go to library forgot we have to make notes
Survi hema and shanti leave from canteen
In the canteen raghu and pyare are teasing kartik about survi
Pyare : looks like mathur mam also got to know that something can happen between these two so she paired them together
Raghu : correct man you should have been there when these two were fighting they were fighting like girlfriend boyfriend
Kartik : will you guyz shut up look at that copy cat survi she can never be my girlfriend
Pyare : but she is beautiful yaar
Bindu comes in canteen and joins kartik raghu and pyare
Bindu : what happened guyz and why you both are teasing my brother
Kartik : you only tell them bindu di not to trouble me
Bindu : i will tell them but atleast tell me what is the matter first
Raghu : wait i will tell
Raghu tells bindu about kartik and survi’s chemistry and their fights
Bindu : ohh.. So this is the matter
Pyare : yup
Bindu : so my dear small brother has found a bhabhi for me (laughing)
Kartik : bhabhi.. Are you serious bindu di even you are taking their side
Bindu : forget that when are you going to take me to meet my future bhabhi
Kartik : fine i will only leave you guyz continue and i have to also go for rehearsals on time
Raghu : looks like someone is very excited to meet someone special
Kartik : bie guyz
Kartik leaves from canteen angrily for rehearsal hall

Precap : kartik and survi dance practice

Next episode will be posted on wednesday 20th july 2016

Credit to: Sanjana

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