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Location : Hotel
Everyone are enjoying the fresher’s party.
Hema : where is survi??
Shanti : she must be coming only don’t worry she will come
Raghu : pyaare this kartik is always late god knows when he will come
Pyaare : he must be busy with his love
Raghu : whom are you talking about
Pyaare : his guitar ( they both laugh ) look there is kartik he has finally arrived
Kartik is wearing white shirt black jacket and jeans he is looking very handsome. Survi also arrives at the party. She is wearing orange colour gown high heels she is looking beautiful. Survi looking at the watch comes in the party and bumps into kartik she is about to fall but kartik holds her. They share a deep eyelock everyone in the party are just looking at them
Kartik : what is your problem?? Can’t you walk properly
Survi : you were standing in the middle not my fault
Kartik : first of all i saved you from falling down and you are shouting at me only
Survi : ok fine thanks happy now leave my way
Survi goes from there. Kartik comes to his friends while survi is with her friends

Kartik : hey guyz wsup..
Pyaare : that girl survi is looking so beautiful na today
Kartik : hello there are so many beautiful girls in this party leave that attitude queen
Raghu : ofcourse kartik you will say only that she is not good for us we were looking at you how you were holding her
Pyaare : you are right raghu i also think kartik only likes her that is why he is telling me to stay away from her
Kartik : shut up guyz me and that attitude queen no chance at all
Shanti : survi you and that kartik were looking so nice together like made for eachother types
Survi : shanti plz don’t take name of that person he is really irritating
Hema : ok fine but atleast you can come for his performance na
Survi : no plz
Shanti : shut up and come ok don’t be so rude
They take survi with them. While kartik on the stage performs on the song
yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb
All girls are going crazy while he is performing.
Hema : he sings so good na
Survi : ya he is not that bad singer
Kartik finishes his performance all come together on the dance floor and dance on the song abhi toh party shuru hui hai.

Survi : this party was really amazing
Hema : ya really we enjoyed alot
Shanti : i hope this party never ends yaar and kartik’s performance was like cherry on te cake
Survi : ya ya it was good not so awesome and why do you have to take his name in front of him
Shanti : ok sry sry we know that you don’t like him we will not talk about him ok happy
Survi : hmm.. I think its too late we should leave now papa must be worried
Hema : ya even i think we should leave now
They were about to leave just then shanti accidentally drops juice on survi
Shanti : oh no i am really sorry survi
Survi : its ok shanti chill not a big deal i will go to the restroom and clean my dress you guyz wait for me
Hema & shanti : ya
Survi goes to the restroom and cleans the dress. As she is going to the main gate she bumps into kartik he holds her in his arm and saves her from falling
Kartik : oye..you what is your problem why you always come and bump into me
Survi : why are you always in the way
Kartik : stop blaming me i am not wrong ok you are a problem actually you are a problem machine where ever you go problem follows you
Survi : just stop it ok i am not a problem machine
Survi is about to go but her hair gets stuck in kartik’s shirt
Survi : oh god what the hell is this
Kartik : this is your hair which is stuck in my shirt (laughs)
Survi : will you stop laughing and remove my hair from your shirt
Kartik tries to remove survi’s hair from his shirt
Survi : remove slowly na its hurting me

Kartik gets annoyed and starts to go survi also has to follow him as her hair is stuck
Survi : ouch..hey wait you are hurting me
Kartik : wait a sec you take my shirt and do what you want but let me go plz first of all i was helping you and are shouting at me only
Survi : ok sry sry i will not shout ok just remove my hair from your shirt plz
Kartik : okay

Kartik is trying to remove survi’s hair from his shirt they are very close to each other everyone passing from there is looking at them and smiling
Survi : plz be fast people are looking at us so suspiciously
Kartik : wait na i am trying only
Raghu and pyare come there looking for kartik
Pyaare : omg sry bro for disturbing you
Kartik : just shut up
Survi : you are taking us wrong actually my hair is stuck in his shirt so..( before survi could complete raghu interrupts )
Raghu : that we Can see your hair is stuck in his shirt but you don’t have to tells us how it got stuck we can imagine it
Survi : guyz will you just be quite
Pyare : lets go raghu we should not disturb them more they are really busy ( laughs )
Raghu : lets go pyaare have a great time you guyz
They both leave laughing
Kartik : its all because of you this is happening god knows what they must be thinking
Survi : what the hell did i do
Kartik : this hair is stucked so badly let me get a scissor i will cut your hair then you will also be free and even me
Survi : stop joking
Kartik : i am serious
Survi : are you mad no i will not let you cut my hair
Kartik : then what we will do best you take my shirt and do whatever you want to do about this shirt and your hair
Survi : kartik plz
Kartik finally gets successful in removing survi’s hair from his shirt
Kartik : huhh..finally i am free
Survi : thank you
Kartik : its ok

Survi leaves from there and goes to shanti and hema who were waiting for her near main gate
Shanti : survi you took so long we are waiting for you since 30 min
Survi : i am really sorry guyz was stuck in a problem
Hema : what happened ??
Survi : its a long story will tell you later papa must be waiting for me lets go now
Hema : ok
Hema shanti and survi leave from party venue for their home

Location : survi’s residence
Srikanth is waiting for survi. Survi arrives at the home
Survi : papa i am really sorry i am so late
Srikanth : its ok beta no problem i trust you
Survi : thank you papa ( hugs srikanth )
Srikanth : so how was the party??
Survi : awesome papa we enjoyed alot
Srikanth : that’s good you must be feeling sleepy na go and sleep tommorrow you have college also
Survi : yes papa i damn tired good night love you
Srikanth : love you too
Survi goes to her room and sleeps

Precap : in college raghu and pyaare tease kartik by taking survi’s name he is irritated

Credit to: Sanjana

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