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Location : Canteen
Hema, survi and shanti are sitting in the canteen having snacks
Hema : this burger is so tasty yaar i was really feeling hungry
Shanti and survi just smile
Hema : btw both of you are coming na today for the fresher’s party
Survi : actually i will not be able to come
Hema : plz yaar this party will be awesome after-all kartik is going to sing in this party
Survi : even that kartik is going to be in the party then i am not coming for sure
Shanti : plz survi come na for us plz
Hema : plz survi
Survi : arey but
Hema : no but and all you are coming and that is final
Survi : ok i will come happy
Hema and shanti : yes
Survi : i have to go to the library to take some books
Shanti : ok then you go to the library we will go home and meet you in the party only
Survi : ok then bie

Kartik : raghu pyare listen because of the girl i had to listen to that nair sir i have a plan
Raghu : what??
Kartik : When she is coming from library we will lock her up in music room
Pyare : but how??
Kartik : listen (they make some plan)
Here survi is planning to go home after finishing her work in library just then she hears someone singing she follows the sound and comes to music room as she enters she is shock to see kartik there
Survi : you
Kartik : yes i am what is your problem are you following me
Survi : why should i follow you i just came here following the sound anyways i am leaving
As survi is about to leave kartik drops juice on her dress intentionally
Survi : what the hell are you doing
Kartik : oops i am really sorry there is washroom you can go and clean your dress
Survi goes to the washroom and here kartik calls Raghu and Pyare and tells them to lock her up as he is leaving now
Raghu : lets go pyare
Kartik leaves the room and just then remembers that he forgot his cars keys inside he again goes in. Raghu and pyare don’t know that kartik is inside and they lock the door from outside
Raghu : now survi you stay inside only till tommorrow
Pyare : lets go raghu
Pyare and raghu go from there

When kartik tries to open the door he sees that the door is locked. Just then survi comes out
Survi : what happened??
Kartik : the door is locked you dumbo
Survi : stop joking i know you are playing a prank with me
Survi also tries to open the door but is locked
Survi : oh god who locked this door
Kartik : its all because of you actually you are only a panoti
Survi : excuse me you are panoti ok god knows why i came in this room
Kartik : wait i will call raghu and pyare they will open the door
Survi : how they will open the door
Kartik : cause they have locked the door
Survi : what ??that means you had planned this to lock me here in this room
Kartik : oh shit…actually woh
Survi : you are so arrogant
Kartik : wait wait we will fight later after getting out of this room first let me call raghu and tell him that i am also locked with you in this room just come and take me out of this room
Kartik : oh no my phones battery is dead
Survi : what?? Now what we will do
Just then light goes. Survi gets scared in darkness and goes and hugs kartik tightly
Kartik : hello madam don’t you dare take my advantage in this darkness (and laughs)
Survi : excuse me i am just scared of darkness i am not at all interested in you
Kartik : oh really
Survi : shut up you dumbo and think how we will get out of this room
Kartik : idea
Survi : what??
Kartik : do you have phone we can call raghu from your phone
Survi : yes this is nice idea you look dumbo but actually you are smart
Kartik : yes i am smart from my childhood only
Survi : now stop praising yourself and call them quickly
Kartik : but i don’t know raghu’s number as it was saved in my phone why will i learn the number by heart
Survi : now how will we get out of the room ( almost to cry )
Kartik : i was just joking
Survi : is this time to joke call your friend fast
Kartik : ok wait

Kartik calls raghu and tells him everything and tells him to come fast and open the door. Raghu and pyare come and open the door
Survi : thank god this door finally opened
Kartik : excuse me don’t thank god thank me because of me you are out
Survi : shut up why should i thank you because of you only I was locked in that room
Survi goes from there in anger
Pyare : but kartik we know how she was locked inside but how did you got locked with her
Kartik : bad luck man leave it. It is a big story will tell you later
Raghu : lets go guyz we all have to get ready for the party and our kartik’s performance
Kartik : ya lets go now

Precap : fresher’s party

Credit to: Sanjana

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