Location : survi’s residence
A girl in beautiful pink anarkali wearing small heels with big jumkas her hair left open rushes down (she is none other than our survi )
Survi : papa i am leaving for college shanti is waiting for me
Srikanth: survi wait
Survi: baba plz hurry up i am already late
Srikanth : eat this sugar and yogurt today is first day of your college all the best
Survi : thank you baba if you and bappa are with me i can pass any obstacle easily
Srikanth : i am always with you
Shanti : survi where are you?? Come fast we are getting late
Srikanth : shanti is shouting go go
Survi : bie love you papa
Shanti : come lets go fast survi
Survi : yes lets go

Location : kartik’s residence
Lata : kartik get up its 10 am don’t you have to go for college
Kartik : mom let me sleep
Lata : get up kartik
Kartik gets up and has shower. He gets ready for college he is wearing jeans white shirt and a black jacket has a branded watch in one hand and a bracelet of bappa in other hand. He rushes down
Kartik : mom i am leaving bye
Lata : but breakfast??
Kartik : i will have my breakfast in college don’t worry mom bye
Kartik leaves in his red car
Lata : this guy never listens to me

Location : St. Xavier’s college
Kartik enters the college in his car he gets out of his car removes his sunglasses girls are going crazy looking at him as he is most popular student of the college. He moves to his classroom while chatting on phone. Survi and shanti are also searching for their classroom. Survi and kartik collide with each other survi is about to fall but kartik holds her in his arms they share a eye lock
Survi : hello will you leave me now
Kartik : excuse me madam first of all you should say thanks to me that i saved you from falling down and you are behaving so rudely with me
Survi : excuse me why should i say thanks it was your mistake you were busy in chatting on your phone that is why we dashed each other any ways i don’t have time to fight with you
Kartik : do you know who i am ?? If you knew who i am you would have not behaved like this with me
Survi : i don’t care who you are i am getting late for my lecture just leave my way lets go shanti

Survi and shanti are about to go but survi’s dupatta gets stuck in kartik’s bracelet. Survi removes her dupatta from kartik’s bracelet and leaves from there. Pyare and Raghu come there
Raghu : hey kartik wsup..
Pyare : kartik why are you looking there
Kartik : nothing man just leave it lets go and have some food i am really hungry yaar
Raghu: arey kartik we have to go for the lecture man. Its really important otherwise that Nair Sir will kill us
Kartik: ok lets go then

Kartik enters the classroom and sees survi sitting in the class.survi ignores him while rest of the girls rush to kartik
Survi : why all the girls are giving that stupid guy so importance shanti
Shanti : he is so cute yaar not that bad
Survi : shut up shanti
Hema is hearing their talks and comes to them
Hema : hey i am hema
Survi : i am survi and she is shanti
Btw hema who is that guy
Hema : he is kartik barve popular guy of our college every girl of this college has a crush on him
Survi : oh really
Just then Nair sir enters the class and everybody takes their seats
Nair sir : gud morning class this first day of your academic year and i can see some new faces also so lets start with introduction first. Everyone gives their intro
Kartik : so her name is survi attitude queen
Raghu : kartik what are you thinking
Kartik : about that girl survi
Raghu : you like her??
Kartik : shut up its nothing like that
Nair sir: kartik barve if you want to talk you can leave the class right now
Kartik : sir woh..
Nair sir : stop that woh and all if you are not interested just leave as all you don’t study god know how you passed
Kartik is listening to nair sir silently just then bell rings and lecture gets over
Nair sir : ok so we will start with our syllabus tommorrow for now the lecture is over
Kartik : thank god
Everyone leaves
Kartik ( in mind ) : because of that survi i had to listen to that nair sir i will not leave you miss attitude queen yeh vaada raha

Precap : kartik and survi cute nok jhok

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