Hey guyz im so sorry for not posting my ff for so long actually first i was busy in college and after that i was not feeling well so was not able to post my next epi and im really happy that you guyz missed me so much and our waiting for the next epi so desperately now without anymore delay lets start the epi

Location : rehearsal hall
Survi is waiting for kartik in rehearsal hall and the light in the hall starts to blink
Survi : oh god what happened to this light now. I should check
Survi gets a ladder and climbs on it and moves the light socket and the lights stop to blink. As survi is getting down of the ladder she loses her balance and is about to fall kartik comes and saves her. They share a eye lock. He puts her down
Kartik : what were you doing with this ladder??
Survi : actually the light was blinking on and off so i thought i should check it
Kartik : survi you never told us
Survi : what i didn’t tell you
Kartik : that you are a electrician
Survi : shutup kartik
Kartik laughs
Survi : stop it now and why are you so late
Kartik : was talking with pyare
Survi : now can we start our practice as if you are late and we have this last day to practice
Kartik : yes and we have only few hours for practice
Survi plays the song. Kartik and survi start their practice.
After an hour
Kartik : we are going to rock tommorrow
Survi : you are right
Kartik : but day after tommorrow i will miss our rehearsal and those small fights
Survi : me to
Suddenly bell rings
Survi : oh god its time for our lecture lets go
Kartik : yaa..so after lecture where are we going
Survi : means??
Kartik : dumbo where are you giving me treat
Survi : that we will decide later but for now lets go kartik
Survi pulls kartik and takes him to the lecture.

After lectures
Raghu : lets go for party guyz
Pyare : nice idea man
Kartik : no i cannot come day
Raghu : now what’s the issue
Kartik : i have some work we will go tommorrow after the program
Pyare : but kartik yaar
Kartik : no pyare but still you guyz want to go you both can
Raghu : how can we go without you we will go tommorrow only
Pyare : as you both say
Kartik : bye guyz have some work will see you guyz tommorrow
Pyare : yes bro
Raghu : bye

Survi is going home kartik comes on his bike and stops her
Survi : kartik its you i got scared for a while
Kartik : you are really a scary cat
Survi : don’t call me scary cat na
Kartik : so what should i call you cheater is ok then
Survi : cheater???
Kartik : now stop acting like a innocent girl as if you don’t no anything
Survi : kartik i am really not getting what you want to say
Kartik : you told me that if i come on time today you will give me a treat and i was on time but instead of giving me a treat you are runing away
Survi : oh that i will obvio give you treat and i was not running away
Kartik : so where are we going??
Survi : my home
Kartik: and my treat
Survi : coffee treat from me at my place
Kartik : that’s a great idea. Sit fast on my bike
Survi sits on kartik’s bike they leave. On the way survi notices a temple of ganpanti bappa
Survi : kartik stop the bike
Kartik : what happened ??
Survi : lets go to temple and take blessings of bappa
Kartik : now??
Survi: yes now only
Survi gets down the bike.

Location : temple
Kartik and survi goes inside the temple. Survi gives panditji flowers to worship bappa. They both pray to bappa. Kartik opens his eyes and looks at survi who is still praying to god. Her hairs blow due to wind. He is just mesmerized to see her. She opens her eyes and he moves his eyes away from her so that she cannot see him looking at her
Survi : lets go
Kartik : hmm.. Lets go

Location : survi’s residence
Survi and kartik come to survi’s place
Survi : kartik you sit here i will bring coffee
Kartik : ya sure
survi goes to kitchen. Kartik is getting bored so he looks at survi’s house. He looks at the pictures on wall of survi and srikanth and also and different trophies and certificate won my survi. Looking at the house he goes to survi’s room. Her room is fully decorated with pink colour with teddy bear around and a shelf of books.
Kartik : so beautiful room. Looks like she loves teddies alot
He notices a diary on her study table he is about to open it
Survi : kartik
Kartik : what happend??
Survi : this my personal diary kartik how can you touch my diary kartik
Kartik : oh sorry i thought its just a random diary
Survi : come lets go out
Kartik and survi sit on sofa having coffee
Kartik : your house is so beautiful
Survi : thank you
Kartik : nice coffee its really a nice treat
Survi : thank you once again
Kartik : where is your dad??
Survi : papa must be in office he often comes late
Kartik : ohh..btw survi you never told us that you write a diary
Survi : its not a big think to write a diary i like to right about my day in my diary and capture the beautiful moments of my life in my diary forever
Kartik : so you write everything in your diary ??
Survi : yes
Kartik : like everything
Survi : yess kartik
Kartik : i want to know what you have written about me in your diary
Survi : no kartik
Kartik runs to survi’s room and takes a diary survi runs after kartik
Survi : kartik give me my diary back
Kartik : i will survi first let me read it then
survi is running after kartik to get her diary suddenly survi loses her balance. Kartik and survi fall on survi’s bed. They share a deep eyelock ( yeh vaada raha plays in background ). Survi grabs her diary from kartik
Survi : you should not read others diary kartik its bad manners
Kartik : i am sorry survi
Survi : its ok

Kartik’s phone rings suddenly
Kartik : hello mom
Lata : kartik where are you??
Kartik : mom i will come soon
Lata : ohk we all are waiting for you
Kartik : yes mom i am coming don’t worry
Lata : hmm
Kartik : i have to go
Survi : bye
Kartik : will see you in college tommorrow
Survi : ok bye
Kartik : bye

Location : kartik’s residence
Bindu : hey kartik where were you??
Kartik : with friends bindu di
Bindu : but you were not with raghu and pyare cause i met them after college but you were not there
Kartik : bindu di i have other friends too
Tai : bindu stop troubling him. Kartik you sit and have food i have made your favourite paneer
Kartik : wow tai you are the best
Lata : even i have helped tai
Kartik : you are also best mom i really love you both
Lata : love you too beta
Kartik : now i am feeling hungry
Tai : come sit we will serve you food
Kartik has his dinner

Kartik sitting in his room watching at the stars and thinking about survi and the time they spend together
Kartik : am i really in love with her??
God plz give me some hint is this love is survi my soulmate who i am searching??

Location : survi’s residence
Survi also sitting near her room’s window looking at the sky writing her diary about her day and the moments with kartik
Survi ( in mind ) : bappa what is happening to me is this love?? Am i in love with kartik??

Precap : kartik and survi dance performance

Next epi will be posted on sunday
28th august 2016
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