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Location : Rickshaw
Survi is going home with hema and shanti she remembers that she has to call srikanth when she removes her phone she is shocked to see that kartik and her phone has been exchanged
Survi : oh shit
Shanti : what happened survi??
Survi : kartik and my phone got exchanged
Hema : now what will you do??
Survi : i don’t have any idea
Shanti : call on your phone and tell him that accidentally the phones have been exchanged
Survi : i can’t
Hema : why what is the issue
Survi : cause my phone is on silent mode
Shanti : wait i will call raghu and tell him to contact kartik
Hema : look survi someone is getting close to raghu
Shanti : shut up hema
Shanti calls raghu but his phone is not reachable
Survi : now what will i do??
Hema : you go to kartik’s house and give him his phone and take your phone back
Survi : but how can i go to his house without informing him
Hema :you don’t have any other option
Shanti : you have one option
Survi : what???
Shanti : wait till tomorrow when he will come to college tomorrow give him his phone and take your phone simple
Survi : bad idea shanti
Hema : survi listen to me do as i told you go to kartik’s home
Survi : huh..looks like i don’t have any option i have to go to his house
Shanti : yupp
Survi : bhaiya plz stop rickshaw here. Girls i will see you in college tomorrow bye
Shanti : ok bye
Survi takes another rickshaw and goes to kartik’s house

Location : kartik’s residence
Lata and tai are sitting in the hall chatting survi enters kartik’s house she is little tensed
Tai : who are you beta??
Survi : namaste aunty actually i am kartik’s friend our phones got exchanged today so i came here to give kartik his phone
Lata : that is so sweet of you beta you should have called him na and informed him about the exchange of phone he would have came to take his phone
Survi : aunty i tried but my phone was on silent so he did not answer my call
Tai : you sit i will call kartik
Survi : thank you
Tai goes and calls kartik down
Kartik : hey survi i am so sorry i accidentally picked your phone
Survi : its ok kartik it happens
Kartik : here is your phone
Survi : thanks and this your phone
Kartik : thanks
Lata : survi beta what will you have tea, coffee
Survi : nothing aunty i am already getting late i have to leave
Tai : we will not leave you like this first time you came to our house
Survi : but aunty..
Lata : i will bring coffee for you
Kartik : survi don’t worry you won’t get late i will drop you home
Survi : but kartik there is no need of all this
Tai : there is beta and don’t worry if you get i will talk with your parents
Lata brings coffee for survi and everyone.
Lata : survi so how much % did you get in your previous exam
Survi : 93% aunty
Lata : wow that’s nice
Tai : you are so smart and look at our kartik and bindu all the time they are busy with their friends
Kartik : tai mom
Lata : tai is absolutely correct. Btw what does your dad do survi??
Survi : he is manager
Tai : and your mom??
Survi : she is no more. She died when i was very small
Tai : i am so sorry
Survi : no it’s ok.
Kartik : mom looks like you both are taking her interview
Lata : shut up we are just asking formal questions
Survi : aunty i should leave now its too late papa must be waiting for me and it was nice to meet you
Lata : we also loved talking to you
Tai : really you are so sweet. Kartik go drop her home
Kartik : yup..
Survi : bye
Lata and tai : bye
Kartik : lets go

Location : near survi’s residence
Kartik drops survi home she is about to go but kartik stops her
Kartik : survi wait
Survi : what happened ??
Kartik : actually i was saying that can you come early tomorrow for practice cause we have only one day for practice
Survi : okay no problem
Kartik : so i will to pick you up
Survi : no need i will come on time
Kartik : no i will come to pick you up so that you will not be late
Survi : oh really i come late or you come late everyday
Kartik : i don’t come late everyday only sometimes i get late
Survi : oh plz you are always late
Kartik : tomorrow i will come on time to pick you up just see and if i come on time i want a treat from you
Survi : and if you don’t then
Kartik : then i will give you treat
Survi : ok fine then
Kartik : bye
Survi : bie

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik is sitting in his room playing his guitar and as he closes his eyes survi’s face comes in front of his eyes. He is lost in her thoughts each and every moment spent with survi comes in front of his eyes
Kartik ( in mind ) : god why i am thinking of her. Am i started falling in love with survi??
Kartik ( in mind answering his own que ) : no no i cannot fall for her kartik stop thinking stupid things and sleep tomorrow you have to go on time otherwise again she will taunt you
Kartik sets alarm and goes to sleep

Survi is ready for college she is wearing a black colour ankle length jeans with a crop top. Hairs open and a small heel sandle. She goes out and is shocked to see kartik on time. Kartik is wearing blue jeans with white shirt and black leather jacket and is standing near his bike
Kartik : i think still 5 mins are left
Survi : omg wait let me see from where sun has rised cause kartik barve is on time
Kartik : so you loose the challenge so when are you giving me my treat
Survi : which treat???
Kartik : you are such a cheat
Survi : i am not a cheater infact you should give me a treat
Kartik : why should i give treat i won the challenge you lost you should give me treat as it was decided
Survi : see you are always late and today first time you came on time just because of me so you should give me treat
Kartik : you are giving me treat and that is final no more arguments
Survi : fine i will give you treat now lets go we are getting late
Kartik : come sit
Survi sits behind kartik they leave. Kartik is driving very fast and survi is scared
Survi : kartik plz drive slowly
Kartik : scary cat don’t be scared nothing will happen
Survi : i am not a scary cat
Kartik : oh really lets see then
Kartik increases the speed of bike survi gets more scared. Suddenly signal turns red and kartik suddenly presses the brakes survi loses her control and falls on kartik her lips touches kartik’s shoulder. Kartik closes his eyes for a second. Survi looks at kartik and he looks back at her they both are lost in each others eye (with sanam re song playing in background ) survi notices the cozy moment between them and breaks the eye lock
Kartik : i am sorry signal suddenly turned red so i had to press brakes suddenly
Survi : its ok ( awkwardly)
Kartik takes survi’s hand and places it on his waist
Kartik : hold me otherwise you will definitely fall
Survi : no i am fine
Kartik : you must be fine but i am not and tomorrow is our performance so i don’t want anything to go wrong.
Signal turns green kartik starts the bike survi is holding kartik’s waist tightly

Location : St. Xavier’s college
As kartik enters the college with survi on his bike raghu and pyare are shocked to see them together. Girls of college are jealouse to see survi with kartik as he is most famous guy in the college
Pyare : raghu what i am seeing man
Raghu : kartik and survi pyare
Pyare : i think something is cooking between them
Raghu : even i think so did you see how survi is holding kartik
Pyare : yes man i can see that wait let him come i will ask him directly what is happening between them
Raghu : but how can we ask him directly this question
Pyare : arey stupid nothing happens
Survi gets down from kartik’s bike
Survi : i will meet you in rehearsal hall i have to return a book in library so
Kartik : ok fine no problem
Survi : bye
Kartik : bye

Kartik comes to pyare and raghu
Kartik : hey guyz
Pyare : what is going on ??
Kartik : what ???
Raghu : actually he means
Pyare : raghu i am talking to him na
Raghu : sorry man you continue
Pyare : so where we were
Kartik : what is going on
Pyare : correct what is going on between you and survi
Kartik : nothing man she is just a good friend
Pyare : oh good friend ha so what is that good friend doing with you early in the morning
Kartik : arey man i thought that we have to practice for our performance so i should pick her up from her home just like a good friend
Pyare : so i am your enemy???
Kartik : no man you both are my best buddy
Pyare : we are na still you didn’t come to pick us up in so many years and today you went to pick up that survi
Raghu : you are correct pyare. Tell us kartik why didn’t you came to pick us up we want our ans
Pyare : now why are you silent speak up
Bindu comes with kishore
Bindu : hey everyone
Kishore : hey guyz whats going on??
Kartik : hey kishore how are you saw you after so many days. Really missed you yaar
Kishore : i missed you too man
Bindu : pyare what happened to you why so sad??
Pyare : nothing bindu dost dost na raha
Kartik : shut up pyare
Bindu : pyare tell me clearly whats wrong
Pyare : you know kartik never came to pick us up from our home for college
Bindu : so what a big deal pyare. We come to college from same home still he never gives me lift why will he come to pick you up from your home
Raghu : see he never gave you lift till college being his sister but today he went to pick up survi and they both came together to college
Bindu : are you serious
Kishore : who is survi???
Pyare : kartik’s girlfriend
Kartik : you all are gone crazy man just be quiet
Bindu : kartik you are so mean
Kartik : bindu di plz you don’t start now
Kishore : can anyone tell me who is survi
Pyare : bindu tell you boyfriend about your brothers girlfriend
Bindu : wait kishore i will tell you everything
Kartik : you guyz are impossible i am going bye

Precap : kartik and survi visit ganpati mandir

Next epi will be posted on 10th august 2016

Credit to: Sanjana_18

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