Hey guyz im back with the next epi of love story hope you guyz like it and plz do comment about how was the epi especially the silent readers now lets start the epi

Location : Survi’s residence
Survi is slept on the sofa waiting for srikanth. Srikanth opens the door with his keys as he enters survi wakes up due to noise
Srikanth : Sorry
Survi : its ok papa i was just laying was damn tired
Srikanth : you go and sleep now i will also go and sleep
Survi : wait did you had dinner
Srikanth : yes i had my dinner i was damn hungry
Survi : so what did you had in dinner???
Srikanth : rice, dal, paneer , chapati, salad and in desert ice cream it was damn tasty still my mouth is watering thinking of those disher
Survi : papa if you don’t know to speak lie then why do you try
Srikanth : really i had dinner
Survi : come and have dinner
Srikanth : survi why did you made dinner you were so tired
Survi : i am never that tired that i cannot cook for my sweet papa and i know you don’t like that outside food now stop talking and eat
Survi serves srikanth he haves dinner
Srikanth : food was so yummy
Survi : thank you now you go and sleep you must be tired na i will also go and sleep
Srikanth : ok beta gud night
Survi : gud night papa

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik is late and rushes down fast. Tai stops him to give aarti
Tai : kartik take aarti and then go
Kartik : tai let me go i am already late
Tai : it will just take 1 min kartik
Kartik : ok fine
Kartik takes the aarti and prasad and is about to go just then bindu calls him from behind
Bindu : kartik wait even i am coming
Kartik : bindu di i am already late plz
Bindu : i am ready only lets go
Lata : bindu you did not have your breakfast
Bindu : no lata kaki will have it in canteen
Tai : this girl na always eats outside stuff today you we will not leave you without breakfast
Kartik : that’s good don’t leave her but i am going now cause i am so late
Bindu : kartik but..
Lata and tai take bindu to have breakfast she has to go with them. Kartik rushes to his car
Kartik : (mind) oh no my car is with pyare what will i do now
He calls driver kaka to leave him to college
Kartik : kaka plz drive fast i am damn late
Driver : kartik baba don’t worry you will not get late
Kartik leaves for college in car

Location : on road
Survi is standing for rickshaw but she does not get rickshaw
Survi ( in mind ) : oh god as if i am late today and i am not even getting a rickshaw.
Kartik’s car is standing on signal as signal is red. Kartik looks at survi standing for rickshaw. He gets down from the car
Driver : kartik baba where are you going??
Kartik : kaka you wait for me near the tree i will come in 5 min
Driver : but you were getting late na
Kartik : kaka you wait for me ok
Kartik runs to survi . Survi does not see him. Suddenly a bus comes
Survi ( in mind ) : i don’t think i will get rickshaw today have to go by bus only
She quickly climbs in bus. Kartik shouts survi but she does not hear him kartik also climbs the bus running

Loction : bus
Kartik : survi
Survi : kartik what are you doing in this bus
Kartik : actually i saw you standing for rickshaw so i thought we can go together to college but then you came in this bus and with no option i had to follow you
Survi : you are really stupid kartik there was no need for you to climb in this bus as you have your car
Kartik : oh shit my car
Survi : what happened
Kartik: kaka must be waiting for me wait a second
Kartik calls driver kaka
Kartik : kaka i am going with my friend to college you go back home
Driver : but kartik baba how are going to college
Kartik : by bus and plz don’t tell this to dad bye
Driver : ok kartik baba
Kartik and survi are standing in the bus as there is no place to sit. Kartik falls on survi as the driver presses the brakes of bus.
Kartik : i am sorry
Survi : its ok no problem
Conductor comes and asks them for ticket
Survi : 2 tickets till St. Xavier’s
Kartik : survi wait i will pay
Kartik gives conductor 1000rs
Conductor : sir how will have 1000rs change early in the morning
Kartik : but i don’t have change
Survi : i have change i will give
Survi gives conductor money he goes in front of the bus
Survi : kartik are you ok??
Kartik : yes absolutely but why are you asking this??
Survi : because you don’t travel from bus na and there is so much rush today in this bus
Kartik : no its damn cool i like this life yaar
Just then a women makes her to get out of the bus and she pushes survi. Survi falls on kartik. Survi is holds kartik’s shirt so that she will not fall. They both share a deep eye lock. Suddenly the bus conductor shouts next stop is St. Xavier’s kartik and survi come to their senses
Survi : i am really sorry that lady pushed me
Kartik : no problem it happens. Lates make way we have to get down at next stop
Survi : yup
Kartik puts his arms around survi that no one can push her and makes way from the bus
Old lady : such a cute couple he is protecting her as you used to when we were young
Old man : really so much love is there between them just like us
Kartik and survi hear this they feel awkward. They get down the bus

Location : college canteen
Shanti, hema, raghu, bindu and pyare are waiting for kartik and survi
Hema : where is survi yaar she never gets so late what happened today
Raghu : ya and even this kartik is missing we have to go to our college hall for art festival prepartions
Bindu : but kartik left early then me still he did not reach college where is he ???
Shanti : i guess they must be on the way we should go to hall and start prepartions of arts festival they will join us
Pyare : i think she is right lets go and i will also call kartik on the way to the hall
Raghu : that’s a good idea lets leave guyz
Pyare calls kartik
Pyare : kartik where are you yaar we all are waiting for you
Kartik : we are near college only
Pyare : we???
Kartik : me and survi
Pyare : how come you both are coming together
Kartik : its a long story i will tell you later
Pyare : ok you both directly come in college hall ok
Kartik : ok pyare

Location : hall
Everyone are busy with some or other work for art festival pyare is directing to fix the balloons this way to his classmates. Raghu and shanti are working on stage decoration. Hema and bindu are busy with seating arrangements. Survi and kartik come to the hall.
Kartik : hey pyare
Pyare : where were you guyz man so much work is pending and we just have 2 days left yaar come on
Survi : don’t worry we all will manage everything
Kartik : pyare i and survi will do this decoration work you go and handle the music and sound system ok
Pyare : fine i will go and see the music system and kartik before i forget tak your car keys and thanks
Kartik : welcome man. Now go fast
Survi : i will fix this balloons up there
Kartik : ok i will hold this ladder
Survi climbs up she is fixing the balloon suddenly she slips and is about to fall but kartik holds her in his arms. They share a eye lock
Shanti : they look so cute na
Raghu : yaa..someting is really cooking between them
Shanti : even i think so
Kartik puts survi down
Survi : thanks ( awkwardly )
Kartik : welcome.
Mathur mam comes to see the prepartions
Mathur mam : how preparations are going on
Survi : nice mam
Mathur mam: that’s good
Kartik : everything will be just perfect mam on the main day
Mathur mam : it has to be perfect kartik as it is St. Xavier’s art festival
Kartik : don’t worry mam everything will be perfect
Mathur mam: what about your dance kartik and survi
Survi : we are prepared with it mam just 2-3 more rehearsals for practice
Mathur mam : that’s good. Now bye i have a lecture now you all carry on with your practice and arrangements
Survi : yes mam
Everyone is busy with the arrangements and their respective work.
Some hours later
Survi : finally everything is done
Shanti : really survi but i am damn tired
Hema : but i am really hungry now after doing so much work
Bindu : hema you always think of eating only
Kartik : actually even i am damn hungry guyz
Raghu : me too yaar
Survi : even i am hungry guyz
Pyare : everyone is hungry so what are we thinking guyz lets go and eat something
Hema : that’s a nice idea
Bindu : we will go to cafe rainbow its nice and near also
Survi : ok fine then lets go
Pyare : so i will drive your car kartik
Raghu : but pyare how will we all adjust in kartik’s car its not possible
Kartik : actually so what can we do guyz now
Bindu : Raghu you come on your bike pyare you come on your kartik , hema, shanti , survi and i will come in kartik’s car
Kartik : this is nice
Pyare : no this is not nice
Survi : why pyare ???
Pyare : i have a better idea
I will drive the car kartik you come with raghu
Raghu : what about your bike pyare
Pyare : let it be here only i will come back to college to take it
Kartik : this is really a bad idea pyare
Raghu : wait i have an idea
Kartik : what ??
Raghu : hema, bindu and pyare you go in kartik’s car. Kartik you and survi come on pyare’s bike and i will take shanti on my bike everyone is fine now
Pyare : i am fine
Raghu(whispers) : kartik plz don’t say no as i want to spend time with shanti
Kartik : oh i got it man. I am also fine with this
Survi : me too
Hema : guys lets go now i am damn hungry
Kartik : ya lets go
Everyone sit as it was decided. Everyone leave for cafe rainbow

Location : cafe rainbow
Everyone order their menu as their order comes they have food
Hema : yumm..was damn hungry
Raghu : me too now i am feeling good after eating this yummy food
Bindu : me too
Kartik : guyz lets capture this moments in our phones lets take selfie
Pyare : nice idea bro
Everyone smile for selfie and they click many pics with their chit chat
Shanti : i think we should leave now
Survi : ya its late and we have to come early tomorrow kartik for our practice
Kartik : yes lets leave.
Pyare : i will pay the bill and come
Pyare goes to pay bill. Kartik accidentally picks survi’s phone thinking its his phone. Everyone leave from cafe rainbow to their home

Precap : survi comes to kartik’s residence. Tai and lata are happy to see her ( sry for same precap )

Next epi will be posted on monday 1 st august 2016

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