Hey guyz really happy that you guyz are liking my ff so much and are desperately waiting for the epi to get posted so here your wait comes to an end coz i am back with another epi of YVR_LOVE STORY_ hope you guyz like it and plz do comment specially the silent reader as i will get to know of my mistakes too plz do comment and without any more delay lets start the epi

Location : Xavier’s college
Survi is sitting in the class reading a novel and waiting for shanti and hema. Kartik enters the class and goes to survi
Kartik : hey gud morning
Survi : gud morning
Kartik : is anyone siting next to you
Survi : did you see anyone siting next to me??
Kartik (strange look) : no
Survi : then obviously no one is siting here
Kartik : so can i sit here??
Survi : if you want you can
Kartik sits next to survi she is busy reading her novel he is getting bored he peeps what she is reading and distracts her
Survi : kartik what are doing??
Kartik : just checking which novel you are reading
Survi shows him the book
Survi : now happy
Kartik : oh damn this book you know its damn interesting book i have read this book and in the end it is revealed that the housekeeper only killed the husband and wife
Survi closes the novel
Survi ( sarcastic way ) : thanks ?
Kartik : why were you reading such a big novel you should have asked me
Survi : next time i will ask you pakka
Kartik and survi are busy in talking with each other pyare and raghu come and they are shocked to see them being so friendly with each other
Raghu and pyare : hey kartik
Kartik : hey bro
Raghu and pyare : hey survi
Survi : hi (smile)
Shanti and hema also come in the class
Hema : omg survi are you okay you are talking with kartik and his friends so nicely
Kartik : what do you mean by that??
Hema : no no you are taking me wrong i was just asking cause i thought you guyz don’t like each other and after watching you guyz talking to each other so nicely its really shocking for us
Pyare : yes man she is right. How did this miracle happen??
Kartik : actually we thought that we have to practice with each other so why not we become friends. And this is how we became friends and she is really nice not that rude i thought she was
Survi : yes even i used to think that he is rude, stupid, arrogant, egotistic person
Kartik : what??
Survi : but now i know he is really sweet person
Kartik : thanks. So guyz we all should become friends now and stop our fights if you don’t have any problem
Raghu : not at all man we all are friends from now
They shake hand with each other. After the lecture they all plan to go to canteen and celebrate their friendship

Location : canteen
Raghu : cheers for our friendship
Everyone : cheers
Bindu : hey guyz
Kartik : hey di wsup..
Bindu :(pointing towards survi) hey you are survi na
Shanti : yes she is survi but how do you know her ???
Bindu : actually these guyz usually talk about her
Survi (surprised) : about me?? What??
Kartik : no nothing special like normal talks about our fights nothing much
Bindu : yaa..
Survi : really ??
Kartik : yes ofcourse. Bindu di sit na why are you standing
Bindu : no i have to go kishor is coming after so many days from Hyderabad i have to go to meet him in CCD ( cafe coffee day )
Survi : who is kishor ??
Bindu : he is my boyfriend. He is from this college only but due to some family problem he was in Hyderabad but now he is back
Survi : oh that’s nice
Pyare : so you are going for a date
Bindu : yup.. Bie now
Everyone : bie
Hema : guyz i have to go to library for some notes i have to leave
Hema leaves from canteen
Shanti : even i am going home
Raghu : shanti should i drop you home??
Shanti : no its ok i will go
Raghu : seriously i will drop you as of now we are friends
Pyare : and what about me how will i come raghu
Raghu : kartik will drop you
Kartik : how can i drop him survi and i have to practice for our performance
Shanti : then its ok i will go
Pyare : shanti you go with raghu i will come with kartik
Shanti: are you sure pyare
Pyare : yup
Shanti and raghu also leave
Kartik : how can i drop you pyare i have to practice with survi you have to wait for a long time
Pyare : i will wait i have no problem as if i am free only and i can watch your practice too (smile)
Survi : that’s good you can tell us about some changes also needed
Pyare : yes she is right i am coming with you guyz
Kartik : ok then come lets go

Location : rehearsal hall
Kartik and survi start their practice. Kartik plays the song they start dancing
Pyare : i think kartik you should be on right and she should be on left side that will look good
Survi : really. Then kartik you come on this side
Kartik : ok
Kartik again plays the song and they start dancing but again pyare mohan disturbs them
Pyare : wait wait that first position was better survi you on the right side and kartik you on then left
Kartik : stop it man you are disturbing us so much you go home seriously
Pyare : but how will i go i don’t have bike
Kartik : go by bus, rickshaw, taxi, train or otherwise best you use your legs and go walking but go and stop disturbing us
Pyare : kartik how will go walking
Survi : yes kartik how will he go walking
Pyare : i have an idea give me your car i will return in to you tommorrow
Kartik : and how will i go
Pyare : there are so many transport facilities as you told me rickshaw, train, taxi,bus and the best walking
Kartik : shut up i am not giving you my car
Pyare : survi you only tell him he is so selfish
Kartik : i am selfish (shocked)
Pyare : then who is selfish me
Survi : kartik i think you should give him your car he needs it
Kartik : fine take my car
Pyare : oh wow survi told you to give your car to me you listen to her and not me wow ( dost dost na raha..)
Kartik : stop your nautanki and go
Pyare : ok bie and thank you survi
Survi : you’re welcome pyare
After pyare goes kartik and survi again start their practice kartik holds survi in his arms survi and kartik are lost in each others eyes while dancing with the song jaise mera tu in the background
Suddenly survi’s phone rings. They break their eye lock
Survi : hello papa
Srikanth : survi i have called to inform you that i will come home late as i have lot of work in the office
Survi : okay papa but what time will come exactly
Srikanth : near 11 pm
Survi : okay papa and don’t take too much stress of work ok and come soon
Srikanth : yes beta and you also go home early and you also take care of your self and have dinner too don’t wait for me
Survi : yes papa
Srikanth : bye beta
Survi : bye papa
Kartik : your dad
Survi : yup.. You know na how parents care for their children and how very possessive they are
Kartik : ya..lucky you. You have such a caring dad
Survi : all dad’s are caring
Kartik : no all are not
Survi : i did not get what are you trying to say
Kartik : nothing lets go i will drop you home
Survi : no you can’t drop me home
Kartik : i can drop you really
Survi : how will you drop me
Kartik : obviously survi by my car
Survi : but your car is with pyare na (smiling)
Kartik : oh damn now i have to go home by taxi yaar
Survi : come today lets go by rickshaw
Kartik : rickshaw are you serious
Survi : yes i am its damn fun lets go

Kartik and survi take a rickshaw from college gate. Survi tells the rickshaw driver the address
Kartik : its not that bad
Survi : i told you na its damn fun
Kartik : it is
The rickshaw goes from a puddle and survi falls on kartik
Survi : oops.. I am sorry
Kartik : its ok mumbai and its puddles
Survi : actually
Survi suddenly tells the rickshaw driver to stop the rickshaw
Kartik : survi what happened??
Survi : pani puri
Kartik : pani puri ??
Survi : bhaiya you go
Survi pays him money and he goes
Survi : lets go and have pani puri
Kartik : its not at all healthy survi
Survi : but its tasty kartik we should always enjoy these small small moments of life
Kartik : but..
Survi : stop thinking and come (she pulls his hand and takes him to the pani puri stand)
Survi : bhaiya make two pani puri very spicy
Kartik : no bhaiya make one spicy and one sweet
Pani puri wala gives them pani puri
Kartik : bhaiya give 1 spoon
Survi : are you serious who eats pani puri with spoon use you hand??
Survi puts pani puri in her mouth. Even kartik starts eating pani puri
Survi : bhaiya it is not at all spicy make more spicy
Kartik looks lovingly at survi as she is eating pani puri like a five year old child
Survi : i am done now. Pani puri was so tasty ?
Kartik : really i was damn tasty
Survi : bhaiya what’s the bill
Pani puri wala : 80 rs
Kartik : wait i will pay
Survi : no will pay
Kartik : its ok i will pay don’t worry
Kartik gives pani puri wala 1000rs note
Pani puri wala : bhaiya i don’t have 1000rs change
Survi : its ok i will pay
Survi gives money to pani puri wala
Kartik : i will look for another rickshaw
Survi : no don’t my home is here only i can go walking. You go you are already late
Kartik : no i will drop you
Survi : kartik you go i will go home don’t worry
Kartik : are you sure
Survi : yes i am sure
Kartik calls for a rickshaw and leaves waving good bye to survi
Survi : bye
Survi walks towards her house. She opens the lock and as she enters the house her phone rings
Kartik : did you reach home
Survi : yes its my daily route don’t worry
Kartik : but still
Survi : so you reached home
Kartik : nope on the way
Survi : ok bye now i have lots of work at home
Kartik : ok bie see you in college tommorrow
Survi : ya sure

Kartik reaches his home
Shyam : kartik why did you come from rickshaw where is your car
Kartik : pyare took my car as if was needing it so i came from rickshaw
Shyam : you should have called driver kaka he would have picked you up from college
Kartik : no need for that i managed
Shyam : what will people think kartik that shyam barve’s son is traveling from rickshaw
Lata : leave it now he must be tired atleast let him have dinner first
Kartik : no need mom i am really not hungry. I am going to my room

Precap : survi comes to kartik’s house lata and tai are happy to meet survi

Next episode will be posted on friday 29th july 2016

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