YVR_LOVE STORY_ Episode 13

YVR_LOVE STORY_ Episode 13

Hey guyz i want to inform you all that as my internal is starting i would not post my ff for a week but don’t worry i will surely come with a bang. And hope you all like this episode and without anymore delay lets start the episode

Location : Xavier’s College
Survi enters the college and she is still disturbed about what happened previous day she is tensely walking to her class. She enters the class and sits next to shanti
Shanti : survi are you fine??
Survi : yes shanti i am ok
Shanti : survi i know what happened yesterday was not good but i think you should forgive kartik
Survi : i don’t want to talk about him shanti plz
Shanti : ok survi
Survi : where is hema??
Shanti : actually she went to meet her granny as her granny was not well but she will come tommorrow
Survi : hope her grandma gets well soon
Shanti : raghu, pyare and kartik are not coming for lecture??
Survi : i don’t know shanti ?
The lecturer comes and starts the lecture. Everyone writes notes
The bell rings and everyone goes out of the class. Shanti’s phone rings and displays a message she reads it and replies something
Shanti : survi i am feeling damn hungry lets go to canteen
Survi : shanti i have to go home my head is really paining alot
Shanti : plz survi no one is there with me today if you will go then i will get bored
Survi : but shanti
Shanti : its ok lets go home i will eat at home only ( sadly )
Survi : lets go to canteen
Shanti : survi you are really my bestie thank you ( hugs survi )

Location : canteen
Survi and shanti come to canteen but there is no one in canteen
Survi : why this canteen is empty
Shanti ( smiles ) : even i don’t know
Suddenly a small kid comes to survi and gives her a bouquet ? and sorry card. She reads it
Survi : so you are also involved in this planning shanti
Shanti : survi listen to him once
Survi : i am going shanti. Bye
As survi turns she finds kartik standing behind her with a big sorry card. She tries to go but he stops her. He sings song ( jaane bhi do joh bhi hua from hey baby)
Pyare, bindu, kishor ,raghu and shanti also join him with some college students.
Kartik : i am really sorry survi. Plz forgive me
Survi : what to do you think kartik if you will do all this i will forgive you. Then you are thinking wrong
Bindu : we know survi kartik is really stupid and because of him you had to suffer but he did not to that intentionally
Kishor : bindu is right survi he is really feeling guilty for his mistake
Pyare : plz forgive him survi
Just then few small children come in front of survi holding a board of i am sorry
Children : plz forgive bhaiya.
Kartik goes on his knees holding his ears
Kartik : i am really sorry survi
Survi : its ok kartik. I just over reacted yesterday i forgive you
Kartik : ( happily ) really you are not angry on me
Survi : no (smiles)
Pyare , raghu get happy and shout loudly yippeeee?
Pyare : time for a group hug
They have a group hug ☺️
Pyare : so everything is fine now so lets party
Bindu : yes pyare you are right
Survi : you guyz continue i am going home
Kartik : why??? Survi are you still angry on me
Survi : no kartik i am really not angry on you just not feeling well
Raghu : its ok survi we can understand you go home and take rest
Shanti : survi wait i will also come with you
Survi : ok
Survi : bye everyone

Location : survi’s residence
Survi arrives at home. Srikanth is not there. Survi goes to her room gets fresh and comes to kitchen to make a cup of coffee. She hears doorbell ring
Survi : ( in mind ) today papa came so early??
She opens the door and its srikanth
Survi : papa today you came so early
Srikanth : ya there was not much work today so came early to spend some time with my daughter
Survi : you go and get fresh i will make coffee for you
Srikanth : ok just give me 5 minutes
Survi gives srikanth coffee
Srikanth : come sit here lets have father daughter talks
Survi ( smiles ) : so finally my papa got time from his work for his daughter
Srikanth : i want to give you time but these days i am really busy
Survi : i can understand papa
Srikanth : after so many days we are talking like this na
Survi : actually
Srikanth : so how was your day
Survi : good
Srikanth : that’s good what do you say often cool ?
Survi (laughs) : hmm..

Location : survi’s room
Survi is laying on her bed reading a book love story. She is completely lost in reading the book suddenly she hears noise next to her window and turns around. And is shocked to see kartik who is trying to get in from window
Survi : kartik what are you doing here?? And that to from window?
Kartik : first take me in survi then i will answer all you question
Survi : oops i am sorry
Survi pulls kartik in from window
Kartik : pheww..it looks easy but its damn hard
Survi : kartik what are you doing here at this time and that to from window what if papa will see you
Kartik : i cannot come from door na so late as uncle is there so i came from window
Survi : but why did you came so late??
Kartik : i thought you are still angry on me so i thought that i should go and say sorry once again
Survi : kartik i am not angry
Kartik : pakka
Survi : yess
Kartik : then its ok. Hey which book??
Kartik lays on survi’s bed. She is shocked to see kartik being so free there as if he is at his place
Kartik : why are you standing its your room only feel free
Survi : ofcourse
Survi sits in a corner of bed
Kartik : so you like reading love story??
Survi : yaa
Kartik : after you finish it give it to me to read
Survi : you also like reading love stories
Kartik : first i used to not like it but now..
Survi : but now what??
Kartik : i like it ?
Survi ears a noise near window
Survi : kartik can you ear something
Kartik listens carefully
Kartik : oh shit how can i forget her ?
Survi : forget who??
Kartik : you close your eyes first
Survi : but why??
Kartik : plzz survi
Survi closes her eyes. Kartik goes near the window and takes a basket out and places it in survi’s hand
Kartik : now you can open your eyes
Survi opens her eyes and is surprised to see a small kitten ? in it
Survi : aww..its soo cute ????
Kartik : you liked it
Survi : i loved it
Kartik : your sorry gift
Survi : so sweet of you kartik

Survi places the kitten on bed and starts playing with it. Kartik looks at survi lovingly while she playing with that kitten. Survi and kartik are laying on the bed playing with that kitten
Survi : kartik how did you know that i like cats??
Kartik : just a guess
Survi : i think we should name this kitten someting
Kartik : nice idea
Survi : ( thinks a little ) Sinu
Kartik : nice name
Survi : so done we will call him sinu ❤️❤️
Kartik feels thirsty and is about to take water but the glass drops from his hand and breaks. Srikanth hears the noise and goes towards survi’s room to see what happened
Kartik : oops i am sorry
Survi : kartik ??
Srikanth : ( outside ) survi what happened is everything fine
Survi : kartik papa is outside what i will do now?? You go and hide in bathroom..no no wait you hide down the bed..oh no where should i hide you
Srikanth : survi open the door
Survi : papa is outside what i will do???
Kartik : shhh..survi relax calm down
Survi : kartik papa is standing out
Kartik : i will hide inside your cupboard
Srikanth : surviii
Survi : kartik go fast
Kartik hides inside cupboard survi goes and opens the door
Srikanth :survi what happened i heard some noise and why were you not opening the door
Survi : papa i was in the bathroom so
Srikanth hears some noise below the bed
Srikanth : some noise is coming from bed
Survi : no papa its just your imagination
Srikanth : no survi
Srikanth moves towards bed. Screen freezes on survi’s tense faced

Precap : srikanth looks below the bed and gets shocked??survi is damn tensed. Kartik is also tensed inside the cupboard??

Next epi will be posted after my exams miss me guyz and hope you like this episode ☺️

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