YVR_LOVE STORY_ Episode 12


YVR_LOVE STORY_ Episode 12

Hey i am sanjana and here i am back with yet another epi of love story plz comment about the epi especially the silent readers and also comment if i need to do any improvements in my writing. So lets start with the episode now

Everyone is sleeping. Kartik wakes up and looks at survi who is still asleep resting her head on his shoulder. Her hairs have come om her eyes kartik slowly puts her hairs behind her ear and smiles. He slowly takes his hand away so that her sleep will not get disturbed. Kartik goes out slowly
Everyone wakes up
Pyare : good morning everyone
Bindu : what is good about this morning pyare
Shanti : what happened bindu??

Bindu : there were so many mosquitos here i was not able to sleep properly yaar
Kishor : you should have told those Mosquitos bindu that you are bindu barve they would have also got scared of you
Everyone laughs
Bindu : stop it kishor
Raghu : where is kartik??

Pyare : i think he left us and went home
Survi : i don’t think so kartik will leave all of us like this and go home
Hema : ya kartik is not tha mean pyare he must have gone near by only
Pyare : i was just joking guyz chill
Kishor : is this time to joke pyare
Just then kartik comes
Survi : where were you kartik??
Pyare : did you went to bring breakfast for us ???
Kishor : pyare just be quiet
Pyare : i am actually feeling hungry
Kartik : guyz stop it first listen to me
Raghu : ok kartik speak
Kartik : the car is ready and now we can go home
Survi : seriously that’s awesome
Hema : but how did you do this kartik??
Kartik : actually i got a mechanic to repair the car and now the car is ready
Kishor : ok so kartik you drop girls first near hema’s house and then come back to take us
Kartik : no need of that kishor
Pyare : so we will stay here only
Kartik : no pyare kishor here are your cars keys
Kishor : how did you get that
Kartik : mechanic opened you cars lock and then i got the keys
Bindu : kartik you are just genius
Kartik : i know that

Raghu : so lets go guyz we have college also
Survi : oh its 9 am already we should hurry up
Everyone leaves. Kartik and kishor drops everyone near hema’s house.
Pyare : bye guyz see you all in college
Kartik : bye everyone
Hema, bindu and survi gets ready fast and rushes to college

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik and bindu are also leaving for college but tai stops them
Tai : wait where are you both going??
Bindu : college mom
Tai : and where were you both last night??? We all were so tensed and your phone was also not reachable
Kartik : tai its a long story we are getting late we will pakka tell you everything but later
Tai : but kartik..
Kartik : bye tai and tell mom that i left
Bindu : bye mom

Location : classroom
Survi is sitting in the classroom completing her notes kartik comes and sits next to survi
Kartik : hi
Survi : hello
Kartik looks survi is studying and starts doing timpass like whistling. Survi gives him angry looks?
Kartik : oops sorry
Survi continues writing her notes. Nair Sir enters the classroom and starts teaching. Everyone is listening very carefully. Kartik is getting bored. He opens his notebook and starts sketching funny cartoons. Survi is getting distracted. She whispers to kartik
Survi : kartik stop distracting me
Kartik : what did i do??
Survi : you are making those sketches that is why i am not able to concentrate
Kartik : so what will i do i am getting bored i will make this sketches do what you want to do??
Survi : kartik plz stop it???

Nair sir notices that kartik and survi are not attentive in the class
Nair sir : kartik and survi stand up
Survi : yes sir
Raghu whispers to pyare
Raghu : now these both are gone now no one can save them from nair sir
Pyare : YAR
Raghu : yar???
Pyare : you are right
Nair sir : i am looking at both of you from a long time if you don’t want to attend the lecture plz leave

Kartik : i am sorry sir if you want you can punish me but don’t punish survi its not her fault i was disturbing her
Nair sir : so now you will tell me what i have to do and what i have to not. Both of you meet me in my cabin after this lecture and now you both can leave i don’t want any disturbance in my class
Survi : we are really sorry sir
Nair sir : i said leave
Kartik holds survi’s hand and takes her out. There are tears in survi’s eyes.
Kartik : survi i am sorry

Survi tries to go but kartik holds her hand
Survi : kartik plz leave my hand i don’t want to talk with you
Kartik : survi i know its all my fault plz shout at me you want you can beat me also i will not say a single word but plz don’t ignore me like this
Bell rings and the lecture gets over. Everyone comes out of the class

Location : nair sir cabin
Nair sir : so what do you want me to do with you both
Survi : we are really sorry sir this will not happen again i promise plz give us one last chance
Kartik : plz sir we are really sorry
Nair sir : survi i don’t expect anything from this kartik he is really useless but you are a brilliant student plz concentrate on your studies and stay away from wrong people. Are you getting what i am saying
Survi : yes sir

Nair sir : this is the last chance i am giving you both this should not happen again
Kartik : yes sir
Nair sir : you both can go now

Location : corridor
Everyone is waiting for kartik and survi to come out of the cabin.
Raghu : god know what will happen with them
Hema : poor survi yaar i am really feeling bad for her
Pyare : and what about kartik he is also in trouble with her
Hema : survi is in trouble just because of kartik
Pyare : stop blaming my friend
Raghu : guyz just stop it plz look at the situation atleast
Shanti : nair sir is very strict god knows what punishment he will give to survi and kartik
Hema : i hope if wont suspend them
Shanti : hema plz talk something nice

Kartik and survi comes out of the cabin
Raghu : guyz what happened???
Kartik : sir gave us another chance

Shanti : thank god everything is fine
Hema : survi are you okay
Kartik : survi i..
( survi interrupts kartik in middle )
Survi : guyz i am not feeling well i am going home see you guyz tommorrow
Kartik : come i will leave you home
Survi : no need
Survi goes from there. Everyone looks ar kartik shocked. Just then bindu and kishor come
Bindu : guyz why are you all standing here??

Raghu : bindu actually nair sir shouted at kartik and survi today so
Kishor : is everything fine
Pyare : no..survi is damn angry on kartik she is not talking with him
Bindu : omg
Kartik : guyz i want to spend some time alone see guyz later
Raghu : kartik are you okay
Kartik : yes i am fine.
Kartik goes from there
Raghu : why all this happened man
Bindu : actually yaar this nair sir is just a villain i am feeling like beating him
Kishor : bindu control yourself
Shanti : hope everything between them become fine soon
Hema : hope so. I think we all should also leave now

Location : survi’s residence
Srikanth is busy with his office work when survi enters
Srikanth : survi today you came early beta
Survi : i was not feeling well so came home early
Srikanth ( tensed ) : is everything fine ??
Survi : yes papa you don’t worry just feeling restless. I will take rest for a while na then i will be perfectly fine
Srikanth : are you sure??
Survi : 100% sure papa
Srikanth : okay then you go to your room and take rest
Survi goes to her room

Location : kartik’s room
Kartik is very upset as survi is angry on him. He is looking at his and survi’s photo on his mobile and remembering moments spent with her
Kartik ( in mind ) : i have to convince survi anyhow. Idea i will call her and talk to her and clear everything
Kartik calls survi. Survi disconnects kartik’s calls
Kartik : ( in mind ) survi plz pick up my call
Survi : ( in mind ) kartik stop calling me why don’t you understand that i need sometime alone
Survi puts her phone on silent mode and lays on her bed looking at the stars Kartik tries calling her and at end he gives up and lays on his bed. Looking at the stars he remember survi and her talks. Screen freezes on kartik and survi’s sad face

Precap : kartik tries to convince survi

Next episode will be posted on 18th september 2016

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