YVR_LOVE STORY_ Episode 11



Hey guyz i am really sorry for not posting my ff on Saturday cause my net is working really slow so was unable to post my ff so without any further more delay lets start the episode

Location : disco
Everyone are enjoying in the disco dancing and having great fun. Survi is watching everyone dancing kartik comes near her
Kartik : so are you enjoying??
Survi : yes alot

Kartik : would you like to dance with me??
Survi : ( smiles ) sure
Kartik takes survi to dance floor they both are dancing just then pyare comes and disturbs them
Pyare : survi would you like to dance with me
Survi : yes pyare
Pyare : i hope you don’t mind kartik
Kartik : ( sadly) no no why should i mind
Pyare and survi dance together. Kartik watches them sadly. Raghu notices kartik is jealous
Raghu : kartik why are you so sad man
Kartik : i am fine
Raghu : you don’t look fine
Kartik : what will happen to me raghu i am fine and enjoying the party like everyone
Raghu : pyare and survi look nice together na
Kartik : hmm

Raghu : kartik looking at you face anyone can tell that you are jealous that pyare is dancing with survi
Kartik : what why should i be jealous??
Raghu : you should be jealous cause you love survi
Kartik : raghu you are gone crazy man i and survi no way we are just good friends
Raghu : really
Kartik : ofcourse man
Everyone comes near kartik and raghu
Bindu : yaar this disco is really amazing
Kishor : why you both are not dancing??

Kartik : like this only
Pyare : anything serious guyz??
Raghu : no pyare just general talk
Pyare : then its fine
Hema : i am really feeling hungry guyz lets go and eat something
Bindu : hema you always feel hungry only
Kishor : lets go and eat something guyz
Kartik : even i am feeling hungry

Everyone seats in the car as they were sitting previously. In the middle of the road kartik’s car stops. Even kishor stops the car to look why kartik has stopped the car
Survi : what happened kartik??
Kartik : i don’t know suddenly the car has stopped just give a minute i will check
Kartik gets out of the car and looks that the car is punctured
Kishor : what happened kartik ??
Kartik : car is punctured kishor
Everyone gets out of the car
Bindu : now what to do??
Pyare : this is all because of you kartik
Kartik : what did i do??
Pyare : because of your idea we all left our car at hema’s place if we all had brought our cars this would have not happened and we would have not been stucked in this place
Survi : pyare kartik didn’t do this intentionally and this can happen with anyone its not his fault
Hema : but how we all will go home now cause we will not get any rickshaw or taxi here and we all cannot fit in kishor’s car
Shanti : kishor you drop half people near hema’s home and come back to take the rest this way we can go home
Kishor : fantastic idea shanti
Kartik : kishor take the girls first we all will wait for you
Kishor : ok fine
Kishor goes near the car and gets shocked
Kishor : oh my god
Kartik : what happened now
Kishor : actually i forgot the keys of car in the car only and now the car is locked
Bindu : kishor how can you be so irresponsible how can you forget the car keys in the car
Hema : now what we all will do here
Kartik : i will call home and tell driver to bring another car
Kishor : call fast kartik
Kartik : oh no yaar there is no network here
Survi : there no network in my phone too
Shanti : my mobiles battery is dead
Bindu : now what to do yaar

Raghu : lets go walking
Pyare : are you gone mad raghu if we all will go walking till hema’s house na we will directly go to hospital
Shanti : pyare he means that just go walking for a mile lets see if we get any lift or any transport to go home
Raghu : that’s what i wanted to say
Pyare : wow shanti you know raghu so well now as if you are his gf
Raghu : will you shut up pyare
Pyare : what did i say wrong raghu a gf only understands her bf so well
Survi : stop fighting guyz
Kartik : survi is right look at the situation atleast
Raghu : pyare started this man
Pyare : no wait
Kishor : stop it now and lets see if we get any help ahead its not safe to wait here for a long time.
After walking a few km
Pyare : i am damn tired yaar i cannot walk a step now
Hema : same if i will walk more na i will surely faint here
Kartik : few more km then i think we will get some transport to go home
Bindu : no way kartik we cannot walk more and look at the time its 12:30 do you think we will get any transport so late
Kishor : actually there is no one on the road accept us
Pyare : you are right kishor there is not a single dog on the road
Survi : guyz look there
Shanti : what survi??
Survi : there is a small hut there we can wait there for a while
Raghu : what a fantastic idea survi you are just great
Survi : ( smiles ) thanks raghu

Location : undefined
Everyone comes inside the hut. The hut is very dirty and everywhere yellow grass is kept
Bindu : god this place is really dirty
Kishor : atleast we got a place to stay for a while bindu at least be happy in it
Shanti : actually this place is not that bad
Pyare : looking at this place i am feeling like i am raj from ddlj yaar just missing my simran
Everyone laughs
Kartik : pyare you are just impossible
Pyare : don’t know about you guyz bt i am really tired want to sleep for a while when we get transport plz wake me up
Kishor : even i am damn tired even i am sleeping
Kartik : then who will find transport if eveyone will sleep
Raghu : you kartik
Kartik : why me ??
Pyare : because we are stuck here only because of you
Kartik : pyare i will kill you
Pyare : good night
Everyone finds a place and sleeps
Kartik : oh god yaar
Survi : if you don’t mind i can give you company to find a transport
Kartik : why you are not feeling sleepy
Survi : nope

Kartik and survi look for transport to go home but all their efforts go in vain
Kartik : i don’t think we will find any help now
Survi : even i think so
Kartik : lets go back
As they are walking towards hurt survi feel cold kartik notices that and removes his jacket and gives her
Survi : no i am fine
Kartik : you are such a bad lier
Survi : i am fine really

Kartik : see if you will not take this jacket till morning probably you will become a kulfi so its better that you take this jacket
Survi : ( smile ) thank you
Kartik and survi come near the hut kartik is about to enter the hut but he looks at survi standing out looking at the stars
Kartik : excuse me madam don’t you want to sleep
Survi : nope
Kartik holds survi’s hand and takes her aside
Survi : kartik where are you taking me
Kartik : sit down
Survi : but why
Kartik : see if you will stand and watch the stars your legs will pain so its better that you sit and watch them
Survi sits down next to kartik
Survi : so you are not feeling sleepy
Kartik : actually i was damn tired and was feeling sleepy also
Survi : then go and sleep kartik

Kartik : but now sleep has disappeared
Survi : you are really strange kartik
Kartik : so tell me why were you looking at the stars??
Survi : i like looking at the stars everyday from my childhood i look at these stars
Kartik : but why survi??
Survi : i was very small when my mom died and when i was small i used to ask my papa that where is my mom i want my mom so he used to say that your mom is with us only
Kartik : then??
Survi : then i used to ask him then where is she i cannot see her. Then papa used to point at these stars and say that whenever our love ones goes to god he makes them a star and god has made your mom also a star

Kartik listens to survi silently and looking at her lovingly
Survi : you know then i used to ask papa that there are so many stars in the sky how will i find mom so he used to say that the brightest star in the sky is your mom. So every night while looking at these stars i used to fall asleep and i used to really feel that my mom is very close to me
Kartik : survi you miss your mom na
Survi : little little. But papa has always tried to fulfill my each and every wish he is my mom and papa both.

Kartik : you are really a lucky girl
Survi : that i know. Kartik i never shared my feelings and these special things with anyone i don’t know why i am telling you all this
Kartik : survi sometimes its necessary to pour your heart out and today you did that it just requires a person who you trust alot to say these things
Survi : you must be thinking that i am so emotional and crazy girl
Kartik : no i will never think like that infact i think that you are really a sweet, cute, mature girl
Survi rest her head on kartik’s shoulder holding his arms. Kartik gets shocked
Survi : thanks kartik for listening to me it really feels nice when you have someone who listens to you silently and understands you so well. Thanks for being that special friend
Kartik : survi i don’t know why i am listening to you i don’t know when you are not around i feel incomplete. I really don’t know what is happening to me this is not me after meeting you i am changing. Today i want to tell you that in you i see a life partner who i was searching for from so long. I think i love you survi.

Kartik looks at survi. Survi is fallen asleep in his arms
Kartik : ( smiles ) i was telling you such a important thing and you have fallen asleep not fair madam. But you look really cute while sleeping. Thank you bappa today i got answers to all my question survi is the love of my life. I LOVE YOU SURVI
Kartik picks survi up and takes her to the hut and makes her lay down. Rest all are sleeping. Kartik is about to go but he looks that survi is holding his hand tightly in sleep. He tries to free his hand but his efforts in vain. Finally he sleeps next to survi

Precap : survi kartik nok jhok

Next epi will be posted on sunday 11th September 2016

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