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Hey guyz i am sanjana and i am back with my ff i know you guyz have to wait alot for my ff but i am also helpless cause i don’t get much time but whenever i will get time i will surely post my ff and plz do comment about the epi plzz cause it takes lots of effort to write these ff.

Location : St. Xavier’s college
The program is started and everybody is having a blast watching the performances. Kartik is searching for survi in the college.
Kartik : hey shanti
Shanti : hey kartik all the best for you performance
Kartik : thank you shanti
Raghu : i know man you and survi will rock the stage
Kartik : hope so yaar. Btw i wanted to ask you something
Raghu : what??
Kartik : actually did you ( pyare comes and interrupts him )
Pyare : kartik thank god you are here i am searching you from so long
Kartik : me why??
Pyare : to wish you and survi all the best man
Kartik : that’s what even i was going to ask shanti
Pyare : what ?? You are confusing me
Kartik : pyare wait a second. shanti did you see survi??
Shanti : kartik she is in green room getting ready
Kartik : thank you so much shanti
Shanti : you are welcome
Pyare : now can i talk
Kartik : yes
Pyare : kartik so are you prepared for your performance??
Kartik : are you taking my interview pyare
Pyare : no
Kartik : so i don’t feel that it is important to answer your question i have more important work to do
Pyare : but kartik
Kartik : talk to you later pyare
Kartik runs towards the green room

Location : Green Room
Survi is getting ready for the performance. She is wearing a white colour one piece. She is unable to zip her dress from back and is trying hard. Kartik comes in and is mesmerized to see survi. Survi hears some noise and thinks that shanti is there
Survi : shanti is that you plz come and help me yaar
Kartik ( in mind ) : what should i do?? Should i help her??
Survi : shanti what are you thinking i am getting late plz come and help me
Kartik moves forward comes close to survi and touches her back. Survi feels his touch and looks back and looks at kartik shocked
Survi : kartik what are you doing here??
Kartik : shhh..
Kartik turns survi and zips her dress. Survi and kartik realize their physical intimacy and moves back
Kartik : its done
Survi : i think we should go back stage for our performance
Kartik holds survi’s hand and stops her
Survi : kartik what are you doing
Kartik : something is missing survi
Survi : means??
Kartik : are you pakka ready
Survi : yes kartik
Kartik : is this new fashion to wear earings only in one ear
Survi : no but why are you asking that??
Kartik turns survi around and points at the mirror
Kartik : you forgot to wear earings in one ear ( starts laughing )
Survi : its all because of you i was getting ready only why did you came here because of you i forgot to wear one earing ( wears a earings )
Kartik : excuse me madam i came here to call you for the performance and you are blaming me only
Survi : i was coming only there was no need of you to come here
Kartik : first of all i helped you and instead of saying thank you look at you, you are shouting at me only
Survi : now we are not getting late for our performance
Kartik : oh shit lets go fast

Location : on stage
Anchor : so guyz are you having fun
Crowd : yessssss
Anchor : ok so now get ready for the next performance here comes kartik and survi to set the stage on fire
Kartik and survi comes on stage the song plays. Kartik and survi perform they are lost in each others eyes and their chemistry as set fire on the stage. While the crowd is shouting loudly and going crazy. As the song comes to end kartik holds survi in his arms and rose petals starts showering on them. They share an eye lock. Their performance ends

Location : backstage
Pyare : kartik survi congrats man you both set the fire on stage you really rocked it yaar
Kartik : thanks man
Shanti : i think you both will win the best jodi award today
Survi : there were more beautiful performance then us shanti
Hema : still survi even i think that you both will win the best jodi award you were looking so good together as if you both are really in love with each other
Kartik and survi share an awkward moment
Pyare : who knows they can fall in love with eachother
Kartik : shut up pyare. Guyz i have to go its time for my performance
Raghu : yes man all the best
Survi : all the best
Kartik : thanks
Pyare : hey guyz lets go i don’t want to miss kartik’s performance
Kartik is on the stage with his guitar as girls see him they go crazy and shout on top of their voice. Kartik plays his guitar and sings the song tum hi ho from aashiqui 2. Survi is also lost in kartik’s performance. Everyone is cheering him. Soon kartik ends his performance. Crowd shout for once more
Anchor : so guyz did you enjoy today’s performances
Crowd : yes
Anchor : now its time for the prize distribution ceremony. I would like to call our principal and guest
Various prizes our distributed
Anchor : so the best jodi award goes to..
Guest : kartik and survi
Everyone cheers them. Kartik and survi goes and recieves the award

Everyone congrats kartik and survi
Mathur mam : congrats kartik and survi
Kartik & survi : thanks mam
Mathur mam : i knew that you guyz were going to rock but such awesome performance an mindblowing chemistry i never thought
Survi : mam we won this award only because of you if you would have not insisted us to perform together we would never get this award
Katik : yes mam survi is right its all because of you thank you so much
Mathur mam : no need of this thanks and all now keep up you both.
Kartik : thanks mam

Pyare : kartik survi congrats both of you
Shanti : congrats
Kartik : thank you guyz
Hema : but we don’t want this thank you
Survi : then what do you want guyz
Raghu : we want a party
Kartik : ofcourse. Lets go to disco tonight
Survi : but baba will not allow this late night party
Shanti : even my parents won’t allow
Raghu : not what to do
Hema : my parents are out of station so i have no problem
Pyare : here i have an idea
Kartik : what??
Raghu : tell fast
Pyare : shanti survi you tell your parents that you are going to stay with hema as her parents are not there and then we can all go to disco tonight
Survi : but how can i lie to papa
Kartik : survi we are not telling you to lie we are just telling you to hide the truth
Bindu : kartik is right survi
Pyare : now no more excuses survi shanti we all are going to disco tonight and this is fixed
Shanti : okay i will talk to my parents
Survi : ok if even i will talk to baba
Kartik : we all will meet near hema’s house
Hema : ok
Bindu : hema you message your address we all will come at 10 pm
Kishor : fine so lets go home now so that we can meet soon
Raghu : okay
everyone leaves survi was also about to go but kartik stops her
Kartik : survi
survi : yes kartik
Kartik : congrats
Survi : you wanted to tell this
Kartik : no actually i just wanted to ask that you will come na tonight
Survi : kartik if i will go then only i can come na
Kartik : ya. Bye
Survi : kartik
Kartik : yes
Survi : your performance was really nice you are really a awesome singer
Kartik : sachi
Survi : mucchi
Kartik and survi laugh
Kartik : so see you tonight
Survi : okay bye
Kartik : bye

Location : survi’s residence
Survi comes running to her house and hugs srikanth
Survi : papa look at this
Srikanth : oh wow best jodi that means your performance was awesome
Survi : super awesome papa everyone was praising me and kartik
Srikanth : that’s good
Survi : papa i want to ask you something
Srikanth : yes beta
Survi : papa actually hema’s parents are out of town so i and shanti have planned to stay with her tonight so that she doesn’t feel lonely so can i go
Srikanth : what about college??
Survi : we will go tommorrow to college from hema’s house only. Plz papa can i go
Srikanth : ok go
Survi : love you papa. You are best papa in the world
Srikanth : that i know
Survi : i will pack my bag
Srikanth : okay

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik is getting ready. He is wearing a blue jeans white shirt and brown leather jacket. He is looking very hot
Kartik : bindu dii are you ready
Lata : kartik where are you going??
Kartik : mom for a party
Tai : when will you both come back
Kartik : soon tai don’t worry
Bindu comes down she is wearing a green colour gown looking very pretty
Bindu : lets go kartik. Bye mom and kaki
Kartik : don’t worry ladies we will come soon

Location : hema’s residence
Kartik, bindu, kishor , raghu come near hema’s house
Kishor : where are others
Raghu : no idea man
Bindu : relax everyone will come
Hema and shanti come out. Hema is wearing a blue gown and shanti a pink one piece they are also looking very cute
Raghu : shanti you are looking beautiful
Kishor : oh really raghu
Raghu : hema you are also looking beautiful. Btw where is this pyare
Pyare : i am here sorry i am little late. Everyone is here so lets go
Kartik : where is survi ??
Pyare : is she not coming ??
Shanti : no
Kartik interrupts shanti before she can say anything
Kartik : what she is not coming but why??? I think we should cancel the plan without survi we cannot go
Pyare : but we all are ready now how can we cancel the plan we all will go.
Raghu : no other option
Shanti : but listen to me
Bindu : its ok shanti you don’t have to explain from survi’s side we can understand her problem
Kartik : guyz i just remembered that i have some work you guyz go i will join you later
Pyare : what work now
Kartik : i have some work i will come soon
Kishor : you will pakka come na
Kartik : if the work will get over soon i will come
Bindu. : but kartik yaar
Kartik : its imp dii
Pyare : okay so lets go then see you kartik
Kartik was about to go just then survi comes
Survi : hey guyz
Kartik suddenly looks back and finds survi standing in black one piece with high heels hairs curled wearing a black long earings and watch in one hand
Pyare : survi what are you doing here we thought you are not coming
Shanti : that’s what we were trying to tell you all that survi is coming
Kartik : then why you told no shanti
Shanti : when pyare said that is survi not coming i was going to tell that no she is going to come with us but before i could say anything kartik you interrupted me
Raghu : ohh
Survi : actually i was not finding my phone that’s why i got late
Bindu : oh so much confusion
Kishor : finally everything is sought out
Pyare : lets go now. Bye kartik
Survi : kartik you are not coming
Hema : actually survi kartik has some important work so he is leaving
Survi : ohh.. Bye kartik

Kartik ( in mind ) : no even i want to come i thought you are not coming survi so just made a excuse now what will i do
Raghu : kartikkk.. Where are you lost?? Don’t want to go??
Kartik : actually guyz that work is not important more than you all so i am coming with you
Pyare : are you mad kartik go and do your important work.
Kartik : no its not that important
Survi : yes kartik we can understand
Kartik : look i got a message the work is cancelled so i am coming with you all
Pyare : but your phone didn’t ring
Kartik : why phone was on vibration mode pyare
Pyare : okay so show that message
Raghu : leave na pyare if he is telling that the work has been cancelled so it must have been cancelled.
Kishor : so now can we all leave
Pyare : ya finally. So kishor you and bindu come in your car. I will take hema and survi. Shanti, raghu you both come with kartik
Raghu : fine
Kartik : nooo
Bindu : what happened kartik???
Survi : kartik are you ok
Kartik : yes i am fine
Pyare : than what was that noooooo
Kartik : actually i was saying that what is need to take 3-3 cars we should save petrol
Pyare : what are you talking kartik
Kartik : pyare you and hema come with kishor and bindu di. Raghu, shanti and survi will come in my car. and let your car be here only
Pyare : but why ??
Kartik : we should save petrol for our next generation pyare
Pyare : sometimes you act weird kartik
Raghu : its ok pyare you and hema go with kishor and bindu
Kishor : come pyare lets go
Kartik : huhh..
Raghu : lets go now

Survi sit next to kartik while shanti and raghu sit back. Kartik drives the car
Raghu and shanti whisper among themselves
Raghu : shanti don’t you think that kartik likes survi and what he did just now was just for survi
Shanti : what he did??
Raghu : first when he got to know that survi is not coming he got some imp work and when survi came his work got cancelled. And this save petrol and all was just so that survi can sit in his car
Shanti : ohh..you are right raghu even i think so
Raghu : and look now how kartik is continuously looking at survi only
Shanti : we should try to bring them together raghu
Raghu : okay

Precap : disco party

Next epi will be posted on next Saturday 3rd august 2016

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