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YVR_Love Never Ends_ ( Introduction)


YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey this is sanjana im big fan of karvi and thus im writing this article hope u guyz like it


Kartik Barve (age 27) : kartik is a young buisness man who does not believe in love and is always busy with his work.

Survi Mohite ( age 23) : A rich bubbly girl full of life. Loves to help people and is full of life and her world is just her dad

Srikant Mohite : survi’s father he is a buisness man and loves his daughter alot and is very possesive and protective about her

Kamla Barve : kartik’s aunt she is very selfish person and has a bad eye on kartik’s money

Lata Barve : she is kartik’s mom a simple lady her priority is her childrens

Shanti : kartik’s sister a simple and innocent girl

Hema – Bindu : tai’s daughter they are very evil and cannot see kartik and shanti happy

Aniket Mehra : survi’s friend and loves survi alot and can do anything for her

Kishor : kartik’s manager he is very loyal and sweet and loves bindu

Credit to: Sanjana

  1. Nice introduction..

    1. Thanks neha

  2. Very’s good that me and fatarajo are not the only ones writing fan fictions, can’t wait for ittttt, jaldi upload karnataka episode 2

  3. Obviously i will upload next episode today or tomorrow and your ffs are also very nice mariyah and fatarajo i read your ffs but i was a silent reader but now i will make sure that will comment

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