YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 9

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey guyz i am really sorry for not posting epi 9 for such a long time without any further delay lets start with the ff

Location : survi’s residence
Survi enters the house while srikanth is waiting for her
Srikanth: survu where were you look at the time its so late
Survi : sorry papa i was with my friend really sorry
Srikanth : but which friend
Survi : papa i am really tired we will talk later na i have to sleep now bye good night and love you
Survi hugs srikanth and runs to her room
Srikanth : this girl na ( smiles )

Location : survi’s bedroom
Survi is thinking of kartik and is smiling
Survi ( mind ) : i love you kartik i love you alot
Just then she gets a call from kartik

Survi : hello
Kartik : so you were thinking about me right
Survi : who told you that i was thinking about you i was thinking about tommorrow’s meeting
Kartik : really
Survi : yes
Kartik : but i was thinking about you only
Survi : kartik i think you should sleep now otherwise you will be late for the meeting
Kartik : survi i am trying to be so romantic and look at you
Survi ( smiles ) : ohh.. I am sorry
Kartik : i will forgive you only on one condition
Survi : what condition
Kartik : i want a kiss
Survi : kartik sleep now
Kartik : ohk fine you are not giving me my kiss na i will take tommorrow my kiss personally and you will not be able to run also
Survi : good night kartik
Kartik : love you survi
Survi : love you too bie

Survi is having her breakfast with srikanth
Srikanth : are you ready for the meeting survi
Survi : yes papa i have made the presentation
Srikanth : that’s good
Survi and srikanth are having their breakfast and just then someone enters the house and goes near survi and shouts in her ears loudly boom. Survi gets scared and turns around and is shocked
Survi : aniket
Aniket : yes its me
Survi : omg when you came back from london ???
Aniket : yesterday
Survi ( happily ) : welcome back missed you alot ( she hugs him tightly )
Aniket : missed you too survi
Srikanth : aniket come and have breakfast with us
Aniket : ofcourse uncle ( he sits to have breakfast) so survi lets go out for lunch today
Survi (mind) : oh no i have to meet kartik today
Aniket : survi where are you lost
Survi : actually today i am busy aniket i have a meeting and after that i have to go out with a friend
Aniket : now you are a busy person
Survi : aniket its nothing like that plz understand we will go tommorrow na plz
Aniket : okay no problem as you say madam
Survi : thanks and now bie i am getting late for the meeting bye papa bye aniket
Srikanth : bye beta
Aniket : all the best for you meeting

Survi : thanks

Survi is explaning the presentation and kartik is just looking at her suddenly everyone claps and kartik comes to his senses
Members : nice presentation Miss. Survi
Survi : thank you everyone and this is it rest issues we will mail you
After the meeting kartik and survi leave
Survi : kartik where are we going??
Kartik : tiger point
Survi : why are we going there??
Kartik : survi to spend some time with each other
Kartik stops the car. No one is there except them only silence and greenary around
Kartik : so you are forgetting something
Survi : what ??

Kartik : my kiss
Survi : shut up kartik if anyone will come what they will think
Kartik : no one is going to come look no one is around its just you and me
Kartik leans close to survi she closes her eyes. He first kisses her forehead then her cheeks and finally kisses her lips. Survi is holding his shirt. They share a deep passionate kiss. He moves to her neck and kisses her neck gently. Suddenly it starts raining
Survi : wow its raining
Survi gets down the car and starts dancing in the rain kartik also comes out survi pulls him to dance they share some cozy moments in rain ( soch na sake song in background )

Kartik and survi are sitting next to car having hot coffee
Kartik : survi
Survi : hmm
Kartik : i love you
Survi : i love you too
Kartik : when you are with me everything look so beautiful and perfect. I just want you to always be with me
Survi : even i can’t live without you kartik not even for a second
Kartik : so when are we going to meet tommorrow
Survi : oh no i cannot meet you tommorrow
Kartik : why???
Survi : actually i have to go for lunch with aniket
Kartik : who is this aniket??
Survi : my fiance
Kartik : what are you saying
Survi (laughs) : just joking stupid he is my childhood friend
Kartik : you scared me for a minute i thought i will get a heart attack
Survi : how can you get a heart attack your heart is with me na
Kartik : so we will not me meeting tommorrow
Survi : nope

Kartik : survi i will miss you
Survi : from now only you started missing me what will happen tommorrow
Kartik : god knows. Tell that aniket that you have to go with your boyfriend so you cannot go with him
Survi : he is my childhood friend my bestie and he has just returned from london i cannot say him no like this he feel bad. You plz try to understand na kartik
Kartik : ok fine (making sad face )
Survi : i think we should leave now

Kartik : ya lets go

Guyz sorry no precap cause i did not get any idea about the next epi. Guyz and i also want to know that should i continue with this ff or not as i am not getting much comments so plz comment and tell that should i continue this ff or not

Credit to: Sanjana


    • Sanjana

      K even i don’t want to end this ff but the comments are very less so i have to end this ff but still i will post more 2-3 epi if the comments increase then i will continue the ff but not then i have to end this ff

  1. Neha

    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode…. please continue your ff…. i love it… please please don’t end ….

    • Sanjana

      Thank you neha really even i dont want to end this ff but depends on the number of comments but still i will wait for more 2-3 epi and then finally decide whether i will continue the ff or not

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