YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 8


YVR_Love Never Ends_

Thank you guyz for your beautiful comments lets start the epi without any further delay

Location : Survi’s residence
Survi is lying on the bed holding her teddy bear and is lost in thoughts of kartik
Survi : our first meeting was so bad i thought you are khadus but i was wrong you are so kind,loving and caring person. I didn’t know when i started to fall in love with you. Omg really i really love you kartik love you lots and i cannot stay without you and i know that you love me too. Cannot wait for tommorrow. Huhh..when it will be 8 pm
Survi sleeps thinking about kartik and here kartik is also lost in survi’s thought and is thinking how to propose her
Kartik : tommorrow is a big day for me will she say?? What if she says no?? Kartik don’t think negative she will say yes only be positive.

Location : survi’s residence
Survi is getting ready to meet kartik she is wearing a beautiful red gown with her hairs curled beautiful red earings and a watch in her hand she wears a high heel red sandal
Survi : (looking in the mirror) wow survi you are looking so beautiful today some one is going surely die after looking at you
Survi gets a call from kartik
Kartik : hello where are you i am waiting for you downstairs
Survi : you came. Wait i coming in 1 min
Survi rushes down. Kartik is waiting for survi in a black suit with red flowers in his hand.
Survi comes down. After looking at her kartik is mesmerized by her beauty and is not able to take his eyes of her .
Survi: kartik kartik where are you lost
Kartik : i am lost in you. You are looking so beautiful today
Survi : (blushes) thank you
Kartik gives her flowers and takes her to the car. They both leave

Location : unknown location
Kartik stops the car near a hotel and opens the door for survi holds her hand and bring her out of the car. Kartik closes survi’s eyes and says her to come with him.survi do as kartik says. Kartik brings survi to the hotel which is fully decorated with candles flowers he opens survi’s eyes. Survi is very happy looking at the decoration. Kartik comes closer to survi takes her hand in his
Kartik : survi you know first i used to only think of my family and business i had no time for love and i never thought that i will ever fall in love. But after meeting you i changed and slowly slowly i started falling for you. Yes survi “I LOVE YOU” i love you alot
He gets on his knee removes a ring from his pocket
Kartik : Miss . Survi Mohite i love you and i want to spend my whole life with you will you marry me
Survi : ofcourse i will marry you i love you too kartik
Kartik puts ring in survi’s hand they both hug each other tightly. Kartik plays the song bol do na zara they both dance on the song. Kartik and survi are very close to eachother kartik is about to kiss survi. Survi feels shy and tries to go but kartik holds her hand from behind and pulls her near him they share a deep eye lock
Kartik : i love you survi
Survi : i love you too kartik

Kartik comes close to survi they both kiss each other passionately. He pins her to the wall he kisses her neck and shoulder she allows him to do so while she holds his shirt tightly.
Kartik an survi our now sitting near the pool side survi holding kartik’s hand and keeping her head on his shoulder with their legs in water
Survi : kartik this all looks like a dream
Kartik : but its not a dream survi this all is happening in real
Survi : kartik you will never leave my hand na you will always be with me na
Kartik : no survi i will never leave you promise yeh vaada raha
Kartik goes close to survi. Survi closes her eyes Just then survi’s phone rings she looks at her phone its srikanth.
Survi : its papa
Kartik : really very bad timing
Survi : kartik plz be quiet
She picks up the call
Srikanth: survi beta where are you?? Its 11 pm
Survi : dad actually i am with my friend sorry i didn’t realize its so late don’t worry i will come soon
Srikanth : ok i am waiting for you come soon
Survi : yes papa don’t worry bie

Survi : i have to go kartik papa is waiting for me
Kartik : plz don’t go be with me i want to look at you like this only whole night
Survi : even i don’t want to go but i have to otherwise papa will get angry
Kartik : is it necessary to go
Survi : yes
Kartik : ok i will let you go only on one condition
Survi : what??
Kartik : you have to come with me tommorrow after the meeting
Survi : ok but where??
Kartik : that’s a surprise
Survi : but
Kartik : no more questions now you are coming with me tommorrow and that is it now you decide how will you convince uncle
Survi : okay baba i will come with you
Kartik : vaada
Survi : yeh vaada raha
Kartik drops survi near her house
Kartik : bye
Survi : bye
Survi is about to get down from the car but kartik holds her hand
Kartik : don’t go na
Survi : Mr. Kartik Barve if i will not go na papa will kill me look at the time its 12
Kartik : i am being so romantic and you want to go home
Survi : even i don’t want to but have to go
Kartik : is there no any way that you can be with me 24/7 and i keep looking at you like this lovingly
Survi : there is a way that we can be 24/7 together (survi leans towards kartik) and very close to each other also
Kartik : what is that way
Survi : you come to my house with your family and ask my hand from my father when we will get married no one will separate us
Kartik (smiles) : soon i will come and ask your hand from uncle and take you with me
Survi : really
Kartik : hmm
Survi : then wait for that day bye
Survi hugs and kisses kartik on his cheeks and runs to her house. Kartik looks at her constantly and when she gets into her house then he leaves

PRECAP : survi having breakfast and a unknown guy comes survi sees him and gets shocked

Credit to: Sanjana

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    Wow awesome amazing episode Sanjana…..i love it soo much …..can’t for next episode

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