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YVR_Love Never Ends_

Thank you mariyah,abhi,karvi,K, nisha, fatarajo, neha, marium, lovy for your comments and support lets start with the epi

Location : bedroom
Kartik bring survi to the room and locks the door so that she cannot go out and create problem in the party
Survi : where is the bottle you told me that you will give me a new bottle to drink
Kartik : first you sleep then i will give you tommorrow
Survi : you are lier you told me that if i will keep quiet and come in the room with you you will give me a new bottle. I don’t want to talk with you katti
Kartik : listen to me you are fully drunk you sleep now
Survi : haww…who told you that i am drunk i never drink and see i can walk properly
Survi was about to fall but kartik catches her
Survi : you saved me from falling down you are so nice. You know first i used to think that you are rude, boring and i used to also call you KK
Kartik : kk???
Survi : arey .. Khadus kartik
Kartik (smiles) : so now you don’t think that i am khadus
Survi : after spending time with you i understood that you are too cute and know to smile also and you are not that khadus
Survi pulls kartik’s cheeks
Kartik : survi what are you doing you should sleep now
Survi : i don’t want to sleep i want to dance. You will dance with me
Kartik : survi you should sleep now
Survi goes and plays song. And starts dancing on kheech meri photo song. Kartik controls her while dancing so that she will not fall
Kartik (in mind) : god what should i do to stop her she is acting like stupid now but still she is looking so cute. What shall i do now?? Idea if i sprinkle water on her face she will come to her senses
Kartik takes survi to the bathroom
Kartik : survi sprinkle this water on your face
Survi : no i will not
Kartik : ok then i will sprinkle
Survi splashes water on kartik
Kartik : survi what are you doing you made me wet
Survi : oops sorry
Survi comes close to kartik and says you know now..now
Kartik : now what??
Before survi could say anything she gets unconsious. Kartik then picks her up and puts her on bed.
Kartik: thank god she slept even i have to change now
He removes his shirt and is about to go to change but survi holds his hand
Survi : kartik don’t go. Don’t leave me alone
Kartik : i will just change and come
Survi gets up and pulls kartik near her and kisses him on his cheeks and says him plz don’t go i really feel safe with you
Kartik : i am here only you sleep
Survi : you know kartik i used to hate you first but now i started liking you
Kartik gets shocked
Kartik : survi you sleep now you don’t know what are you saying we will talk tommorrow
Survi : ofcourse i know what am i saying i like you
Survi again gets unconscious and sleeps. Kartik try’s to go but survi is holding his hand tightly. He tries to free his hand but fails finally he sleeps some distance away from survi on bed and is thinking about survi only how she kissed him and said i like you and all

Survi and kartik are sleeping on the same bed survi is in kartik’s arms while kartik is shirtless and survi peacefully sleeping on kartik’s shoulder. Survi wakes up with a bad headache and is shocked to see kartik sleeping beside her shirtless
Survi : oh god what happened yesterday between me and kartik. I am having such a bad headache and i am not able to remember also anything that happened last night survi gets up and is about to go but her saree is stuck in kartik’s bracelet she tries to remove it but kartik wakes up and they both share a deep eye lock (yeh vaada raha play in background) . Kartik removes survi saree stucked in his bracelet
Survi : kartik what happened yesterday between us
Kartik : ( confused ) between us??
Survi : ( almost to cry ) kartik plz tell me what happened between us yesterday i am not able to remember anything
Kartik understands that survi because of drinking does not remember anything and plans to play a prank with survi
Kartik : survi yesterday you were fully drunked and thats why i brought you in the room and in the room you came close to me (smiling) and we came to close to each other
Survi : ( crying ) oh god what have we done
Kartik now cannot control his laugh and starts laughing loudly
Survi : why are you laughing
Kartik : dumbo i was just playing a prank nothing like that happened between us as you are thinking
Survi : pakka
Kartik : yes baba pakka
Survi starts beating kartik with a pillow you know how much i was scared. He catches survi’s hand in order to save himself but loses his control and falls on the bed with survi on top of him they both share a deep eyelock (yeh vaada raha plays) kartik notices whats happening and breaks the eyelock. They both feel awkward survi goes to have shower
Kartik ( in mind ) : huhh.. Kartik control yourself
Survi and kartik come down to leave they thanks that couple for the help
Old lady: no need of saying thanks it was our duty to help you
Old uncle : yes but you have to come here again to meet us
Kartik : sure uncle
Old lady : may you both always be together like this only
Survi : thanks aunty we should leave now bie
Kartik and survi come back to mumbai. Kartik comes to drop survi at her house

Location : survi’s residence
Survi : papa..papa i am back
Srikanth : beta where were you and why was your phone switched off and you both didn’t reach for the meeting also i was so tensed
Survi : stop..stop so many questions at one time only
Kartik : uncle actually we met with an accident
Srikanth : what are you both ok and why didn’t you inform me survi is careless but kartik you should have informed me na
Survi : papa chill and sit down and listen to me survi tells srikanth about the accident and the couple
Srikanth : thank god that couple helped both of you and you came safely home
Kartik : i think i should leave aai must me also tensed and waiting for me
Survi : papa i will leave him till the car and come
Srikanth : yes sure
Survi comes to leave kartik till the car there is a awkward silence between them they both are blushing
Survi : kartik
Kartik : survi
( They both laugh )
Survi : you say
Kartik : no you say first
Survi : no plz you say first
Kartik : are you free tommorrow?? If you are we can go out for dinner
Survi : ( smiling ) so Mr. Kartik Barve is asking me for a dinner date ??
Kartik : kind of but you didn’t answer my question
Survi (blushes) and is about to go but kartik holds her hand and pulls survi near him
Kartik : so its a yes
Survi : ofcourse yes. Now leave my hand if papa will see you like this na he will kill you
Kartik : i am not scared of srikanth uncle
Survi : oh really
Kartik : yes
Survi : papa what are you doing here
Kartik gets scared and leave survi’s hand survi laughs
Survi : look at your face
Kartik : you almost gave me a heart attack
Survi : now go otherwise really papa will come
Kartik : bie
Survi : bie
Kartik : i will come tommorrow to pick you up at 8 pm
Survi : okay

PRECAP : kartik will propose survi

Sorry guyz for not posting my ff actually i was really busy in my college so was not able to post my ff hope you guyz like this episode and plz do comment about the epi

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Hi Sanjana, this was really amazing I loved itttt…….and you don’t have to be sorry, as we all(especially me) be busy to upload our ff :)….and this was the best episode yettt..I loved it

    1. Thank you mariyah and i think you will like the next epi more coz it will be very romantic and kartik will propose survi and plz you also post your ff soon coz really can’t wait for your ff

  2. Wow Sanjana….it is super, awesome, and amazing…. i love ur ff so much…..i’m agree with Mariyah that this was the best best episode yet….
    Sanjana plz try to upload ur ff as soon as possible…

    1. Thank you neha i am happy that you guyz are liking my ff so much and there is a bad news that i don’t know when i will post my next epi coz really busy these days with college work

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow nice SanJana 🙂

    1. Thank you fatarajo ☺️

  4. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Good update next epi soon whrs others did eyone quit ??٩(ˊωˋ*)٩(ˊωˋ*)و^_^||o(≧口≦)o

    1. Thank you karvi fans and others didn’t quit all are just busy with work and thats why not posting their ff

  5. I love it so much!! 🙂

  6. I absolutely love it !!! 🙂
    And don’t worry ….I understand that you’re busy and you’re trying your best to post the next episode as soon as possible…

    1. Thank you K for your understanding and support really i will try to post my next epi soon☺️

  7. sorry for late comment
    wow such an amazing epi i understand your problem but plzz try to post your next epi soon

    1. Its ok karvi and thanks i will try to post next epi soon karvi ☺️

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