YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 6

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Thank you guyz for your comments and support without any further delay lets start the epi

Location : unknown location
Kartik and survi have their food and are making arrangements to sleep
Kartik : survi you sleep on the bed i will sleep down
Survi ( in mind ) : thank god he told that he will sleep down otherwise because i will not be able to sleep down
Kartik : survi what are you thinking
Survi : just for formality no no you sleep on the bed i will sleep down
Kartik : okay then if you can sleep down you can sleep. Kartik goes and sleeps on bed
Survi gets shocked
Survi ( in mind ) : oh god i just told him that i can sleep down for formality but he took it seriously now how i will sleep down
Kartik gets up and starts laughing survi gives him a confused look
Kartik : don’t worry i was just joking you sleep on the bed
Survi : thank god for a min i was so tensed
Kartik smiles at her
Survi : you can smile also?? i thought you are a angry young man always
Kartik : ofcourse i can smile now we should sleep tomorrow we have to leave early also
They both sleep according to the arrangements decided
Kartik wakes up early in the morning and sees survi sleeping peacefully
Kartik ( in mind ) : she looks so pretty while sleeping. Oh no what am i thinking am i falling for her no this cannot happen we are very different from each other i should remove all these thoughts from my mind
Kartik goes to have bath. Survi gets up and moves to the bathroom she is not aware that kartik is inside. Kartik comes out and survi and kartik collide with each other kartik saves survi from falling down they both are lost in eachothers eyes ( yeh vaada raha plays in background) . Kartik notices whats going on and breaks the eye lock
Kartik : survi woh actually ( he is very nervous)
Survi : sorry its my fault i was half in sleep
Kartik : its ok
Survi and kartik come downstair they tell the old couple about their leaving today
Old man : beta you both are leaving wait for today its our anniversary and we have a function tonight if you will attend it we will feel nice
Kartik : uncle but
Lady : survi plz convince kartik na he will never say no to you
Survi : survi tells kartik that they should wait for today as they will feel nice and tomorrow morning we will leave early
Kartik : but survi what about the meeting
Survi : we will tell dad what happend he will understand don’t worry
Kartik : okay then we will wait
Old man and lady gets happy. They give them clothes to wear for the function

Guest are coming for the party and the old lady and man are greeting the guest in the room survi and kartik are geeting ready
Survi is wearing a beautiful red saree with backless blouse and red and golden bangles big jumkas and high heels survi is looking damn pretty. Kartik comes out of the washroom wearing a black and suit and he is also looking handsome as he comes out he is mesmerized by looking at survi
Kartik ( in mind ) : oh god she is looking so pretty am i falling for her
Survi : kartik where are you lost should we go down uncle and aunty must be waiting for us
Kartik : yea come lets go down
Survi : kartik your shirt button is about to break
Kartik : oh god now i have to change again
Survi : no wait i will stitch it
Kartik : you know to stitch button
Survi : yes kartik
Survi stitches kartik’s shirt button while he is just staring at her
Survi : it’s done now lets go down
Survi and kartik come down to the party
Lady : you both are looking very nice you both really make a good couple come lets enjoy the party
Survi and kartik smile at the lady and look at eachother awkwardly
That old couples daughter force kartik and survi to dance
Kartik : no i don’t to dance plz
But still she takes them to the dance floor
Survi and kartik come close and dance on the song tum ho mera pyaar
They are completely lost in each other while dancing his hands are on her waist while her hands are on his shoulder holding him tightly
Finally people clap aloud for them and they separate from each other
Survi : i didn’t know you dance so well
Kartik shys and says thanks
Kartik and survi are enjoying in the party. Survi asks for a cold drink but by mistakely drink alcohol she then drink 2 – 3 glasses and now is not in her senses
Kartik : where did this survi went
While searching for survi he comes In the garden. Survi is having a big bottle of alcohol is her hand
Kartik (shocked) : survi you are drinking??
Survi (drunked) : are you blind can you not see this is not alcohol this is cold drink
Kartik : ohk this is cold drink baba but now you come in the room
Survi : no i want to enjoy the party and dance
Kartik : survi you are not in your senses now lets go to the room
Survi : no i am in my senses look at me i am perfectly fine
Survi runs on the road kartik runs behind her to stop her. She is running on the road fully drunked . Kartik finally holds her takes her in his arms
Survi : leave me kartik i want to dance i want to live freely.
Kartik : no way you are not in your sense i cannot leave you
Survi : oh no my drink is over i want a new bottle
Kartik : i will give you but you have to be quite and listen to me
Survi : if i will listen to you you will give me a new bottle
Kartik : yes i will
Survi : okay i will be quite shhh…
Kartik some how takes survi to the room and locks the room

PRECAP : survi will kiss kartik

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  1. Sanjana this was a nice episode(I am mariyahs sister by the way) she told me to read your fan fiction it’s very good

    1. Oh really thank you so much and i am really happy that you liked my ff

  2. Sanjana, Sanjana, Sanjana what an amazing episode I loved it sooo much..It was amazing..I can’t wait for episode 7..I told my sis to comment she should have commented…Btw Sanjana when are you going to upload episode 7 I can’t waittt yaarrr….I loved the scenes where Kartik thought am I falling for her it was so beautiful..omg the Precap I can’t wait for episode 7 now ????..I can’t waitttt for it…Omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    1. Mariyah i am really happy that you are liking my ff so much that you are telling your sis to also read it and yes your sis marium has read my ff and commented also and i told u na in my previous comment that you are going to like epi 6 and im going to post epi as soon as i get time☺️☺️Plz keep reading and loving my ff like this only ❤️☺️?

  3. Wow Sanjana…..its was amazing and awesome episode…. i love it.. precape was super…. now really i can’t wait…

    1. Thank you and u knw after the precap you cannot wait but you all have to wait for the next epi

  4. Really amazing sanjana .actually i m new to you but i like all d ffs on yvr.i used to comment daily uptill march on d only 2 ffs of yvr but suddenly mariyah n abhi were inactive 4 some time.they did not write there ff so i stopped checking this page.anyway ur ff is so lovable

    1. Hey…how r u??Really yaar..u remember me now also…???

    2. Thank you lovy and its ok and even i used to read mariyah and abhi’s ff but actually i was a silent reader but then i got motivated and started to comment and write my own ff too btw thank you for your support ☺️☺️☺️

  5. amazing amazing Amazind
    what ideas you have in your mind awesome
    thanks for writing such a wonderful ff

    1. Thank you karvi ☺️☺️ i hope you guyz will like my next episodes too

  6. Its superb yaar..loved it..?

    1. Omg abhi i so happy to see your comment you and mariyah are my inspiration yaar and beacause of you and mariyah i am able yo write this ff and plz i want to req you to post both your ff soon as possible really missing your ff plz post soon abhi

      1. Iam damn happy now..i never thought that u guys will remember me now also…I will post it soon..will try my best to post this Sunday…?

    2. Sanjana….OMG I’m your inspiration ?????? OMG but your my inspiration with your amazing fan fiction ?????… And the reason I started writing my ff was because of Abhi and her amazing ff. ??? Abhi when I read your ff it was absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ that’s why I started writing…..Sanjana and yaar I thought I was good at fan fictions your ff is 1, 000, 000 times better than mine yaar……love you and your ff soooooo muchh

      1. Yes mariyah you and abhi are y inspiration really and yours and abhi’s ff is really far better than me but i am really happy that you both and others are liking my ff cannot tell you guyz how happy i am ?☺️?❤️

    3. Hi abhi why are you not writing your ff I really miss them and I love them

      1. Sorry yaar…got struck with fever…n then studies…bt i will continue,..?

      2. Thank you but when

  7. Hey sanjana is superb yaar loved it sorry for late comment and ur ff rocks n m in love with it and yesterday YVR was awesome but spoilers are shocking 🙁

    1. Thank you fatarajo and its ok if you comment late but plz do comment and tell me about how ws the epi and yes monday’s epi was nice but yesterdays epi made me cry yaar was really feeling bad for survi and kartik hope survi will find khushi

      1. it made me cry too it was a very sad epi
        hope they find khushi soon

      2. Yes I also hope they find khushi soon and did anyone see the latest pic of Sonal with the 7-yr old khushi she is so cute 🙂

  8. Abhi plz post before sunday plz coz we are really very excited for you next epi i its really impossible for me to wait more 5 days for next epi that excited im now plz post early

    1. I will try my best to post it before Sunday…?

      1. abhi u are back
        i am so happy i miss your ff a lot
        plzz continue it

      2. Thank you abhi ☺️☺️

    2. Wow Abhi I missed ur ff a lot happy u will be back btw how about your EDKV Ff m waiting for that one too

      1. fatarajo i saw the pic with khushi she is so cute

  9. @karvi…i will definetely continue it…?

  10. fatarajo i saw the pic with khushi she is so cute

  11. Awsom epi sanjana ….. hay abhi u r back wow. Wi8ing for ur ff happy to c u back…. n guys sanjna , nisha n mariha where r u guys plz upload ur epis 🙂

    1. Thank you amy i want to post the epi bt my net is working damn slow yaar but i will try to post my ff as soon as possible

  12. Haaassshhhh abhi u remember me n u r back afterall u r my bestie on tu . i was very angry dat without informing me u got inactive.at least u should inform me.when i got inactive i informed u dat i m busy with d shifting work.but u didnt .i was so worried 4 u;-(.i m so much angry from u.;->;->;->:[email protected]

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