YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 5

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Thank you mariyah, neha, karvi, nisha, amy for your beautiful comments so without any more delay lets start with todays epi

Location : on road
Kartik survi are on their way to pune in the car survi is getting bored so she just plays music
Kehte hai khuda ne iss jaha mein sabhi k liye
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi k liye ..
Kartik switch off the music
Survi : what is your problem i was listening to music na she again plays the song
Kartik : kartik again switch off the song and says i am getting disturbed so plz don’t play the song
Survi : you are not in a meeting to get disturbed i will play the song what you want to do you can do
Kartik and survi start their nok jhok and kartik gets distracted from the road survi notices a truck coming from front and shouts kartik truck
He somehow controls the car but notices that the break of the car are not working he tells survi to jump out of the car
Survi : are you crazy no i am not going to jump
Kartik : this is not the time to fight survi jump from the car otherwise we both will die
Survi : no i am not going to jump i will die if i will jump
Kartik : oh god this girl
He pulls survi close to him and jump from the car with survi. Kartik and survi roll down on top of each other lost in each others eyes survi is holding kartik tightly and there is very less space between them. Survi and kartik come in their senses and separate from each other and notice that they are lost in jungle
Survi : this is all because of you i told you that we should have not jumped from the car
Kartik : if we had not jumped from the car na we both would have died
Survi : oh really! So you think we are safe now we will surely be a good meal for these animals in the jungle
Kartik : (irritated) stop fighting with me and search way to get out from here
Survi : ohk
Survi and kartik are searching way to get out from the jungle since many hours but have failed to get out of the jungle and soon its going to be night so they are very tensed
Survi : kartik i am really tired i cannot walk more now
Kartik : we have to walk coz soon it will be night and it is not safe to stay here at night
Survi : but i am really tired i cannot walk a step also
Kartik notices that she is really tired and feels bad for her and comes near survi and picks her up in his arms and walks further
Survi is staring at him shocked
Survi ( in her mind ) : he is not that bad and rude as i was thinking about him and smiles looking at him
Kartik : we are coming back to the same place again and again
Survi : you are right kartik what to do now
Kartik : lets go straight and see if there is a way
Survi : ohk
And suddenly it starts to rain kartik gets frustrated and puts survi down
Kartik : oh god now this rain its so damn frustrating he fumes in anger
Survi is happy with rain and is getting wet happily. Kartik looks at survi lovingly and is lost in her. Survi notices this and looks at him kartik notices this and gets awkward
Kartik ( in mind ) : what am i doing?? Why i am looking at her so lovingly and lost in her ??
Survi : kartik?? Are you ok where Are you lost
Kartik : no nothing ( he gets awkward but controls himself)
Survi : kartik look again you are lost in your thoughts
Kartik : no nothing lets move now otherwise we will have to stay in this jungle only whole night
Survi : ya lets move on
Kartik and survi walk in the rain and finally sees a big house and gets happy

Location : unknown location
Kartik shouts is anyone there in the house
A old man and lady come out
Survi : namaste uncle and aunty actually we were lost in the jungle plz help us
Old lady : we only give shelter to married couples are you both married?
Kartik and survi look at eachother surprised
Survi : yes aunty we are married
Kartik looks shocked at survi
Lady : then its ok you both are fully wet come inside fast otherwise you both will get sick
That lady and man take them inside and give them a room to stay

Location : bedroom
Kartik 🙁 angrily ) why did you lie to them that we are married
Survi : calm down kartik and don’t shout if anyone will here this na they will throw us out of here
Kartik : but what was the need to lie
Survi : if i had told them the truth na they would have thrown out of here didn’t you notice what that lady said that they allow only married couples to stay here. So i told them that we are married to stay here
Kartik : ohk fine
Old lady knocks at the door
Lady : take this clothes both of you and change otherwise you both will get sick
Survi : thank you aunty
Lady : by the way i forgot to ask you your names
Survi: my name is survi and he is kartik
Lady : ok you both change i will send food for you both
Survi : yes aunty i am really feeling hungry
Lady : she smiles and says you both look so nice together and leaves

PRECAP : survi gets drunk

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  1. Wow Sanjana super episode….. karvi nok jhok it was amazing… and precape look intresting…

    1. Thank you neha nd yes the next epi is going to be really interesting

  2. Oh my good Sanjana…you rocked it, what a amazing episode lets do high five..I love your fan fiction so muchhh yaar and omg the kavi scenes ??? were so damn amazing but Sanjana I’ve got some bad news for you……do you know that Yeh Vaada Raha is going to have a 7 year leap which after Kartik and Survi will get Seperated ?????I’m about to cry Neha gave me the news I hope you will still continue your fan fiction after the terrifying leap btw I can’t upload my fan fiction today sorryyyyyy ??my net is really slow and I just can’t upload krill have to upload tomorrow…

    1. Thank you mariyah ur comments always makes me smile and i my next epi will be really damn interesting and yes i knw about the leap karvi will separate but actually i am happy about it u knw why the story will still be focused on our karvi how they will again come together and all so i think this track will be interesting and after the leap also i will watch yvr and post my ff also so i think u should also be happy about this twist and wait for what will happen next in yvr

      1. Hi Sanjana, and yes I am happy about the leap as well the writer had some brains this time but I am sad 🙁 because Kari are separating..and yes I will continue writing and watching after the leap..Yeh Vanda Raha is my damn life and your comments make me smile as well and I am exited too yaar..I am happy that my comments make you smilee:):)

  3. Really yaar hope this writers don’t make this serial worst hope something good happens mariyah and i will just watch yvr for my karvi

    1. I know yaar what if it turns into something like Kumkum bhagya and drag too much…..but people who use telly updates don’t have to worry as you, me, Nisha and Fatarajo are here to write ff’s yayy? but Yeh Vaada Raha has always been intresting so this track will surly drag people to watch it or will drag people away..Btw I have written intro/promo for my new ff please read it when it uploaded ???

      1. Really even i hope they don’t drag it to much and yes those ppl who use tellyupdates are lucky as we all are writing so beautiful ffs for them and mariyah i am really damn excited for your new ff plz upload your new ff as soon as possible can’t wait for it anymore and yes plz upload karvi ff soon waiting for that

    2. I know yaar kid ok if it’s a leap I’m fine with that but why theft k are they separating Karvi like why ???????how can so much in love Karvi just seperate that’s impossible ? like why would they seperate it doesn’t make sense..well let’s just put that all on the side and the leap omg I’m really happy for it as well as it will be based on Karvi and their baachi that’s all I’m happy about also it will be intresting though..??????????…Sanjana I’m really sorry for the super long comments ?..I know they are irritating and very long

      1. No mariyah your comments are not irritating your comments always makes me happy and you are right how will karvi separate who is so much in love i think this will be the new twist and i think tai must be behind this oh god i hate this suspense yaar??btw mariyah you saw khushi she is so cute yaar☺️☺️

  4. sorry for late comment
    the epi was awesome awesome awesome
    actually i am in love with this ff……superb

  5. i too read about the leap it made me crying karvi are separated but yvr doesnt drag so much so i’ll watch but kkb uffff so much they drag

    1. Karvi its ok and yes you are right yvr does not drag to much so hope something good happens after the leap and we can see karvi scenes too☺️☺️

  6. btw who is your fav jodi and serial?

    1. It is very simple my fav serial is yeh vaada raha and my fav jodi is karvi i am big karvi fan? i watch yvr just for ankush and sonal they both are just mind blowing love them alot ☺️❤️

      1. same here i am a big fan of karvi

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