YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 4

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Location : kartik’s residence
Lata is thinking about survi and kartik just than shanti comes ands says aai what happened what are you thinking
Lata : beta i was thinking about survi she is so beautiful sweet girl and belongs to a nice family too i think survi and kartik will make a great couple
Shanti : but aai i don’t think dada likes survi you saw his expression na when survi came
Lata : yes shanti you are right but i think survi is perfect for kartik she can handle kartik well at times she will be his good friend also and at times she can shout at him too
Shanti : maybe you are right aai
Lata : but first let them know each other than i will speak to survi’s father
Shanti : ok aai
Bindu hears all this and tells tai about this
Bindu : tai that lata kaki is planning for kartik’s marriage with that girl survi who came in the morning
Tai : so whats the problem
Bindu : tai are you ok you are saying this if that girl will come in this we cannot Rule over this house and the planning of taking kartik’s money will also fail
Tai : being my daughter you don’t understand anything. You know na she is only daughter of srikanth mohite owner of mohite industries if she will get married to kartik her property will also belong to kartik and from him i will take that property i am planning to take kartik’s 500 crore plus survi mohite’s property too
Bindu : nice idea tai
Tai : let her marry kartik than we will start our planning
Bindu : but tai kartik and survi don’t like each other what about that
Tai : you don’t take tension about that our lata will take care about that she will bring them close
Bindu : ok tai

Location : office
Kartik tells srikanth that they have to leave for pune as they have a important meeting with their client
Srikanth : oh my god i cannot come cause i have important meeting in panvel
Kartik : don’t worry uncle i will handle the meeting
Srikanth : you should take survi with you as she know the presentations high points well
Kartik : know uncle i will manage alone
Srikanth : kartik listen to me take survi with you it will be in our profit only
Kartik : ok uncle
Srikanth : i will inform survi about it
Kartik : even i will inform my family about it
Kartik calls lata
Kartik : hello aai
Lata : yes beta
Kartik : i am going to pune with survi for an important meeting will come back till tommorrow evening
Lata : ok beta but take care and have safe journey.
Kartik : yes aai bie
Lata ( in mind) : looks like bappa is only bringing survi and kartik close ganpati bappa morya
Here srikanth also tell survi about the trip and tells her to be ready as kartik will come to pick her up

Location : survi’s residence
Kartik comes at survi’s home
Survi is getting ready so her maid tells kartik to wait for her. Kartik sees beautiful pics of survi on the walls
Kartik ( in mind ) : looks like this girl is been pampered alot by Mr.mohite he looks at his watch and says this girl can never come on time
Survi comes downstairs wearing a beautiful purple colour one piece
Survi : so should we leave know
Kartik : ya as finally you are ready we can leave now
Survi : whats your problem why always you have to taunt me
Kartik : i was not taunting you i was just saying the fact
Survi : i am just 5 mins late
Kartik : you are 46 mins late miss.Survi
Survi : ohk fine so what its not a crime to come late
Kartik : finally u admitted that you are wrong
Survi murmers : ya admit it that i am late Mr. KKB
Kartik hear this and says KKB?
Survi : nothing
Kartik : will you tell me Miss. Survi
Survi : ok fine khadus kartik barve happy now
Kartik : i am not khadus
Survi : you are
Kartik : i am not
Survi : now we are not getting late na
Kartik : lets leave
Kartik ( in mind ) : how will i handle this girl for next 24 hrs
Survi (in mind ) : how will tolerate this guy god
They both sit in the car and leave for pune

PRECAP : Survi and kartik get stuck in the jungle

Sorry guyz i was for not posting my ff these days but now i am back again will post the next episode maybe today or tommorrow

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  1. Amazing! Just amazing I love your ff alot sanjana

    1. Thank you mariyah

  2. verrrrrrrry nice i loved it
    when u will post your next epi

    1. Thanks karvi maybe i will post next epi tommorrow bt if i will be busy with my clg work then i will post next epi on tues

  3. Awesome episode.. i love it…

    1. Thank you neha i am really happy that you all are liking my ff so much

  4. Awsome ff… hey also post ur other ff epi

    1. Amy thank you and i write only this ff which ff are you talking about?

  5. Really nicely written loved it

    1. Thank you nisha and even your ff and short story is amazing yaar and i am happy that there are so many people who are writing ff on yvr

  6. Ohh sorry by mistake I post it here of .second ff… any ways ur ff is superb

    1. Its ok amy nd thanks for your beautiful comments

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