YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 3

YVR_Love Never Ends_

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Location : survi’s residence
Srikanth : survi you came is the deal final and did you say sorry to kartik for yesterday
Survi : dad actually
Srikanth : survi what happened
Survi tells srikanth about yesterday’s incident her accident and her fight with kartik and what happened in the coffee shop
Survi : i am sorry dad

Srikanth : no survi its not your fault its my fault that i gave you so much freedom you didn’t feel like telling me about your accident. I really sad that you have to hide things from me
Survi : dad i wanted to tell you but i thought you will panic and take tension so i didn’t. It was just a small accident dad but Mr. Kartik made it a big issue
Srikanth : enough is enough i don’t want to listen to your any more excuses go to your room its too late
Survi complies and goes to her room
Survi (in her mind) : i promise you dad that i will fix all my mistakes and make you proud and i will final this deal with that khadus kartik any how in 24 hrs this is my promise to you and myself i will convince that kartik no matter whatever i have to do for it yeh vaada raha

Next morning
Location : kartik’s residence
Everyone do aarti of ganpati bappa and lata gives prasad to all
Tai : come on lets have breakfast
Hema: ya lets go fast i am really feeling hungry
Bindu : you feel hungry after every 2 hours hema what is new in that
Everyone laughs at her and goes to have breakfast. Kartik and his family are having their breakfast just than survi enters kartik’s house. Survi is wearing a beautiful yellow colour anarkali

Survi: good morning
Kartik’s gets shocked seeing survi at his place while others are surprised that who is she
Tai : who are you??
Survi : I am Survi Mohite daughter of Srikanth Mohite
Tai : you mean you are daughter of that successful business man Srikanth Mohite
Survi : yes
Kartik interrupts their conversation
Kartik : what the hell are you doing at my place
Lata : kartik this is the way you talk with guest
Kartik : aai but
Lata : survi plz join us for breakfast
Survi : no aunty i am fasting
Lata : which fast beta ??

Survi : aunty actually i am punishing my self for my deeds
Lata : beta i am not understanding plz explain properly
Survi tells lata about her coming late in the meeting then her accident with kartik their fight and how he cancels the deal and her dad angry at her
Survi : due to this i am not going to eat food or drink water till kartik forgives me and signs the deal with me
Lata : beta you should not punish your self like this and the deal will be final don’t worry
Kartik : aai what are talking
Tai: i think lata is right look at this girl she is so innocent and sweet you should forgive her and sign the deal with her kartya

Survi : no plz don’t force him my dad says that a person should do things from heart and if kartik genuinely feels than only he should sign the deal
Lata : beta your dad is absolutely right and you are so sweet and really innocent girl. Kartik i hope you have listen what i have told
Kartik : yes mom i will sign the deal with miss. Survi

Survi :thanks you so much Mr.kartik
Survi hugs lata and tai in happiness she also winks at kartik indicating to him that she was acting and is successful in forcing him to sign the deal
Tai: chaila survi now come and have breakfast with us
Survi : no thanks i have to go to office and tell dad about this good news
Survi’s driver comes and tells her that her car got punctured
Survi: its ok you go and get the car repaired i will go by taxi
Tai : wait kartya will drop you till your office

Kartik : but tai why should i
Survi : its ok tai i will go by taxi
Tai : no your our guest kartya will drop you to your office and its final
Kartik unhappily complies
Lata: kartik go beta and survi if kartik again troubles or shouts at you call me i will teach him nice lesson
Survi : says yes aunty
Kartik : come on madam lets go now
Survi says thank you and bie to everyone and leaves

Location : In car
Kartik : you did wrong by forcing me to sign this deal and bringing my family in middle
Survi : i tried to explain you but didn’t listen to me then i had to choose this way and everything is fair in love and war
Kartik : oh really
Survi : yes

During the signal is red a small boy comes near kartik’s car and asks him to take roses for his gf
Kartik : she is not my gf
Survi : i don’t want to be also
Kartik : you cannot be also
Survi : instead of dating you i would date a mentally sick person
Kartik : then date na who has stopped you and your correct place is in mental hospital only
Survi : Mr.kartik you are so rude
The small boy interrupts them and says let it be don’t take these flowers but now stop fighting he is about to leave but survi stops him
Survi : give me these roses
Boy : you will gift these roses to bhaiya ??
Kartik looks shocked at survi
Survi : no ways i will give them to someone special
Boy : ok this bunch of flowers are for 100 rs
Survi : give them survi gives that boy 500rs and takes those flowers
Boy : i dont’t have 400 to give you back
Survi: keep this extra money and eat someting
Boy : thank you di
That boy kisses survi on her cheeks and goes
Kartik looks at all this

Location : srikanth’s office
As survi and kartik enter Srikanth’s cabin together srikanth gets shocked seeing them together
Srikanth : survi you and kartik together am i dreaming
Survi : no dad you are not btw these flowers are for you
Srikanth : for me why??
Kartik : cause you have tolerated her for many years that is why she is giving you these flowers uncle
Srikanth laughs while survi gives kartik a angry look

Srikanth : will anyone tell me what is this happening
Kartik : uncle i am here to tell you that i have final this deal with you
Srikanth : that means survi finally convinced you
Survi : yes dad kartik forgot what happened between us
Kartik : oh really ( in a sarcastic way)
Survi : yes Mr. Kartik ( giving him angry look)
Srikanth : we should forget what happened and now sign the deal
Kartik : yes uncle
Kartik and srikanth sign the deal

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