YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 2

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Neha, Mariyah, Fatarajo, Tejaswi thank you all for your comments and support sometimes i may not rply you because of net pblm but i will surely mention u before starting the ff. thank you all once again

Survi leaves from office for home
On road as survi gets a call while she was driving she receives the call and is talking with her friend while driving and suddenly she notices a car coming before she could control her car hits the other
the driver of the car is none other than our kartik
Kartik : hey you come out of the you cannot see such a big car coming
Survi gets out of the car
Survi : listen i am sorry i know its my fault
Kartik: if you girls don’t know to drive then why do you try to
Survi: excuse me what do you mean i know its my fault but i am saying sorry also na and what do you that girls cannot drive. I can drive car very well

Kartik : uh..i can see that
Survi and start fighting on the road some people come and stop their fight they both leave in opposite direction looking angrily at each other

Location : kartik’s residence
Tai : kartik got late today
Kartik just enters the house
Shanti : dada came
Tai : kartya why are you so late today
Kartik : tai actually met with an accident today because of tha stupid girl
Lata gets worried after this
Lata : are you ok beta did you get hurt lets go to the doctor
Kartik : aai i am fine don’t worry
Tai (in her mind) : why bappa saved this kartya if he had died all his property would be mine
Tai: kartya thank god you are ok come lets have dinner we all were waiting for you.
Seeing Tai showing her fake concern for kartik lata fumes
Kartik sits and have dinner and goes to his room

Location: survi’s residence
Survi comes to srikanth and tells him about Mr. Barve that she called him and how rudely he replied
Srikanth: he must be actually busy beta wait i will call him and fix meeting for tommorrow
Survi: this is good idea dad you only talk to that Mr. Khadus
Srikanth: survi Kartik is really a nice guy at such small age he has achieved so much
Survi : ya ya
Srikanth calls kartik

Kartik : hello Mr. Mohite
Srikanth : hello Mr. Barve
Kartik : you can call me kartik sir as you are my fathers age
Srikanth : but
Kartik : i will feel happy if you call me kartik sir plz
Srikanth : ok fine then kartik if you don’t mind we can arrange for the meeting tommorrow if you are ok with it
Kartik : i have no problem but you should ask your daughter whats her name ( thinks little) yea survi about her timing
Srikanth : sorry for today kartik but she will be on time tommorrow
Kartik : then its ok we can have our meeting tommorrow at 7 pm at CCD
Srikanth : ok then see you tommorrow bie
Kartik : bie
Srikanth tells survi about the meeting and tells her to come on time survi complies

Next morning
Srikanth tells survi that he cannot come for the meeting as he has a imp work
Survi : but how can i go alone i don’t know him and he is so rude
Srikanth : kartik is not bad survi he is just very dedicated towards his work
Survi : whatever dad
Srikanth : i know you very well survi you can handle this meeting very well and kartik to
Survi : but dad
Srikanth : i don’t want to hear anything you are going today that is it no further discussion
Survi : ok dad
Srikanth : and plz be on time

Location : CCD ( cafe coffee day)
Here survi comes on time at CCD
Survi ( in her mind): more 5 mins
Kartik arrives at 7 pm
Kartik calls survi to ask where is she as he doesn’t know how she looks and is meeting her first time
Kartik : where are you miss. Survi
Survi : at table no 4
Kartik comes at table no 4
Kartik : hello miss. Survi and is shocked to see her
Kartik: you
Survi is also shocked to see kartik
Survi : are you Mr. Kartik
Kartik : yes he fumes in anger
Survi remembers her first meeting with kartik and that accident
Survi : oh god why does all this happen with me i don’t think now he will do any buisness deal with us after all happened yesterday

Kartik : i don’t want to do business with a girl who is not puctual, arrogant , irresponsible and leaves
Survi follows him Mr. Kartik just listen to me once. But kartik leaves in his car

Survi ( in her mind) : what will i tell dad now he will kill me after he know about the deal being cancelled and yesterday’s accident and fight with Mr. Kartik. God plz save me

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