YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 16


YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 16

Hey guyz im back with yet another epi of my ff love never ends hope you all like it. Plz do comment about how was the epi so now lets start the epi.

Location : kartik’s room
Survi is packing bag just then she remembers about the papers tai gave her
Survi : ( in mind ) i should give those papers to tai before in forget about them
Survi goes to the cupboard and takes the paper. She is about to read the papers just then kartik comes there
Kartik : survi what are you doing?? We have to go otherwise we will miss our flight
Survi : kartik packing is done just let me read this paper i have to give these papers to tai
Kartik : leave these papers survi you can give these papers to tai later
Kartik puts those papers in drawer and locks it
Survi : kartik
Kartik : come lets go
Survi : so you will not listen to me
Kartik : no
Survi : come lets go
Kartik and survi comes downstairs
Kartik : aai we are leaving
Lata : go safely and when you both reach plz call us
Kartik : aai don’t worry we will call you
Bindu : survi plz take care of our kartik ??
Survi feels shy
Kartik and survi leave.

Location : Goa
Kartik and survi reach goa. They check in hotel and go to their room
Survi : wow this room is so nice
Kartik : so finally here no one is there to disturb us
Survi : kartik control yourself
Kartik comes close to survi. He kisses her neck. Survi closes her eyes. He leans to kiss her lips just then survi’s phone rings
Kartik : god here also we are not getting little privacy
Survi ( laughs ) : let me take the phone
Kartik holds survi from behind
Kartik : no i wont leave you
Survi : kartik let me pick up the phone.
Survi picks up the phone its srikanth. While kartik is still romancing survi
Srikanth : beta you both reached properly
Survi : yes dad we reached properly don’t worry
Kartik kisses her neck
Survi : stop it
Srikanth : survi what did you say
Survi : i mean stop caring about me so much dad
Kartik : (whispers) ya tell sasurji ki that you husband is there to care of you
Survi : shh
Srikanth : i have some work i will call you later and take care of yourself
Survi : yes dad

Location : kartik’s residence
Tai and pyare are tensed due to the property papers and are having a drink
Pyare : saasu maa stop it how much you will drink
Tai : then what shall i do pyare. God knows where that survi has kept those papers
Pyare : i think survi must have read those papers
Tai : i don’t think so if she had read those papers then she would have told kartik till now
Pyare : yaa you are right saasu maa
Tai : here we are so tensed and there those two love birds must be enjoying their honeymoon ( gulps a drink )
Pyare : stop it saasu maa now if anyone will see you drinking like this what they will think of you
Tai : i don’t care what they think about me till kartik trusts me no one can dare harm me
Pyare : we should go and check whether those papers in kartik’s room
Tai : yess

Location : goa
Survi : kartik what were you doing??
Kartik : romancing with my wife
Survi : but i was talking with dad na if he would have heard you what would he think
Kartik : ok baba i am so sorry
Survi : don’t say sorry
Kartik : ok so i will tell you sorry in a different way
Survi : different way??
Kartik leans to kiss survi
Survi runs kartik follows her. Survi is running in room and kartik is following her to catch her
Kartik : survi
Survi : you can never catch me kartik
Kartik : oh so you are challenging me
Survi : yes Mr. Kartik Barve
Survi throws a cushion at kartik. They both have a cushion fight. Kartik and survi fall on the bed. Kartik on top of survi he moves his hand around her hair. He kisses her forehead. He leans top kiss her lips, survi closes her eyes kartik and survi share a passionate kiss

Location : srikanth’s residence
Aniket comes to srikanth while he is busy in work
Aniket : hello uncle
Srikanth : aniket sit beta i am really happy to see you
Aniket : just came to meet you
Srikanth : even i wanted to talk to you aniket
Aniket : about what uncle
Srikanth : aniket i think you should get married now
Aniket : uncle i know you care about me alot but i don’t want to get married
Srikanth : but why aniket??
Aniket : uncle i need sometime for myself. And whenever i will find a girl like survi i will surely get married
Srikanth : aniket i cannot see you like this beta
Aniket : i am really happy uncle cause survi is happy
Screen freezes on aniket’s sad face

Precap : kartik and survi bathroom romance

Hello guyz i am really sorry i know this epi is so small and not that good as i was expecting it to be. As my exams are starting so i had to write this epi in a day so i was not able to write much. Due to my internal exam i will not post my ff for a week so i did not mention the date of next epi. But don’t worry after my exam i will come back with a bang and surely that epi will be the best. But just for a hint i will upload next epi probably next to next sunday. I hope you all will understand?

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  1. good luck 4 exams and awesome episode

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you so much ekta ☺️☺️

  2. Nice episode na

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you lela??

  3. Best of luck for the exams Sanjana ?❤?

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you karvian ☺️❤️

  4. All the best for ur exams …. Epi was awsom wi8ing for next epi ????

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you amy❤️❤️ btw was the epi really good or you guyz are just saying it was so that i feel good ?

    2. Hehheheh nooo it was really good epi… ???
      R u positing ur 2nd ff epi today ????

      1. Sanjana_18

        Amy i uploaded it at 9 pm god knows why its not been posyed yet i will upload it again lets see what happens ?

      2. Ohhh ok dear take ur time hope so it will uploaded… I was just asking bcz u said na u have exams n ur going to bizy with it so thats y asking ???r

  5. Kavina

    Loved it. All the best for exams

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you so much kavina ??❤️

  6. Sanjana_18

    Yes amy after this i will not upload for a week but as i told that i will upload the ff on sun so i did

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