YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 15


YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 15

Hey guyz im really very sorry for not posting my ff i know you guyz wait for my ff desperately and when i don’t post it you feel sad i am really sorry for that guyz? hope you all will understand so without any further delay lets start the next epi

Location : kitchen
Kartik and survi come to kitchen for cooking food
Survi : kartik this is the list we have to cook all this
Kartik : survi i am not a chef i don’t know to cook all these items i just know basic cooking
Survi : i know kartik so i have brought this laptop
Kartik : laptop???
Survi : my innocent husband we can search for the recipe on net and then cook it
Kartik : oh nice idea

Survi : ok so kartik you first cut all these vegetables till then i will make further preparation
Kartik : what had i thought before marriage that after marriage my wife will cook tasty food and feed me with her lovely hands and look at my wife she is telling me too cut vegetables
Survi : kartik you are here to help me and not taunt me
Kartik : ok ok don’t get angry baby i am helping you
Survi is making a dough of wheat her hairs come in front she tries to put them back but is unable cause her hands our dirty kartik comes near her puts her hair behind her ears
Survi : thank you
Kartik : welcome madam
Lata and bindu come in kitchen and are shocked to see kartik in kitchen with survi
Lata : kartik what are you doing here
Kartik : aai..actually..i came here to take my mobile
Bindu : mobile in kitchen??
Lata : kartik tell the truth
Survi : aai i will tell the truth
Lata : tell fast
Survi : actually i don’t know to cook food and i got scared that if i will tell you that i don’t know to cook food you will get angry and that is why kartik is helping me
Lata : what you don’t know to cook food.
Survi : yes aai i am really sorry
Lata : sorry for what beta its ok if you don’t know to cook food you should have told me i would have helped you

Survi : aai you are really not angry
Lata : no beta and listen i am not your mother-in-law i am your mother only so you don’t need to be scared of me always feel free to talk with me
Kartik : see i told you that go and tell aai everything she will help you but you never listen to me survi
Lata : good survi you didn’t came to me
Survi : why aai??
Lata : if you would have came to me i would have helped you and then we all would have missed food cooked by kartik
Kartik : aai
Lata : you never cooked food for me kartik and for wife you are cooking food
Bindu : you are absolutely right lata kaki he never listens to us he only listens to his dear wife
Kartik : now plz stop it both of you
Lata : ok fine we are going out and survi plz bring food fast everyone is waiting and we also have to pray to god

Survi : ok aai
After an hour
Survi : finally eveything is done
Kartik lean close to survi
Survi : kartik what are you doing if anyone will see what they will think
Kartik : i don’t care you are my wife i am not scared of anyone
Survi : kartik plz leave me i have to go
Kartik : survi i will leave you but i want a kiss
Survi : kartik stop it
Kartik : survi you can try to go but you will not be able to go since i get my kiss
Kartik holds survi more tightly. Survi leans towards kartik he closes his eyes she gently kisses him on his cheeks
Survi : now let me go

Kartik : hmm..actually it is not fair you kissed right cheek the other one wants a kiss too?
Survi kisses kartik on other cheek
Kartik leans to kiss survi on her lips
Survi : shanti what are you doing here
Kartik leaves survi thinking that shanti is standing behind
Kartik : ( turns around) shanti actually i was
Survi laughs and runs away
Kartik : survi survi
Survi and kartik worship ganpati bappa and takes blessing of everyone. Everyone sit on dinning table and have lunch together
Hema : survi food is really tasty
Survi : thank you hema di
Shanti : dada you never told us that you cook food so well
Kartik : shanti ??
Lata : survi come here beta
Survi goes to lata
Lata : you have cooked food first time in this house so you deserve a gift.
Survi : no aai there is no need of it
Lata : its a ritual beta
Lata gives survi a beautiful necklace. Everyone gifts survi something survi takes blessing of the elders

Location : kartik’s room
Survi is arranging her clothes in the cupboard
Survi ( herself ) : finally everthing is done now i have to keep the suitcase up on the cupboard but how shall i keep it??? ( answering her own question ) yup there a ladder
Survi climbs the ladder she keep the suitcase up on cupboard as she was getting down her leg slips she was about to fall but kartik saves her. Survi falls in kartik’s arms. They share a deep eye lock (yeh vaada raha music in background)kartik puts survi down
Kartik : you should ne careful survi
Survi : sorry next time i will be careful

Location : tai’s room
Tai : look at this pyare
Pyare : tai what is this???
Tai : these are property papers pyare when survi will sign these papers her property will be us
Pyare : but she will sign these papers ??
Tai : ofcourse pyare i have a great plan for it
Pyare : what plan tai
Tai : no..you just wait and watch pyare how i will fool this survi. This survi will also listen to me and worship me just like kartik does
Pyare : but tai this is not that easy
Kartik : everything is easy for tai pyare you just see what i will do now

Location : kartik’s room
Survi and kartik were talking just then tai and pyare comes
Tai : i hope i didn’t disturbed you both
Kartik : ofcourse not tai
Tai : actually i want your sign on these papers survi
Survi : my sign but why?? (confused)
Tai : actually i want to transfer my kolhapur plot on your name survi and for that i need your sign
Kartik : tai what are you saying that property is yours you cannot give it to survi and we cannot take this
Tai : these are my blessings for my bahu kartik plz don’t say no
Pyare : yes kartik if its tai’s wish we should not hurt her by saying no plz sign survi
Tai : plz kartik accept this plz
Survi : ok tai if you are insisting so much i will sign on these paper
Tai and pyare smirk. Kartik gets a important call he leaves
Tai : survi sign fast

Survi : yes tai first just let me read these papers
Pyare : what is the need to read these paper survi
Tai : survi actually he means that we have to go soon so can you plz sign and don’t worry i haved read the paper everyting is fine
Survi : if you say tai then i will sign
Survi is about to sign the papers just then hears a srikanth’s voice and gets happy. She runs down to meet srikanth.
Pyare : tai the papers are with her what if she will read the papers
Tai : we have to take the papers from her pyare lets go fast before she or anyone else reads the papers

Survi goes downstairs and is surprised to see srikanth and aniket. She goes and hugs srikanth
Survi : dad how are you??
Srikanth : i am fine beta how are you
Survi : even i am fine dad but i miss you alot
Srikanth : i miss you too beta
Aniket : looks like no one is missing
Survi : i am missing you too dumbo
Kartik comes after finishing his call and is happy to see aniket and srikanth
Kartik : namaste papa i am happy to see you
Srikanth : me too beta

Survi : dad i will just come in a minute
Srikanth : ok beta
Survi goes to kitchen and makes tea for everyone
Survi : ( in mind ) oh god i just forgot about these papers i will keep them in cupboard safely
Survi goes and keeps those property paper in cupboard and locks it. She comes down and gives everyone tea
Srikanth : i cannot believe this my daughter has made tea for me
Survi : bindu di helped me dad
Aniket : oh that is why it is nice other wise you are such a terrible cook
Kartik : my wife is not that bad cook aniket

Aniket : kartik from now only you are listening to survi be careful otherwise survi will take advantage of your kindness and then will tell you to do all work
Survi : haww… Ani stop talking rubbish otherwise i will pakka kill you
Aniket : sorry i was just joking
Tai comes near survi and whispers to survi
Tai : survi i wanted to talk with you
Survi : yes tai
Srikanth : survi actually we are here for some important work
Kartik : what papa??
Aniket : take this

Kartik : what is this aniket??
Aniket : just open and see
Kartik opens the envelop
Kartik : two goa tickets
Survi : dad aniket what is this??
Aniket : survi this is wedding gift from me to you both
Survi : aniket there was no need for this all
Kartik : survi is right aniket and how can we go i have lots of work in office
Aniket : leave all the works on me kartik i am here only you both go and enjoy.
Lata : yes beta you both have to go
Kartik : if you all are insisting so much we will go

Srikanth : survi kartik go and pack your bags you have to go tomorrow morning
Kartik : so early
Aniket : yupp go and pack your bags fast
Srikanth : now we also have to leave have lots of work. Bye survi
Survi : bye dad. Bye ani
Aniket : bye have a safe journey

Everyone go to their room. Survi is going just then tai stops her
Tai : survi i wanted those papers
Survi : tai i am in a hurry don’t worry i will give you the papers soon
Tai : but survi just listen to me
Survi : bye tai
Pyare : saas maa now what we will do
Tai : god knows where this girl has kept those papers we have to find those papers anyhow pyare before anyone reads it
Pyare : and what about survi’s sign
Tai : leave that sign we can take her sign later but first we have to search those papers if she reads those papers we will be finished
Screen freezes on tai’s tense face

Precap : kartik and survi reach goa

Next epi will be posted on sat 17th sept 2016

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