YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 14


YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey guyz i am back sorry as the last episode was not that good but i really hope that you guyz like this episode and this episode will be the best episode so far and plz do comment about the episode.

Location : kartik’s room
Kartik comes in the room as he looks at the room. His room is fully decorated with roses and candles. He looks at survi standing near the window looking at the sky he can sense her nervousness. He goes to her and hugs her from behind. She feels shy and tries to go he pulls her back
Survi : kartik let me go
Kartik : why?? Now you are my legal wife and i have full rights to romance with my wife
Survi : ( shy ) kartik plzz
Kartik : what plz kartik and i didn’t knew that you also know to shy i thought you are modern and fearless girl
Survi : i am modern and fearless kartik but..
Kartik : then??
Survi : kartik when you come close to me i feel like
Kartik leans close to survi

Kartik : you feel like
Survi suddenly notices a tutta tara ( falling star )
Survi : kartik tutta tara
Kartik : what?? I am trying to be romantic with you and you are interested to look at tutta tara
Survi : kartik it is said that when ever we wish to a tutta tara our wish gets complete. Lets wish
Survi closes her eyes and says her wish in her heart. Kartik is lovingly looking at survi and smiling. Survi opens her eyes
Kartik : you are really so innocent and cute
Survi : what did you wished??

Kartik : nothing
Survi : but why??
Kartik : because what i wanted god has already given it to me so what should i ask for
Survi : what is that???
Kartik : YOU , god has given me precious gift of my life by making you mine forever so i don’t want anything else. What did you wished??
Survi : i wished that we both always remain together and no one come in between us
Survi hugs kartik while he hugs her back
Survi : i love you kartik
Kartik : i love you too

He kisses her forehead. He leans to kiss her lips. She moves back and tries to go. He pulls her dupatta to stop her. She notices the intimate moment between them and closes her eyes. He comes close to her and kisses her neck passionately. He pins her to the cupboard near and kisses her on her lips intensely she kisses him back. He moves his hand around her waist and pulls kamarbandh from her waist all the pearls fall on the floor. He picks her up in his arms and makes her lay on the bed decorated with rose petals. He removes her earrings, maangtika and necklace and drops it down. He kisses her stomach gently while she closes her eyes and clutches the bedsheet tightly. He moves to her neck and kisses it. He holds survi’s hand tightly. Bangles in her hand break. They both consummate their marriage

Survi and kartik are sleeping. Survi is resting her head on kartik’s chest and holding him tightly. While he is laying shirtless. Sun rays fall on survi’s face and she opens her eyes slowly. She finds her self in kartik’s arm she smiles looking at kartik who is still asleep. She moves her hand from kartik’s hair and kisses him on his cheeks. Survi gets up. She ties the knot of her blouse and takes the dupatta which was droped near the bed. She notices the broken bangles near the bed and jewellery droped there. She remember the last night intimate moments with kartik and feels shy. She cleans everything and goes for shower

Location : tai’s room
Pyare comes to tai
Pyare : tai what are you doing?? How can you be so relaxed
Tai : pyare what happened why are so frustrated
Pyare : because our future is in darkness.
Tai : don’t worry pyare relax soon i will take kartik’s property and throw that kartik and his family out of this house
Pyare : but when tai

Tai : very soon pyare but before that i have to take survi’s property too and for that we have to be nice with her
Pyare : but tai how we will take survi’s sign on the property papers she is too smart
Tai : pyare if that survi is smart then tai is smarter then her don’t worry i will take survi’s sign on property paper in 2 days you just wait and watch

Location : kartik’s room
Survi comes out from bathroom. She puts sindoor on her forehead. She rubs her hair with towel to remove water. Water droplets falls on kartik’s face as he opens his eyes. He is mesmerized by survi’s beauty.
Survi : i am so sorry because of me you got disturbed
Kartik pulls survi. Survi falls on top of kartik
Survi : kartik what are you doing??
Kartik : this morning is really beautiful
Survi : kartik leave me someone will come
Kartik : ok fine survi i will leave you but only on one condition
Survi : what???
Kartik : i want a kiss
Survi : shut up kartik look at the time you don’t want to go to office
Kartik : survi yesterday only we got married and you want me to go to office leaving my beautiful newly married wife
Survi : yes kartik.

Kartik : all the girls become so unromantic after marriage
Survi : kartik quickly get ready and come down for breakfast
Kartik : ok mam your wish is my command

Location : breakfast table
Everyone come on the breakfast table and having breakfast like a big happy family
Lata : today it looks like our family got completed
Kishor : yes lata kaki you are absolutely right
Kartik : aai i am getting late for office so i am leaving
Bindu : kartik this is not fair yesterday only you got married and today you are going to office leavinh survi alone

Survi : no bindu di i only told kartik to go to office
Lata : kartik you cannot go to office today because one more ritual is left
Kartik : one more ritual??
Lata : yes beta where survi have to make food today and you both have to offer that food together to bappa if you want you can work from home but you can not go to office
Kartik : okay aai i will not go to office
Lata : survi beta you will cook food na
Survi : yes aai

Location : kartik’s room
Survi is tensely sitting while kartik comes in the room
Kartik : survi what happened?? Why are you so tensed??
Survi : kartik there is a big problem
Kartik : why what is the problem
Survi : kartik you know that aai told me to cook food for everyone today and its a ritual
Kartik : so that is a problem?
Survi : no kartik that is not a problem, actually the problem is i don’t no to cook food
Kartik : you are joking right

Survi : i am not joking kartik. Dad never told me to do house work and always pampered me so i don’t no to cook anything
Kartik : survi even i know to cook and you don’t know ?
Survi : plz kartik now tell me what should i do
Kartik : i will tell aai about this she will help you
Survi : what kartik if you will tell aai that i don’t know to cook food what she will think about me. No no we can’t tell aai or other family members about this
Kartik : idea we will order food from hotel
Survi : kartik its a ritual that bahu should cook food we cannot order food from hotel
Kartik : so what should we do now
Survi : kartik you help me to cook food
Kartik : what i will cook food

Survi : so what you have promised me na that you will always help me and be with me in my bad times so cannot leave me like this
Kartik : but survi
Survi : kartik i don’t want to listen anything you are going to help me and that is final and if not i will not talk to you
Kartik : so i don’t have any option
Survi : no
Kartik : ok then i will help you
Survi : oh kartik you are so sweet

Precap : survi kartik cooks food together

Next epi will be posted on sunday 4th september 2016

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it.

    1. Sanjana_18

      Thank you so much kavina ?❤️

      1. Hi sanju thank u for listen n admitted on my comments n right a such beautiful ff episode

  2. OhmiiGod ??? . Just loved it ????❤❤❤❤ ?????

    1. Thank you so much karvian??

      1. Was just thinking if you were the Writer/Director of the serial , how beautiful would have been the karvi moments .

      2. I mean They are still beautiful but would have been even more

  3. Tejaswi thanks and i am really happy that you liked this epi ❤️☺️

  4. Really nice epi

    1. Thank you amy❤️??

  5. love it love it

    1. Thanks alot ekta ❤️??

  6. Kartik survi as a couple very beautiful yeh Vaasa raha serial ka show very nice kartik survi ka kam bohut acha laga

    1. Yes shital you are absolutely right kartik and survi as a couple are just perfect ankush and sonal look damn cute together and their onscreen chemistry is just fabulous it looks lile as if they really in love with each other really yeh vaada rah is best serial but i hate that kalandini and tai don’t want to see kartik romancing that kalandini i hate her i hope everything becomes fine soon☺️

  7. Ohh so sweet karvian?if i was the writer/ director na i would have made tai positive coz she is shown so negative in the serial man really i hate tai

  8. And i hope karvian that we see these sweet romantic karvi moments im serial too fed up off this negativity in serial want some cute and romantic moments between our karvi

    1. Hey sanju negative hoga to hi positive ko imp milega karvi door hinge to hi unka pyar ekdusre ke liye aurbadhega abhi kartik he survi se kya kaha ki wo uske pyar ke bilkul kabil nahi hai aurusane aisa much nahi kiya jisase wo use itna pyar kare

    2. YVR is the first indian serial I’m ever watching/following . Had no idea about this much drama in indian serials . Still watch it for karvi / sonkush . The writers should change the storyline NOW . Karvi had just meet after seven years and again seperation and that Kartik romancing the other girl !!

  9. I know tejaswii ki negativity hogi toh hi positivity ko importance milegi but kisi ko negative dikhane ki bhi ek limit honi chahiye and the next twist that kartik will romance that new girl is just rubbish i want karvi together and not kartik with that new though it will be his plan bt still i cant see him with anyone except survi

  10. loved it actually i am having exams so it is difficult for me to comment

    1. Its ok karvi i can understand and all the best for your exam karvi ☺️

  11. Shital ingole

    The show is very nice kartik both survi as couples very beautiful my favourite show is Yeh vandalism raha

  12. rukmini ingole

    The most romantic couple kartik survi the show is very lovely

  13. The lovely couples and nice show kushi is very good activities

  14. Kartik is handsome survi is beautiful

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