YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 13


YVR_Love Never Ends

Hey guyz im back with another epi of my ff love never ends i know you guyz were waiting for this epi very desperately so without any further delay lets start the epi and plz do comment about the epi

Location : survi’s residence
Tai : shanti did you see kartik??
Shanti : no tai but dada must be here only don’t worry
Tai : ok
Just then kartik and survi come downstairs
Tai : kartik where were you??

Kartik : tai i was actually..
Lata : kartik finally you came we were waiting for you only
Kartik : for what aai??
Lata : kartik we have to leave now. There are so much work to do
Shanti : dada if you don’t want to come then you can stay here
Kartik : shut up shanti. Aai i will tell the driver to remove the car
Lata : ok beta

Tai : srikanth ji now we have to leave but we will come tommorrow to take our bahu with us
Srikanth : yes tai after all survi is now yours only
Shanti : bye bhabhi
Survi : bye
Kartik and his family leave

Survi is sitting in her room looking at her mehendi and lost in kartik’s thoughts just then srikanth comes to survi.
Srikanth : beta can i talk with you for a minute ??
Survi : dad sit na. And from when do you need my permission to talk with me you are my dad and you will always have the right to talk with me when ever you want for that you don’t need my permission
Srikanth : beta you turned so big today that you will get married tommorrow and go away from me
Survi : dad i am in the same city when ever i will miss you i will come running to my dad
Srikanth : love you beta and i hope kartik will love you more then me
Survi : dad no one can love me more than you dad you will always be my super hero
Srikanth ( laughs ) : you are crazy
Survi hugs srikanth

Location : wedding venue
Survi is getting ready for her marriage she is wearing a red lehenga golden and red bangles with a maang tika . A heavy necklace and ears. She is looking very beautiful. Aniket and srikanth come to survi
Aniket : survi you are looking the most beautiful bride in the world
Survi : thank you ani
Srikanth : beta lets go down pandit ji is calling you
Survi : dad i am really feeling nervous
Aniket : survi no need to feel nervous everything will be fine just relax
Srikanth : survi come beta

Srikanth holds survi’s hand and takes her to the mandap. Kartik looks at survi and is mesmerized by her beauty. Kartik is wearing a sherwani of white and red colour and is looking damn handsome. Panditji starts saying mantra. Survi and kartik take pheras while others shower rose petals on them. Kartik puts mangalsutra in survi’s neck and sindoor in her forehead. Panditji says that the marriage is now complete and since now you are husband and wife. Kartik and survi takes blessing of their elders
Srikanth : beta plz take of survi and plz never leave her hand
Kartik : dad i will never leave survi’s hand no matter whatever happens. I will always be with survi in good and bad situations and never let tears come in her eyes yeh vaada raha
Srikanth : may you both be always together
Survi : ani plz take care of dad

Aniket : hmm..
Tai : we should now perform the bidaai ritual
Srikanth : yaa..But before that i want to give you something kartik
Kartik : what dad??
Srikanth gives kartik a bracelet of bappa ( same as kartik wears in serial )
Srikanth : i am giving this to you so that bappa’s blessing will always be with you
Kartik wears the bracelet in his hand
Kartik : i will never remove this bracelet from my hand dad. This bracelet will always be with me thank you dad
Srikanth perform bidaai of survi with tears in his eyes. Survi burst in tears and hugs srikanth. Kartik holds survi’s hand and takes her
Kartik and survi leave in car

Location : srikanth’s residence
Srikanth is looking at survi’s picture in her room
Aniket : uncle are you ok??
Srikanth : aniket this house used to always be with positive vibes when survi was here and now its looking so empty

Aniket : hmm..uncle don’t worry survi is in the same city whenever you will miss survi you can go to meet her and sometimes she will come
Srikanth : yes you are right aniket
Aniket : uncle you should take some rest you are working since morning
Srikanth : no i will sit here for a while aniket
Aniket : but uncle
Srikanth : aniket plz i am fine leave me alone for a while
Aniket : okay uncle

Location : kartik’s residence
Lata performes the rituals of survi’s ghrahapravesh. Survi enters the house holding kartik’s hand
Lata : beta take blessing of bappa
Kartik and survi goes near bappa’s idol and takes bappa’s blessings
Tai : shanti, bindu bring that bowl of milk
Kartik : tai what is this??
Tai : its also a ritual beta
Hema feels restless and faints. Everyone gets shocked
Lata : hema beta are you fine
Kartik : i will call the doctor

Survi : we should take hema di to her room
Pyare picks up hema and takes her to the room
Kishor : doctor has came
Doctor checks hema and comes out
Tai : doctor what happened to hema??
Kartik : is hema di fine
Doctor : relax everything is fine but now you all have to take good care of hema
Pyare : means ??
Doctor : congratulation hema is pregnant
Tai : thank you doctor
Doctor : she is taking rest now
Doctor leaves
Lata : survi beta this is all because of your shubh kadam. You came in this house and happiness also got doubled with you
Tai : we should continue the rituals

Kartik : but tai hema di
Tai : she is fine kartik and don’t worry pyare will be with her but we have to perform the rituals its important
Kartik : okay tai as you say
Bindu : tai here is the bowl
Kartik : what we have to do tai??
Lata : beta we drop a ring in this bowl of milk and petals you both have to find the ring and who ever will find the ring. The person will rule and other will have to listen to him/ her for the whole life
Shanti : bhabhi will only win this game

Bindu : no kartik will only win
Tai : stop it both of you first lets start the game
Tai drops the ring in the bowl. Kartik and survi start searching the ring. While searching the ring kartik holds survi’s hand. Survi tries to take her hand away but all her efforts go in vain. Kartik winks at her while survi looks at him in little anger. Finally survi finds the ring
Shanti : yippee…bhabhi won
Lata : now you have to listen of survi forever kartik.
Kartik : i always listen to her aai

Tai : kartik survi you must be tired na go to your room and take little rest
Lata : bindu shanti take survi to kartik’s room
Bindu : ok kaki

Location : kartik’s room
Bindu and shanti bring survi to kartik’s room
Shanti : bhabhi you sit here dada will just come
Survi ( shy ) : ok
Bindu : shanti we should not here lets go
Shanti : bye bhabhi
Bindu: bye survi plz take care of our kartik

Precap : survi kartik cozy moments

Next epi will be posted on tuesday
30th august 2016

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    1. For the next epi you guyz don’t have to wait till next sat as i am posting next epi on tues so you have to wait only 2 days more

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