YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 12


YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey guyz i am back sorry for not posting my ffs for a long time actually i was super busy with my practicals and college work so was not able to post my ffs but now i am back ☺️

Location : Survi’s Residence
Srikanth and aniket are talking about prepartions of engagement survi comes down dressed in beautiful purple one piece
Survi : aniket how am i looking
Aniket : beautiful as always
Srikanth notices aniket’s pain but does not say anything for survi’s happiness
Srikanth : survi where are you going??
Survi : shopping with kartik
Kartik also come pick up survi
Kartik : namaste uncle . Hey aniket
Srikanth : don’t call me uncle beta call me dad as survi cause now you are my son-in-law
Kartik : ok uncle. Sorry i mean dad
Srikanth : now its fine
Kartik : so survi are you ready
Survi : yup lets go
Kartik : aniket why don’t you join us for shopping
Aniket : no i have some work
Survi : aniket stop making excuses you are coming with us and that is final
Aniket : no really i have some work you both go
Srikanth : survi kartik you both go he has to help in decoration work
Kartik : ok fine. Survi lets go
Survi : bye dad. Bye aniket
Kartik survi leave for shopping
Srikanth : aniket i think you should not attend survi’s wedding
Aniket : i will attend survi’s wedding uncle after all she is my best friend
Srikanth : but aniket
Aniket : i am fine uncle don’t worry about me. I have some work i will just come in a minute

Location : shopping mall
Kartik and survi are selecting lehenga for survi
Kartik : this will look good on you
Survi : no kartik this is so dull colour this pink will look nice on me
Kartik : but survi
Survi : kartik i have to wear this lehenga no so i will decide
Kartik : survi you will never listen to me na
Survi : never ( smiles )
Kartik : ok fine take this lehenga only happy
Survi : alot love you kartik
Kartik : survi control yourself
Survi : oops
Kartik and survi finish their shopping and leave for home

Survi is getting ready for her engagement she is wearing a beautiful pink colour lehenga with pink and golden bangles, payal and a golden set in her neck with heavy earrings. Kartik is also ready he is wearing a blue colour sherwani looking damn handsome. Kartik and survi come at the engagement venue they both look at each other and are lost in each others eyes
Shanti : kartik dada if you will stare like this only at survi bhabhi then how will we conduct the engagement
Everyone laughs
Kartik : shanti
Pandit ji : now you both can exchange rings
Survi : baba where is the ring??
Srikanth : its with aniket
Aniket : survi here is the ring
Survi : thank you ani
Kartik and survi exchange rings and rose petals showers on them. They both look at each other and share a eye lock. Aniket is standing aside watching them.
Tai : there is a surprise for you both
Kartik : surprise ???
Tai : you both sit here and watch
Kishor and bindu perform a dance essaying story of kartik and survi how they used to fight and then fell for each other. Kartik and survi smile looking at each other.
Kartik show survi her payal. Survi looks at her leg and finds her payal missing
Survi : kartik give me my payal
Kartik : if you want your payal come and meet me in the room
Survi : no everyone is here how will i come
Kartik : i am waiting if you want your payal then come

Location : room
Kartik is waiting for survi in the room. He feels survi’s presence near him and He turns around and finds survi there
Kartik : i knew you will come
Survi : kartik what is this everyone is outside if they will see that we both are together what they will think give me my payal first
Kartik closes the door
Survi : kartik what are you doing
Kartik moves towards survi she moves back he pins her to the wall.
Survi : kartik let me go
Kartik : you are looking so pretty today that i am not able to remove my eyes from you
Survi : really
Kartik : hmm
Kartik moves his hand around survi’s waist and pulls her close to her survi closes her eyes. He kisses survi on her lips. Survi feels shy and tries to run but kartik holds her hand for behind.
Survi : kartik leave my hand
Kartik pulls survi close makes her sit on the chair places her leg on his thighs and puts her payal
Kartik : more 2 days then there will be no more distance between us
Survi : i love you kartik
Kartik : i love you too
Survi : lets go if any one will see us like this what they will think
Kartik : let them think whatever they want to think i am romancing with my would be wife not anyone one else
Survi : shut up kartik and lets go
Just then kartik and survi hear a knock on the door they both get shocked
Hema : survi are you inside
Survi : hema di if she will see us together like this what she will think
Kartik : survi relax nothing will happen
Survi : you go and hide in the bathroom
Kartik : what??
Survi : yes go
Survi hides kartik in bathroom and opens the door and finds hema and shanti
Shanti : bhabhi you took so long to open the door
Survi : actually i was in bathroom
Hema : ohk no problem
Hema moves towards bathroom she is about to open the door but survi stops her
Hema : what happened survi??
Survi : you cannot open the door hema di
Shanti : but why??
Survi : because there is a big lizard in bathroom
Hema : what lizard ( scared )
Survi : hmm..shanti you take hema di in other room
Shanti : hema di lets go
Hema and shanti leave survi closes the door
Survi : huh..
Kartik comes out of the bathroom
Survi : kartik lets go down
Kartik : yup lets go
Kartik and survi come down
Srikanth : survi kartik where were you we were waiting for you both from so long
Survi : dad i was in room
Kartik : i was calling my friend
Tai : now they both are here so leave this topic

Location : survi’s residence
Survi is wearing a light green colour ghagra. Kartik is wearing a light green kurta matching to survi’s ghagra. Mehendi function is going on. Survi is applying mehendi on her hands
Mehendiwali: mam what is name of your husband
Survi : kartik
She writes kartik’s name in her mehendi
Shanti and bindu pull kartik and bring near survi
Bindu : kartik come and find your name in survi’s mehendi
Tai : bindu shanti why are you troubling him
Shanti : tai this is also a ritual
Lata : tai this girls will not listen to us let them do what they want lets go we have to do other works also
Shanti : dada why are standing like this come and find your name na
Kartik : ok fine i will find
Survi smiles. Kartik sits next to survi and takes her and starts finding his name. He finds his name quickly
Bindu : wow kartik you are really genius
Kartik : i know that
Survi : i will just come in a while
Shanti : ok bhabhi
Survi is going to her room and in middle she bumps into aniket
Survi : ani where are you lost??
Aniket : sorry was busy in my phone
Survi : girlfriends call
Aniket : shut up no
Survi : ok chill i was just joking
Aniket : where were you going??
Survi : my room
Aniket : why?? All the guests are down and what you want to do in your room
Survi : actually damn tired and hungry also
Aniket : so go to the kitchen and eat simple
Survi : how can i eat ani look here ( showing her mehendi )
Aniket : ohh
Survi : anyways i will just come in a while
Aniket : ya sure
Survi goes to her room
Aniket ( in mind ) i should take food for survi in her room she looks so hungry and tired
Aniket goes to kitchen and prepares a plate of food for survi

Location : survi’s room
Survi is trying to pick a glass of water but is not able to pick it up because of the mehendi applied on her hand. Suddenly someone lifts the glass survi turns around and its kartik
Survi : kartik what are you doing here??
Kartik : i will tell you first drink water
Survi drinks water and feels little relieved
Survi : now tell what are you doing here??
Kartik : first you sit down
Survi : but kartik
Kartik makes survi sit on the bed and shows her plate of food
Kartik : you are feeling hungry na
Survi : but kartik how did you know that i am hungry
Kartik : cause i love you and i can read in your eyes that how are you feeling
Survi : aww.. Kartik you are so sweet
Kartik : now open your mouth fast
Survi : aaaa…
Kartik feeds survi with his hands. Aniket is about to enter the room but he looks at kartik feeding survi with his hand and moves back and goes from there with tears in his eyes
Kartik : now happy
Survi : happy i am super happy now
Kartik : lets go down
Survi : hmm
Kartik and survi is about to go just then survi’s blouse knot opens
Kartik : survi why are you standing come lets go
Survi : no i cannot come down
Kartik : why?? Are you still hungry
Survi : no dumbo
Kartik : then what happened
Survi : my blouse knot has opened plz go and call shanti to help me
Kartik : no need of that
Survi : kartik what are you saying
Kartik moves towards survi and romantically ties knot of her blouse survi closes her eyes. He kisses her neck romantically.
Survi : kartik
Kartik : what??
Survi : control yourself
Kartik : that’s impossible cause when you are in front of me i am not able to control myself
Kartik moves his hand around survi’s waist and pulls her close. They share a deep eyelock ( yeh vaada raha plays in backgroud )

Precap : kartik and survi marriage

Guyz i am so sorry for not posting my ff for a long time but plz don’t think that i ended my ff in middle i will surely inform you before i end my ff so i hope you like this epi and plz do comment about the epi

Next epi will be posted on saturday 27th august 2016

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    1. Tejaswii love story and love never ends are my ff but karvi is mariyah ff and i dnt know why she is not posting her ff really missing her and even i wish kartik serial mein bhi itna romantic hota bt no he is dumb in the serial just like a showpiece like abhi in kkb but i will watch yvr for my karvi and yvr is telecast at 10 pm not 10:30 tejaswii

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