YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 11

YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey guyz im sanjana and i am back with another epi of love never ends hope you guyz like it and plz do comment guyz if you like my ff coz it takes lots of effort to write ffs so with out any further more delay i will start my epi

Location : near survi’s residence
Survi is about to go just then kartik holds her hand from behind
Survi : kartik what are you doing leave my hand
Kartik pulls survi near him places his hand on survi’s waist. Kartik leans close to survi she closes her eyes he kisses her forehead
Kartik : i love you survi
Survi : i love you too kartik. Promise me that you will never leave me
Kartik : i promise that i will never leave you ( yeh vaada raha survi )
Survi hugs kartik he hugs her back. Srikanth sees them and gets angry
Srikanth : survi (shouts)
Survi : dad ( tensed )

Srikanth : what the hell is going on here i never thought that you will cheat on me survi
Kartik : uncle just listen to me you are misunderstanding survi
Srikanth : so you think that you knw my daughter more than me you just came in her life some months ago but i am in her life since 22 yrs
Kartik : uncle just listen to us plz
Srikanth : i don’t want to listen anything just get lost from here
Srikanth holds survi’s hand and takes her inside survi is looking at kartik helplessly with tears in her eyes kartik is also standing there shocked.
Srikanth : i don’t want that boy in your life survi just forget him
Survi : i cannot dad coz i love him. I love him alot
Srikanth raises his hand to slap survi but then put it down and goes from her room. Survi breaks down crying

Location : survi’s residence
Srikanth is sitting on sofa thinking about kartik and survi is damn tensed just then aniket enters with kartik. Srikanth gets angry looking at kartik
Srikanth : what are you doing here??
Aniket : uncle i brought kartik here just plz listen to me once
Srikanth : but aniket
Aniket : uncle kartik is a nice guy he is successful, handsome, dedicated towards his work, responsible and most of all he loves survi alot there is no reason for you to reject such a nice guy

Srikanth : aniket this is fine but..(aniket interrupts srikanth )
Aniket : uncle plz think once if you will bring more nice person for survi and make her marry him she will marry him for your happiness but she will never be happy in her life plz think once
Kartik : uncle plz trust me i really love survi and i want to marry her i will always take care of her. I will never leave her hand. Will always think of her happiness first plz uncle
Srikanth : (thinks a little) you are right aniket survi will never be happy with anyone else and kartik is really nice guy i know him very well he will take care of my daughter more than me
Kartik : thank you uncle for trusting me. Uncle can i go and meet survi
Srikanth : she is in her room you can go
Kartik goes to survi’s room. Aniket smiles and is about to leave but srikanth stops him
Srikanth : aniket wait

Aniket : yes uncle
Srikanth : i know beta you love survi alot and even i wanted to survi to marry you but what happened today was really shocking
Aniket : uncle i am fine and kartik is perfect for survi they look so nice together and most of all survi loves him i am really happy for survi
Srikanth : beta i can understand how you are feeling
Aniket : uncle i am perfectly fine don’t worry about me

Location : survi’s room
Survi is lying on her bed crying. Kartik enters the room. Survi looks at him goes and hugs him tightly
Survi : kartik i cannot live without you we will run away and get married
Kartik : no there is no need for it
Survi : why??? You don’t want to marry me
Kartik : ofcourse i want to marry you dumbo but we will not marry as you are saying we will marry with oue families blessing
Survi : that will never happen kartik dad will never get ready for our marriage
Kartik : shh.. Now listen to me kartik tells survi about how aniket helped him to convince srikanth. And how srikanth finally said yes for their marriage
Survi : omg really dad said yes for our marriage. I cannot believe this
Kartik : but you have to coz this is true
Survi : i want to meet dad now lets go down
Kartik : ok lets go down

Survi runs and hugs srikanth
Survi : thank you dad you gave me the best gift of my life
Srikanth : you should say thanks to aniket as he was the one who made me realize that kartik is perfect for you
Survi : aniket thank you so much you are really my true friend
Aniket : anything for you survi
Srikanth : kartik i will come tommorrow to your house to decide about yours and survi’s marriage
Kartik : okay uncle i will tell aai about it
Survi : love you dad
Srikanth : love you too beta

Aniket is about to go but survi stops him
Survi : aniket you also have to come tommorrow with us to kartik’s house
Aniket : ( hiding his tears with fake smile ) what will i do there survi
Kartik : survi is right aniket today everything is nice only because of you and you will have to be part of our each and every function
Survi : yes aniket after all you are my best friend you have to come with us
Aniket : okay fine i will come
Srikanth notices aniket’s tears
Survi : dad i will just leave kartik till the main gate and come
Srikanth : okay beta
Kartik and survi leave. Srikanth places his hand on aniket’s shoulder to console him

Location : kartik’s residence
Everyone is waiting for panditji to fix a date for kartik and survi’s marriage
Pandit : after 3 days engagement and after that next 3 days marriage
Srikanth : this will be too early panditji how will we manage everything
Tai : don’t worry srikanthji we will manage everything we want survi to come as soon as possible in our house. Am i right lata
Lata : yes tai you are right so should we fix this date srikanth ji
Srikanth : if everyone is ready then even i don’t have any problem
Survi : aniket you have to look for the arrangements in my marriage
Aniket : ya sure

Lata : survi come here beta
Survi : yes aunty
Lata : don’t call me aunty you also call me aai like kartik after all you are my daughter now. And these our bangles my mother-in-law gave me during my marriage and now these are you’re
Survi : thank you aunty
Lata : huhh
Survi : i mean aai

Srikanth : i am really happy for my daughter as she is coming in this house. I am now relaxed as i know that you all will take great care of her as i did
Tai : srikanthji now you don’t worry about survi as now she is our daughter
Srikanth : we will leave now as there is so much work to do
Tai : ya fine
Shanti : bye bhabhi
Survi : bye (shy)
Kartik waves survi bie

Location : survi’s residence
Kartik calls survi
Kartik : more 7 days than there will be no more distance between us you will be mine forever
Survi : kartik this all seems like a dream
Kartik : but this is not a dream its reality
Survi : i love you kartik
Kartik : i love you too Mrs. Barve
Survi : we are not married ok i am still Survi Mohite
Kartik : ohk so i love you too soon to be Mrs. Survi Kartik Barve
Survi : ( blushes )

Kartik : this fine na
Survi : hmm..
Kartik : i am coming tommorrow to pick you up for shopping
Survi : ok i will be waiting for you
Kartik : ok now bye see you tommorrow
Survi : bye

Location : kartik’s residence
Hema : tai everything is going as if we have planned
Tai : once survi comes in this house na then i will show her true colours of tai
Pyare : but that survi looks damn smart what if she ruins our plan
Tai slaps pyare
Pyare : what i did???
Tai : no one dares to mess with tai what that girl will do
Bindu : tai is right that survi can never ruin our plans don’t worry
Hema feels dizzy and is about to faint but pyare holds her
Pyare : now what happened to you??

Hema : just feeling little restless
Pyare : there are so much work to do and now only you are feeling restless
Tai : pyare stop it hema you go and take rest
Hema : yes tai
Bindu : i will call kishore and come
Tai : okay

Precap : kartik and survi engagement

Next episode will be posted on sunday 7th august 2016

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