YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 10


YVR_Love Never Ends_

Hey guyz i am sanjana and i am back again with my ff sorry for uploading this epi so late and i also want to inform you all that after reading all comments i have decided not to end this ff so without any further delay lets start the epi

Location : aniket’s residence
Aniket is getting ready to meet survi he is wearing a suit and is very nervous as he is going to tell survi today that he loves her
Aniket ( in mind ) : today is a big day for me finally today i am going to tell survi that i love her survi i don’t know what you will say but i really love you alot you are my life i love you from childhood since i saw you first time god plz help me to tell her my feelings.
Huh..aniket relax me calm everything will be fine

Location : survi’s residence
Survi is thinking about kartik and lost in his thoughts
Survi gets a call from kartik and she gets happy
Survi : hello
Kartik : hello my love i am missing you alot i want to see you right now
Survi : shut up kartik i have to go with aniket for lunch i cannot me you today sorry
Kartik : for 5 mins
Survi : no its not possible. Kartik don’t you think we should tell our family about us it is high time now
Kartik : even i think survi we should tell everyone about us. But will uncle get ready for our marriage
Survi : why dad will say no he likes you and always praises you
Kartik : still survi what if he says no
Survi : i have an idea
Survi explains kartik something
Survi : after this dad will never say no
Kartik : are you sure
Survi : yes you just do whatever i said to you ok
Kartik : ok fine
Survi cuts the call and start getting ready to meet aniket. She is wearing a beautiful green saree with heels and hairs curled with bangles in one hand and in other hand watch.
Aniket : survi where are you??
Survi : just coming down wait a second
Survi comes down and aniket is mesmerized to see her he is not able to remove his eyes from her
Survi : so lets go
Aniket : you are looking beautiful today
Survi : so i don’t look beautiful everyday??
Aniket : no not like that you look beautiful everyday but today you are looking more beautiful
Survi : today is a special day for me
Aniket : for me too
Survi : ohk lets go fast i have a surprise for you
Aniket : me too
Survi : lets leave then
Aniket and survi leave from survi’s home in aniket’s car

Location : hotel
Aniket and survi are sitting in the hotel
Aniket : so coffee
Survi : yup
Anikets orders two coffee
Aniket : survi you had a surprise for me na
Survi : yes wait for 5 min then i will tell you till then you say what you wanted to say
Aniket : survi we know each other from childhood and we always have shared our feeling with each other we did not hide any thing from each other and we used to always say when ever we will find our soul mates we will tell each other
Survi : hmm..
Aniket : i want to tell you survi that i.. ( survi interrupts aniket in the middle )
Survi : here is he kartik
Kartik comes to survi and aniket survi gets happy when kartik comes and hugs him. Kartik hugs survi back. Aniket is shocked looking at kartik and survi
Survi : kartik sit na
Kartik : ya
Survi : aniket i told you na i have a surprise for you here it is kartik
Aniket : kartik?? I did not get what you want to say survi
Survi : aniket kartik and i love each other and we want to get married as i had promised you whenever i will find my soulmate i will tell you first so i am telling you first about me and kartik
Aniket : ( controlling his tears and with a fake smile ) i am really happy for you survi you and kartik are just made for each other you will make a great couple
Survi : i know that but aniket you wanted to tell me someting na say na
Aniket : nothing much not that important
Kartik : aniket we want your help to convince srikanth uncle
Aniket : ya sure and uncle loves survi alot he will definitely say yes he has no reason to say no as you are handsome, responsible , successful and most of all you love survi and she loves you too
Kartik : yes you are right i am really lucky that i have survi in my life holding survi’s hand
Survi : aww..even i am lucky
Kartik : aniket if you don’t mind can i take survi with me as i want to take her to my home as i want her to meet my mom and tai and tell them about us
Aniket : you already took survi from me
Kartik : what?? Did you say anything??
Aniket : no i was just saying that you can take survi after all she is all yours
Kartik : that is true survi is mine just mine. So survi should we leave
Survi : yes lets go bye aniket i will call you okay
Aniket : ya bye all the best
Survi : thanks
Survi and kartik leave from the hotel. Aniket look at them tensed. He also leaves from there and remembers the moments he had spent with survi in past and tears run through his eyes. He comes to his place and sit in darkness crying

Location : kartik’s car
Survi : kartik your family will accept me??
Kartik : ofcourse survi and aai already likes you don’t worry everything will be fine
Survi : i am looking nice na??
Kartik stops the car near his house. He pulls survi near him
Survi : kartik leave me we are near your house if anyone will see us like this what they will think
Kartik : shh..i don’t care about others you know that and today you are looking so beautiful that i am feeling like i should marry you today only
Survi : shut up kartik
Kartik : so lets go

Location : kartik’s residence
Kartik and survi arrive at kartik’s home everyone is sitting in living area
Survi : namaste aunty
Lata : namaste beta you are looking so pretty in this saree
Survi : thank you aunty
Shanti : survi sit na why are you standing
Survi and kartik sit down
Tai : kartik you and survi together everything ok and all your fights are resolved na
Kartik : yes tai everything is fine actually i wanted to tell you all someting
Lata : what??
Kartik : aai, tai i love survi and i want to marry her
Lata : what??
Kartik : aai say something are you fine with this
Lata : yes beta survi is just perfect for you the day i saw her for the first time i liked her only she can handle you well
Kartik : tai you are not saying a word are you ok with our marriage
Tai : yes kartik survi is a nice girl and she can handle this house and our family very well. But does her dad knows about this
Kartik : no tai but survi is going to talk to him
Kartik and survi get happy after everyone’s approval and take lata and tai’s blessing.
Survi : i need to leave now
Kartik : aai i will drop her home and come
Shanti : dada before marriage only you are taking good care of my bhabhi
Survi feels shy
Kartik : shanti be quiet. Aai i will come soon
Lata : okay beta
After kartik and survi goes tai comes to her room bindu hema follows her
Bindu : tai why did you accept survi
Tai : are you stupid if money is coming to your home why you want to close the door
Hema : i did not get you tai
Tai : arey stupid survi is only daughter of srikanth mohite after kartik’s marriage with survi. Survi’s money will also be kartik’s and then we will take everything from kartik and live happily
Bindu : what a plan tai you are just awesome
Tai : i know that tai is tai no one can dare mess with her

Precap : survi and kartik hug each other. Srikanth looks at them and gets shocked

Next episode will be posted on next sunday 31st july 2016

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