YVR_Love Never Ends_ Epi 1


Location : survi’s residence

Survi is selecting clothes and her room is fully in a mess
Survi : oh god what should i wear
Srikanth : survi hurry up we are getting late for office we have a meeting with our new client Mr. Kartik in office at 11 am and its already 10
Survi : dad u go i will reach on time
Srikanth : are u sure you will reach on time
Survi : yes dad
Srikanth leaves for office
Survi is still confused and messed up finally she selects a beautiful blue colour one piece she finally gets ready
Survi : oh no its 10:45 i very late dad will be very angry

Location : Srikanth’s office

Srikanth : where is survi she is so late Mr. Barve will come at any moment
Kartik : Gud morning Mr. Mohite
Srikanth : Gud morning Mr. Barve
Kartik : should we start with the meeting
Srikanth : actually we have to wait for my daughter survi she must be on her way only
Kartik : you know Mr. Mohite i very particular about my time and still
Srikanth : i know but we can just wait for 5 min plz
Kartik : ok as you are requesting i will
Srikanth : thank you so much

Location : on road

Here survi is coming to office but she notices that a old lady has been lying on road unconscious
Survi : we should take this lady to hospital
People: no madam we don’t want our day to be wasted
Survi : ok atleast plz help me to take the lady till my car
Some people come and help survi to take that lady to her car
Survi takes that lady to hospital

Location : Srikanth’s office

Kartik : 11:30 Mr. Mohite i cannot wait now this meeting is cancelled
Srikanth : Mr. Barve plz listen to me survi must be busy with some work or stuck in some problem. I will call her
Kartik: no let it be Mr. Mohite its too late i have another meeting
Srikanth: i am so sorry for this Mr. Barve
Kartik : no its not your fault Mr. Mohite but you should teach your daughter value of time. For now i will leave and we will postponed this meeting for tomorrow
Kartik leaves from the office

Location : hospital

Survi brings that lady to hospital
Survi : are u ok mam
Old lady: yes i am thank u so much you saved my life
Survi : no plz don’t say thank what ever i did is just due to humanity
Old lady: may god bless you
Survi: oh its too late i have to leave give me your relatives no i will inform them
Old lady gives survi no of her son survi calls and informs him about this incident
Survi: i will leave now and take care your son must be coming now

Location : Srikanth’s office
Survi rushes to Srikanth’s cabin
Survi : i am sorry dad
Srikanth : sorry just sorry ( srikanth is very angry )
Survi : dad just listen to me once
Srikanth : survi bcoz of you todays meeting is cancelled all were waiting for you since 11 am but look at you. You are coming at 1pm . Do you have any value of time. I told you na ki Mr. Barve is very punctual still you came so late
Survi: dad i am really sorry. I know its my fault but listen to me once
Survi tells srikanth about the incident and old lady. Srikanth understands everythings and forgives survi
Srikanth: you did right by taking that lady to hospital i am proud of you but what about Mr. Barve he is very angry on you
Survi : i will talk to him don’t worry dad
Srikanth : then its ok and next time please be punctual

Survi calls kartik to say sorry and ask about next meeting
Survi : hello Mr.kartik
Kartik: hello
Survi : hi i am survi mohite daughter of srikanth mohite i am really sorry for making you wait for so long
Kartik : miss survi you must be free but i have lots of work and now im in a very imp meeting and i don’t have time to listen to your stupid excuses so plz ttyl
Kartik cuts the call
Survi : how rude is this Mr. Kartik doesn’t want to listen to anyone
Ugghhh…how am i gonna work with him

Credit to: Sanjana

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